NDCC Sample Clauses

NDCC. This agreement is based on Model 1 of the TeachersFund for Retirement Plan. If any conditions of the tax shelter program are changed by regulation, court decision, or other means, the Board and the Association will meet and confer regarding the new conditions. Any tax shelter program must meet the regulations of the State Retirement Board.

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  • Sub-Distributors MMLD may enter into sub-distributor’s agreements with persons (“Sub-Distributors”) pursuant to which MMLD delegates any or all of its functions hereunder to one or more Sub-Distributors provided that a majority of the Trust’s Board of Directors that are not interested persons of the Trust or MMLD approve the agreement. MMLD shall pay all compensation of any such Sub-Distributors and will have the right to terminate the services of any Sub-Distributor at any time on no more than 60 days’ notice.

  • End User License Agreement Certain Software may be accompanied by an end user license agreement ("XXXX") from Verizon or a third party. Your use of the Software is governed by the terms of that XXXX and by this Agreement, where applicable. You may not install or use any Software that is accompanied by or includes a XXXX unless you first agree to the terms of the XXXX.

  • Sublicense Agreements Licensee shall grant sublicenses pursuant to written agreements, which will be subject and subordinate to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Such Sublicense agreements will contain, among other things, the following:

  • Distributors The Manager shall make or cause to be made such arrangements as are expedient for the distribution of Units, having regard to the requirements of Applicable Laws and applicable stock exchange rules and regulations respecting such distribution of Units in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which they are to be distributed. It is understood and agreed that: (i) the Manager or the Investment Manager may distribute Units itself in the offering jurisdictions in which it is registered, or is exempt from such registration, under applicable Securities Legislation; and (ii) the Manager will retain the services of the Underwriters pursuant to the Underwriting Agreement to assist it in the distribution of the Units in the offering jurisdictions.

  • License Agreements (a) Each Borrower and Guarantor shall (i) promptly and faithfully observe and perform all of the material terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of the material License Agreements to which it is a party to be observed and performed by it, at the times set forth therein, if any, (ii) not do, permit, suffer or refrain from doing anything that could reasonably be expected to result in a default under or breach of any of the terms of any material License Agreement, (iii) not cancel, surrender, modify, amend, waive or release any material License Agreement in any material respect or any term, provision or right of the licensee thereunder in any material respect, or consent to or permit to occur any of the foregoing; except, that, subject to Section 9.19(b) below, such Borrower or Guarantor may cancel, surrender or release any material License Agreement in the ordinary course of the business of such Borrower or Guarantor; provided, that, such Borrower or Guarantor (as the case may be) shall give Agent not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of its intention to so cancel, surrender and release any such material License Agreement, (iv) give Agent prompt written notice of any material License Agreement entered into by such Borrower or Guarantor after the date hereof, together with a true, correct and complete copy thereof and such other information with respect thereto as Agent may request, (v) give Agent prompt written notice of any material breach of any obligation, or any default, by any party under any material License Agreement, and deliver to Agent (promptly upon the receipt thereof by such Borrower or Guarantor in the case of a notice to such Borrower or Guarantor and concurrently with the sending thereof in the case of a notice from such Borrower or Guarantor) a copy of each notice of default and every other notice and other communication received or delivered by such Borrower or Guarantor in connection with any material License Agreement which relates to the right of such Borrower or Guarantor to continue to use the property subject to such License Agreement, and (vi) furnish to Agent, promptly upon the request of Agent, such information and evidence as Agent may reasonably require from time to time concerning the observance, performance and compliance by such Borrower or Guarantor or the other party or parties thereto with the material terms, covenants or provisions of any material License Agreement.

  • License Agreement The Trust shall have the non-exclusive right to use the name "AIM" to designate any current or future series of shares only so long as A I M Advisors, Inc. serves as investment manager or advisor to the Trust with respect to such series of shares.

  • Pricing Instrument; Execution and Incorporation of Terms The parties hereto will enter into this Terms Agreement by executing the Pricing Instrument. By executing the Pricing Instrument, each party hereto agrees that this Terms Agreement will constitute a legal, valid and binding agreement by and among such parties. All terms relating to the Trust or the Notes not otherwise included in this Terms Agreement will be as specified in the Pricing Instrument or Pricing Supplement, as indicated herein.

  • Appointment of the Distributor The Fund hereby appoints the Distributor as the principal underwriter and distributor of the Shares of the Fund to sell Shares to the public on behalf of the Fund and the Distributor hereby accepts such appointment and agrees to act hereunder. The Fund hereby agrees during the term of this Agreement to sell Shares of the Fund through the Distributor on the terms and conditions set forth below.

  • END USER AGREEMENTS (“EUA H-GAC acknowledges that the END USER may choose to enter into an End User Agreement (“EUA) with the Contractor through this Agreement, and that the term of the EUA may exceed the term of the current H-GAC Agreement. H-GAC’s acknowledgement is not an endorsement or approval of the End User Agreement’s terms and conditions. Contractor agrees not to offer, agree to or accept from the END USER, any terms or conditions that conflict with those in Contractor’s Agreement with H-GAC. Contractor affirms that termination of its Agreement with H-GAC for any reason shall not result in the termination of any underlying EUA, which shall in each instance, continue pursuant to the EUA’s stated terms and duration. Pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, termination of this Agreement will disallow the Contractor from entering into any new EUA with END USERS. Applicable H-GAC order processing charges will be due and payable to H-GAC

  • DISTRIBUTORS, VENDORS, RESELLERS Contractor agrees and acknowledges that any such designations of distributors, vendors, resellers or the like are for the convenience of the Contractor only and the awarded Contractor will remain responsible and liable for all obligations under the Contract and the performance of any designated distributor, vendor, reseller, etc. Contractor is also responsible for receiving and processing any Customer purchase order in accordance with the Contract and forwarding of the Purchase Order to the designated distributor, vendor, reseller, etc. to complete the sale or service. H-GAC reserves the right to reject any entity acting on the Contractor’s behalf or refuse to add entities after a contract is awarded.