Lost Sample Clauses

Lost. Stolen or Destroyed Certificates --------------------------------------
Lost. Luggage We will assist you when you lose your luggage while travelling outside Hong Kong by contacting the appropriate authorities involved and providing directions for recovery.
Lost. An Employee shall lose seniority and deemed to be terminated when
Lost. RESPONSIBILITY - ROLLO MULTISERVICE is not responsible for damage due to failure, delivery failure, delay, also rejects any liability for damage to property carried on the vehicle returned or forgotten; hand, the MULTISERVICE ROLLO, in case of failure of the vehicle, does not guarantee the replacement of the same.
Lost. If not already printed above, the name(s) and address(es) of the registered holder(s) should be printed exactly as they appear on the certificate(s) representing Shares surrendered hereby. If you cannot locate some or all of your certificates, read and complete the box entitled “Box A—Lost Certificate(s)” in this Letter of Transmittal and mark the boxes above with an X corresponding to the certificate numbers you cannot locate. You must have your signature(s) notarized. All registered holders MUST sign exactly as the name is printed on the certificate. If your lost certificate(s) is (are) part of an estate or trust, or are valued at more than $250,000, please contact Computershare for additional instructions. NOTE: SIGNATURES MUST BE PROVIDED BELOW. PLEASE READ THE ACCOMPANYING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Ladies and Gentlemen: This Letter of Transmittal is being provided to assist you in surrendering any certificate(s) you hold in exchange for the consideration to be paid to holders of the Shares pursuant to the Merger Agreement (the “Merger Consideration”), less any required tax deductions or withholdings, to which you are entitled pursuant to the Merger Agreement. In accordance with the Merger Agreement, at the Effective Time, each of the Shares that was issued and outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time (other than Excluded Shares) will be, upon the effectiveness of the Merger, canceled and, converted into the right to receive $26.00 in cash, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes. As the holder of record of Shares, by returning this Letter of Transmittal and the certificate(s) listed below, you hereby surrender to the Exchange Agent your Shares in exchange for your share of the Merger Consideration. The undersigned hereby represents and warrants and covenants that: • the undersigned (whether individually or jointly with other holders identified below) has full power and authority to submit, sell, assign and transfer the certificate(s) and that the Shares represented by such certificate(s) are free and clear of all liens, restrictions, charges and encumbrances and not subject to any adverse claim or right; • the surrender of the certificate(s) is irrevocable; • the undersigned agrees, upon request, to execute any additional documents necessary to deliver the undersigned’s certificates for the Shares for cancellation; • all authority herein conferred shall survive the death or incapacity of the undersigned, and all of the unde...
Lost a. Seniority shall be lost when an employee retires, resigns, is discharged for cause or otherwise leaves the employment of the Board.
Lost. If the bicycle and/or related equipment is not returned within 7 days the item(s) are considered lost and replacement charges will apply as determined by Acadia University in its sole discretion, and will be charged to your Acadia student account. Lost fines are to be paid at Student Accounts.
Lost. ⚫ Lost by Service Provider If the parcel is lost after the User handover to the Service Provider and before the Service Provider handover to the shipping carrier, then the Service Provider shall be responsible. Compensation depends on the Declared Value (which the User inputs into the system) or the actual cost (on the invoice or receipt), whichever is lower. Maximum compensation is 100 USD/package. ⚫ Lost by Shipping Carrier If the parcel is lost after the Service Provider handover to the shipping carrier, then the shipping carrier shall be responsible. The Service Provider shall assist to file a claim. Compensation depends on the terms of the shipping carrier. ⚫ Lost at Customs The Service Provider is not liable for losses due to the parcel lost at Customs, partial content lost during Customs inspection, or confiscation by Customs. ⚫ Counterfeits, Prohibited and Restricted Items The Service Provider does not accept counterfeits and prohibited items that are listed in the Customs Law. The User must not tender such items for shipment. The User is liable for all consequences resulting from non-compliance and the Service Provider reserves the rights to pursue legal actions against the User.
Lost. An Employee shall lose seniority and deemed to be terminated when a) voluntarily resigns and five (5) working days have elapsed from the date of the resignation;or is discharged and not reinstated; is off the payroll for a continuous period of more than twelve (12) months as a result of a lay-off; or, is recalled to work from lay-off and fails to report on the designated date; or