Maintain Sample Clauses

Maintain. The words “maintain,” “maintaining” and “maintenance” mean your and our activities to keep the accounts, loans, products, services, actions, transactions, information and documents you have with us active, operational and current. For further infor- mation, please see Provision 11.
Maintain. To perform maintenance or make repairs and replacements in any case where Concessionaire Tenant is obligated but has failed to do so after City has given reasonable written notice. If the work prescribed in the notice is not completed by Concessionaire Tenant in a manner reasonably satisfactory to City, and Concessionaire Tenant fails to correct such work within the time specified by City in the mailed notice, City may, at City’s sole option, and at Concessionaire Xxxxxx’s sole cost and expense, enter upon the Premises and perform whatever work may, in the opinion of City, be required to correct the maintenance deficiencies. If City exercises this option, Concessionaire Tenant shall pay to City a sum equal to the direct cost of labor and materials expended for said work, plus a surcharge equal to twenty percent (20%) of said direct cost for administration.
Maintain. To keep the Demised Premises and the Landlord’s fixtures and fittings therein in first class repair and condition making good any damage caused to the Demised Premises by any act or omission of the Lessee, its servants, agents and invitees and during the Term to replace from time to time any of the Lessor’s fixtures and fittings which may be or become beyond repair.
Maintain. The OWNER shall safeguard and maintain installed improvements as necessary (example: maintaining furnace) and acknowledges that failure to do so may VOID THE WARRANTY for labor and installed measures. CALLED-FOR MEASURES: The OWNER authorizes the AGENCY and/or its subcontractors to perform the weatherization work based on the results of an energy audit. The OWNER certifies that if he/she declines any major weatherization measures after work has been started, the OWNER shall repay the AGENCY the actual costs of the project. Major weatherization measures may include but are not limited to: air sealing; insulation; and replacement of appliances such as a furnace or refrigerator. CHANGES: The OWNER acknowledges that weatherization work may be altered or deleted if required by structural, health and safety, or mechanical limitations. COOPERATION: The OWNER shall cooperate with the AGENCY and its subcontractors to facilitate the performance of the work including the removal/relocation of stored property or furnishings. The OWNER shall restrain pets and ensure that children are not present in the construction area for the period that construction takes place.
Maintain. To keep possession of, to hold or keep in any condition, to keep up to date or current, as to maintain records.
Maintain. Repair or replace any damage caused by Seismic Operations to the Land, crops, wildlife, water xxxxx or water lines, owned by Landowner. This includes repairing roads and replanting grass where necessary to remedy damages caused from vehicles of any kind traversing the surface and leaving ruts of a depth of more than six inches (6”).
Maintain. (a) A ratio of cash collateral (held in Highmark Account # 200051960-01 at UBOC TIG Dept) to outstanding loan coverage of at least 1.20:1.00. All accounting terms used in this Agreement shall have the definitions given them by generally accepted accounting principles, unless otherwise defined herein.