N11 Sample Clauses

N11. 2.1.1 Before the annual evaluations are provided to BUFMs, the Xxxx will make adjustments, as necessary, so that the assigned scores are consistently applied across the college.
N11. 2.3 A merit score of one (1), “conditional merit,” is assigned when the Member’s overall performance in the previous three years is below the expectations for “high merit” in the given category. Indicators of “conditional merit” includeTeaching  A significant number of student complaints and criticism directly related to the essential teaching related behaviors, or  Minor shortcoming(s) in 3 or more essential teaching related behaviors, or  Significant deficiencies in at least one essential teaching related behavior Service Faculty with intensive teaching (no course reduction for significant service):  Falls short of meeting reasonable expectations of routine service Faculty with standard teaching (a course release for significant service):  Quantity of service contributions represents less than the minimal requirements for significant service, or  Quality of service contributions is clearly below reasonable expectations

Related to N11

  • Name of Building Tenant shall not use the name of the Building for any purpose other than as the address of the business conducted by Tenant in the Premises without the written consent of Landlord. Landlord reserves the right to change the name of the Building at any time in its sole discretion by written notice to Tenant and Landlord shall not be liable to Tenant for any loss, cost or expense on account of any such change of name.

  • State Specific Provisions Reserved.

  • Contact Numbers The Parties agree to provide one another with toll-free nation- wide (50 states) contact numbers for the purpose of ordering, provisioning and maintenance of services.

  • Specific Provisions ‌ Subject to the provisions of this agreement, for greater certainty, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Commission reserves the sole and exclusive right to operate and manage its affairs and facilities in all respects as it sees fit, including the right to hire employees from any source; to direct and schedule its workforce; to promote, demote, transfer and lay off employees; to discipline and dismiss employees for just cause; determine job content and conduct performance evaluations; assign work; determine qualifications, ability and merit of employees; establish methods, process and means of performing work; to require employees to work overtime; make, establish, publish and enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the conduct of employees, for the promotion of safety, efficiency and discipline and for the protection of the employees and the Commission's facilities, property, equipment and operations; to determine the number of employees to be employed and the duties to be performed; to purchase supplies, equipment, materials and services from any source; to establish, expand, reduce, alter, consolidate or abolish any position, job classification or department; to create new management and confidential capacity positions which shall be excluded from the bargaining unit; to discontinue, reorganize or combine departments or any branch or unit of operations, with any consequent reduction or other changes in the workforce.

  • Specific Provision The grievant shall cite on the grievance form the specific article(s) and/or section(s) or combination thereof that the grievant alleges to have been violated. Failure to cite said provision(s) shall relieve the Employer of any obligation to process the grievance.

  • Trust Administration The Adviser shall give the Trust the benefit of its best judgment, efforts and facilities in rendering its services. The Adviser shall at all times conform to: (i) all applicable provisions of the Act and any rules and regulations adopted thereunder; (ii) the provisions of the Registration Statement of the Trust under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Act as amended from time to time; (iii) the provisions of the Agreement and Declaration of Trust and the By-Laws of the Trust; and (iv) any other applicable provisions of state and federal law. Subject to the direction and control of the Trust, the Adviser shall supervise the Fund’s business affairs. In addition, to the extent not otherwise provided by other parties under agreements with the Trust, the Adviser shall supply: (i) non-investment related statistical and research data; (ii) the services of a Chief Compliance Officer for the Trust with respect to the Fund and (iii) executive and administrative services. The Adviser shall also assist with and/or supervise the preparation by the Trust’s administrator, transfer agent, and/or auditors of: (i) tax returns; (ii) reports to shareholders of the Fund; (iii) reports to, and filings with, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state securities commissions and Blue Sky authorities including preliminary and definitive proxy materials and post-effective amendments to the Trust’s registration statement; and (iv) necessary materials for meetings of the Trust’s Board of Trustees. The Adviser shall provide personnel to serve as officers of the Trust if so elected by the Board of Trustees. Executive and administrative services include, but are not limited to, the coordination of all third parties furnishing services to the Fund, review of the books and records of the Fund maintained by such third parties, and the review and submission to the officers of the Fund for their approval, of invoices or other requests for payment of Fund expenses; and such other action with respect to the Fund as may be necessary in the opinion of the Adviser to perform its duties hereunder.

  • 020A “It is unlawful for any person to transact business in the City without first having obtained a license from the City to do so and without complying with all applicable provisions of this title and paying the fee therefore.”

  • BUILDING NAME AND ADDRESS Tenant shall not utilize any name selected by Landlord from time to time for the Building and/or the Project as any part of Tenant's corporate or trade name. Landlord shall have the right to change the name, address, number or designation of the Building or Project without liability to Tenant.

  • S.T If Federal Funds are not received on time, such funds will be invested, and shares purchased thereby will be issued, as soon as practicable.

  • Landlord’s Address c/o Xxxx Xxxx 0000 X. Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, XX 00000 Telephone: (000) 000-0000