Obligations of the Consultant Sample Clauses

Obligations of the Consultant. A. CONSULTANT shall perform as required by this AGREEMENT. CONSULTANT also warrants on behalf of itself and all subcontractors engaged for the performance of this AGREEMENT.
Obligations of the Consultant. Conduct of the Services The Consultant must provide the Services: in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations and any applicable industry standards or guidelines relevant to the Services, including applicable Ethics Laws; in accordance with the Milestones and the Specifications and otherwise in compliance with the requirements set out in the Statement of Work; in accordance with the MLA Policies and all reasonable and lawful directions of MLA from time to time concerning the Services; and with due care and skill and in a professional manner consistent with generally accepted industry best practice. The parties agree that a Milestone is not achieved unless it is completed to the reasonable satisfaction of MLA. The Consultant must at all times act in the best interests of MLA in providing the Services. If at any time MLA reasonably considers that the Consultant has not acted in the best interest of MLA, MLA may immediately terminate this Agreement in accordance with 18.(b).
Obligations of the Consultant. A. Consultant shall perform as required by this Agreement and in accordance with the Scope of Services and Rates Schedule set forth in Exhibit A.
Obligations of the Consultant. A. The Consultant will operate a unit to act as a Washington office for the Cities and head this unit and as Washington Assistant to the Cities. The Consultant will furnish requisite staff, office space, utilities, furnishings, and equipment, secretarial services, common-use office supplies and services, and general administrative support.
Obligations of the Consultant. 1. USFCo will nominate a Project Manager to liaise with the Consultant. The Consultant shall work in very close collaboration with the Project Manager, exchange information regards progress of the consultancy and takes his advice where ever required.
Obligations of the Consultant. Consultant shall devote Consultant’s best efforts to the performance of the Work, using accepted standards of care and competence for Consultant’s field of expertise. Consultant may take other similar work engagements, but Consultant shall not accept any employment or engage in any activity which would compete or conflict with Consultant’s duties and obligations to the Owner under the Agreement. Consultant shall obtain at Consultant’s expense all licenses and registrations necessary to perform Consultant’s Work under the Agreement. If necessitated by the Work being performed, Consultant shall abide by and sign the Computer Facility Usage Policy for Temporary or Contractor Access.
Obligations of the Consultant. (1) The Consultant shall exercise all reasonable skill, care and diligence in the performance of the Services under the Agreement and shall carry out all his responsibilities in accordance with recognised professional and technical standards. The Consultant shall in all professional matters act as a faithful adviser to the Employer and in so far as any of its duties are discretionary, act fairly as between the Employer and third parties.
Obligations of the Consultant. The Consultant must, during the Term and at any time following the termination of this agreement: (a) Keep any Confidential Information secret and confidential, except to the extent that the Consultant is required by law to disclose it and to take all reasonable and necessary precautions to maintain the secrecy of any Information; (b) Refrain from divulging or disclosing to any other person, firm, corporation or entity any Confidential Information without first obtaining the written consent of the Company, except in the ordinary and proper course of providing the Consultancy Services to the Company;
Obligations of the Consultant a. The Consultant shall work in very close collaboration with the USF Project Manager, exchange information regarding progress of the consultancy and take his/her advice where ever required.