NIL Sample Clauses

NIL. The excess of ore and or Plant production over the relevant proportion will be sold by PETROMIN itself or through any other agency appointed by it. PETROMIN will be entitled to a commission of two percent (2%) on the total of such sales and sales in Saudi Arabia.
NIL. On a three- shift operation, the shifts shall be eight (8) consecutive hours. The starting and stopping times for the three (3) shifts and the shift differentials to be paid shall be as follows: (between 2nd Shift cents 3rd Shift a.m.- a.m. cents The hours of work and the "sixth day" for day workers and shift workers shall be posted on Thursday of the previous week. The starting and stopping times shall remain constant and fixed during the weekly period subject to the following: An employee may not change shifts during the week except when his shift schedule is changed by the Company. When an employee's shift schedule is changed by the Company, he will be paid at one and one-half times his regular rate for the first shift worked after the change. When the employee reverts to his original shift, he shall be paid at his regular straight time rate provided that there is a break of at least hours between shifts worked. Where starting times must be staggered due to operational requirements, such starting times for employees within any given job classification shall be confined to a one-hour period. On all operations which are carried out on a two (2) or three
NIL. Parameter Target Unit Rated Capacity Resource Completion Target Development Target MW (net) 215.4 To be determined in accordance with paragraph 1.6(d) - - Steam Rate (t/h) 1,444 1661 1878 Brine Rate (t/h) 6,141.4 7063 7984 At Wellhead Pressure (bar-a) 12.5 12.5 12.5 At Separation Pressure (bar-a) 11.0 11.0 11.0 Injection Capacity (t/h) To be determined in accordance with paragraph 1.6(d)
NIL. 100% Net of VAT 100% Net of VAT 100% Net of VAT
NIL weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks weeks Three weeks additional pay for each full year of service in excess of years to a of weeks. In the event of an indefinite period of lay-off, the lay-off allowance will be paid as follows: of the total lay-off allowance weeks shall be paid in full (i.e. lump-sum payment) on the employee’s last day of work. The remaining of total lay-off allowance weeks be paid on a basis in accordance with the processing schedule. Lay-off allowance payments be based on the employee’s established weekly schedule of work hours (excluding overtime) in effect as of the date of lay-off. The rate of pay used in such computations shall be the employee’s basic rate in effect at the date of Lay-off allowance payments will cease as follows: When lay-off allowance entitlement is used up. When the employee reports for work subsequent to recall. When the employee fails to report for work after recall.

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  • Checkoff A. In conformity with Section 2 of the Act, 39 U.S.C. 1205, without cost to the Union, the Employer shall deduct and remit to the Union, the regular and periodic Union dues on a biweekly basis from the pay of employees as instructed in writing by the Union and the employee, which written assignment by the employee shall be irrevocable for a period of not more than one (1) year. The parties agree that the Union will have sole responsibility for and control over dues withholding and revocation. The Union must provide the Postal Service with withholding and revocation information in a format and within time periods acceptable to the Postal Service. The Employer agrees to remit to the Union all deductions to which it is entitled fourteen (14) days after the end of the pay period for which such deductions are made. Deductions shall be in such amounts as are designated to the Employer in writing by the Union.

  • Xxxxxxxxx President Secretary-Treasurer Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local Union 1 Minnesota/North Dakota/South Dakota

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx using your My WM Total Rewards user ID and password. If you have forgotten your user ID or password, there are instructions on the site to help you. Under the “My Compensation” section, click on the link to the secure website maintained by the third party stock administrator appointed by the Company. You may also log in directly at Once logged in, follow the prompts to “Open a Brokerage Account”. When you have successfully created your account, follow the online instructions and complete all of the steps required to accept the award.

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  • Xxxxxxxxxxx X Xxxx, Esq., shall have furnished to the Underwriters his written opinion, as Corporate Counsel of the Enterprise Parties, addressed to the Underwriters and dated such Delivery Date, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Underwriters, substantially to the effect set forth in Exhibit B hereto.

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx XX.Xxx as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet or some other mutually agreeable standardized format (CSV, MDB, etc.).

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