Necessity Sample Clauses

Necessity. In the course of your employment with the Company, you have and will continue making use of, acquiring, or adding to the Company’s confidential information, trade secrets, and Protected Information. In addition, your work for the Company requires you to be provided access to valuable confidential information, trade secrets, and Protected Information. The confidential information, trade secrets, and Protected Information to which you will have access are valuable to the Company and it takes steps to maintain the secrecy and confidential nature of these matters, including the regular use of computer passwords, locks and other security measures, and requires employees with access to this information to execute agreements similar to terms of this offer letter, where possible.
Necessity. Martxx xxxnowledges that due to the uniqueness of his skills and abilities and the uniqueness of the trade secrets, confidential business lists, customer requirements and preferences, records and information he possesses, the covenants set forth herein
Necessity. Santa Xxxx Junior College’s mission is to promote student learning throughout our diverse communities by increasing the knowledge, improving the skills, and enhancing the lives of those who participate in our programs and enroll in our courses. AFA and the District recognize that protecting academic freedom is essential to achieve this mission. AFA and the District further recognize that academic freedom is included within the freedom of expression and is necessary to the pursuit of truth. These freedoms are essential elements of the faculty teaching experience and the student learning experience in the District.
Necessity. Furthermore, the Parties hereby stipulate and agree that the breach of this Section 7 will result in immediate and irreparable damage to the Company and that money damages alone would be inadequate to compensate the Company. Therefore, the Seller agrees that in the event of a breach or threatened breach of this Section 7, the Company may, in addition to any other remedies, immediately obtain and enforce injunctive relief, including but not limited to obtaining and enforcing a temporary restraining order, without bond, prohibiting any such breach or threatened breach and compelling performance hereunder, consent to which is hereby specifically given by the Seller.
Necessity. The information will be shared where necessary for the purpose of preventing terrorism by helping individuals to resist any process intended to cause them to become violently extreme and by disrupting the recruitment activities of extremists.
Necessity. In the event that UP determines that termination of this Agreement is necessary due to lack of funding, or any other reason that UP determines, in its sole discretion, justifies termination, UP shall give the other Parties thirty (30) days' written notice of termination of this Agreement. Upon UP’s termination of the Agreement, all Parties shall be released from any future funding or other obligations related to this Agreement.
Necessity. The Proposed structure provides an essential connection across one of northern Utah County’s busiest highways. The existing at-grade crossing at Digital Drive and SR-92 is a major barrier to many users due to safety concerns of a pedestrian having to cross nine lanes of traffic through a busy intersection. This connection provides improved ability for employees and residents in the area to reach destinations by means of active transportation. This opens the ability to reach the Front Runner station (via the Xxxxxxx Canal Trail), many retail and restaurant options, and housing farther south along the existing Rail Trail. This trail runs parallel to the future Trax line and would also serve as a pedestrian and bike connection between the future stations. The proposed grade separated crossing over SR-92 is essential in creating a regional trail that provides the level of safety and comfort for users of all ability, and will contribute to the success of the Rail Trail as a regional route between Salt Lake and Utah counties as well as a local connection to many nearby destinations. Thank you for your consideration of this proposed concept. Sincerely, Xxxx Xxxx, AICP Lehi City Planning Division Exhibit A - Concept Plan Exhibit B - Cost Estimate Lehi; SR-92 bridge Concept Estimate: Typical Bridge Item Unit Quantity Unit Price 0000 Xxxx XXX purchase Sq. Ft. 0 $0 $0 Utility Relocation 2% of bridge cost $30,660 $30,660 Environmental Documentation lump 1 $20,000 $20,000 Design lump 6% of const. $195,227 $195,227 Construction Engineering lump 6% of const. $195,227 $195,227 Survey lump 4% of CE $7,809 $7,809 Project Management lump 4% of const . $130,151 $130,151 Public Information 0.5% of bridge cost $7,665 $7,665 Construction Cost from below estimate $3,253,784 Sub-Total $3,840,523 Contingency % of Sub-Total 20% $768,105 $768,105 Estimated Project Cost $4,608,628 Project Cost with Inflation Estima Year Inflation Cost Cost by Year 2017 0.0% $4,608,628 $4,700,000 2018 3.0% $4,746,887 $4,800,000 2019 3.0% $4,889,294 $4,900,000 2020 3.0% $5,035,972 $5,100,000 Construction Cost Estimate: Typical Bridge Constructio Unit Quantity Unit Cos Item Cost Roadway Traffic Control lump 1 $21,427 $21,427 Maintenance of Traffic lump 1 $15,330 $15,330 Removal/Demolition/Clear & Grub lump 1 $10,000 $10,000 Excavation Cu. Yd. 607 $40 $24,280 Erosion Control lump 1 $7,500 $7,500 Granular Borrow Cu. Yd. 9,650 $30 $289,500 Xxxx Xxxxxx 0" Xx. Xx. 245 $26 $6,365 Xxxxxxx Xxxxx 0" Xx. Ft. 13,22...
Necessity. This arises where there is a pre-existing legal relationship, there is an emergency, it is impossible to communicate with the principal.
Necessity. GEHA acknowledges that a medical review program is necessary to avoid furnishing of unnecessary services or days of inpatient care (cost shifting), and therefore shall agree to include Review Services, as defined in Section 3.1 of this Supplement A, in the Health Plan. However, except as may be specifically provided for in this Agreement, HCCC shall have no responsibility for the delivery or results of such medical review program. If outcomes from Review Services result in noncertifications for Medical Services, the Health Plan may reduce or deny payments to Contract Providers; provided, however, that the Contract Provider may bill xxx Covered Person for the balance due. GEHA agrees that its Review Services shall not interfere with the relationships between HCCC and its Contract Providers.