NO STRIKE PROVISION. 6. The UNION and each member of the bargaining unit covenant and agree not to initiate, engage in, cause, instigate, encourage or condone a strike, work stoppage, slowdown, or absenteeism. The UNION and each member of the bargaining unit covenant and agree not to engage in any form of sympathy strike including, but not limited to, observing or honoring the picket line of any other UNION or person.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. 6. During the term of this Agreement, the City will not lock out the employees who are covered by this Agreement. The Association and the employees shall not strike, cause, encourage, or condone a work stoppage, slowdown, or sympathy strike during the term of this Agreement.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. A. The Federation agrees that neither the Federation nor its members will engage in a strike.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. It is agreed that neither the UNION nor any member of the bargaining unit shall urge or participate in the forming of or the involvement in a strike, work-stoppage, or slow-down.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. The Union agrees that for the term of this Agreement they shall not strike as defined in Section 4117.01(H) of the Ohio Revised Code against the Employer, participate in or support a strike, and shall immediately, at the request of the Employer, issue a statement directing its membership to end any strike that may occur.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. During the term of this Agreement, employees shall provide continuous full and uninterrupted service to the Board in accordance with the school calendar adopted by the Board. Accordingly, during the term of this Agreement, neither the Union, nor any of the employees it represents will instigate, promote, sponsor, or participate in any strike, sympathy strike, or picketing which interrupts the operation of the District, or any other intentional interruption of the operations of the District.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. Both parties recognize the desirability of continuous operation of the instructional program during the norma1 school year and the avoidance of disputes, which threaten to interfere with such operations. Since the parties have an established comprehensive grievance procedure under which unresolved disputes may be settled by an impartial third party, the parties have removed the basic cause of work interruptions during the period of this Agreement. XXXXX agrees that it will not, during the period of this Agreement, directly or indirectly, engage in or honor any other strike (as defined by the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act), which may occur against the Employer.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. In consideration of this Agreement and its terms and conditions, the Association, its officers, representatives, and members shall not, during the term of this Agreement, and within the District, engage in or condone any strike, slow-down, work stoppage, or other concerted refusal to perform any legitimate assignment on the part of any employee(s) represented hereunder.
NO STRIKE PROVISION. The Association agrees on behalf of itself, its officers, agents, members and employees represented by it, that it nor they will, during the life of this Agreement, or any extensions thereof, incite, call, sanction, condone or participate in any strike, picketing, stoppage of work, slowdown, withholding of services or any intentional interference with production of any kind for any reasons, nor engage in such acts or conduct in recognition or support of issues involving employees or individuals outside the bargaining unit encompassed by this Agreement. In the event of any of the above actions, the Employer shall notify the officers of the Association and the officers shall take whatever lawful steps are necessary to prevent or terminate the prohibited conduct. No employee shall refuse to cross a picket line during the term of this Agreement. Any employee participating in any action prohibited by this article or who refuses to perform his duties because of a strike or picket line shall be subject to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.