Minor Sample Clauses

Minor. Unless a federal law applies, before a Grantee or its contractor can provide medical, dental, psychological or surgical treatment to a minor without parental consent, informed consent must be obtained as required by Texas Family Code Chapter 32.
Minor. If you are a US citizen, Green Card holder, US resident, or have a substantial presence in the US * (see definition below), you must complete and return to Investec Wealth & Investment an IRS (Internal Revenue Service) W-9 form and include US and any additional non-US tax residencies in the table below. * Substantial presence is defined as if you were physically present in the US on at least: 31 days during the current year; and 183 days during the 3 year period that includes the current year and the 2 years immediately before that.
Minor. If, at the time of entering into this Agreement, you are under the age of 18 years:
Minor. Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years old.
Minor. ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES HHSC's designee, referred to as the Contract Manager, Project Sponsor, or other equivalent, in the Contract, is authorized to provide written approval of mutually agreed upon Minor Administrative Changes to the Work or the Contract that do not increase the fees or term. Changes that increase the fees or term must be accomplished through the formal amendment procedure, as set forth in Section 5.01 of these Special Conditions. Upon approval of a Minor Administrative Change, HHSC and Contractor will maintain written notice that the change has been accepted in their Contract files.
Minor. A collision will be classified as Minor if:
Minor. The consent of a minor must be made by the minor or by the legal representative of the minor (or by a natural or an adoptive parent of the minor if no legal representative has been appointed).
Minor. A collision will be classified as Minor if: The actions or behavior by the employee are in disregard of department policies and procedures. The collision does not meet the criteria of Moderate or Major Collision.
Minor. The term “minor” means any individual who has not attained the age of 17 years.
Minor. If a distribution upon the death of the Depositor (or following the death of the Depositor, the Beneficiary) is payable to a person known by the Custodian to be a minor or otherwise under a legal disability, the Custodian may, in its absolute discretion, make all, or any part of the distribution to