Lost Sample Clauses

Lost. Found - We will not be responsible for personal property left by Xxxxxx and guests.
Lost. RESPONSIBILITY - ROLLO MULTISERVICE is not responsible for damage due to failure, delivery failure, delay, also rejects any liability for damage to property carried on the vehicle returned or forgotten; hand, the MULTISERVICE ROLLO, in case of failure of the vehicle, does not guarantee the replacement of the same.
Lost. An Employee shall lose seniority and deemed to be terminated when
Lost. If not already printed above, the name(s) and address(es) of the registered holder(s) should be printed exactly as they appear on the certificate(s) representing Shares surrendered hereby. If you cannot locate some or all of your certificates, read and complete the box entitledBox A—Lost Certificate(s)” in this Letter of Transmittal and xxxx the boxes above with an X corresponding to the certificate numbers you cannot locate. You must have your signature(s) notarized. All registered holders MUST sign exactly as the name is printed on the certificate. If your lost certificate(s) is (are) part of an estate or trust, or are valued at more than $250,000, please contact Computershare for additional instructions. NOTE: SIGNATURES MUST BE PROVIDED BELOW. PLEASE READ THE ACCOMPANYING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Ladies and Gentlemen: This Letter of Transmittal is being provided to assist you in surrendering any certificate(s) you hold in exchange for the consideration to be paid to holders of the Shares pursuant to the Merger Agreement (the “Merger Consideration”), less any required tax deductions or withholdings, to which you are entitled pursuant to the Merger Agreement. In accordance with the Merger Agreement, at the Effective Time, each of the Shares that was issued and outstanding immediately prior to the Effective Time (other than Excluded Shares) will be, upon the effectiveness of the Merger, canceled and, converted into the right to receive $26.00 in cash, without interest and less any applicable withholding taxes. As the holder of record of Shares, by returning this Letter of Transmittal and the certificate(s) listed below, you hereby surrender to the Exchange Agent your Shares in exchange for your share of the Merger Consideration. The undersigned hereby represents and warrants and covenants that: • the undersigned (whether individually or jointly with other holders identified below) has full power and authority to submit, sell, assign and transfer the certificate(s) and that the Shares represented by such certificate(s) are free and clear of all liens, restrictions, charges and encumbrances and not subject to any adverse claim or right; • the surrender of the certificate(s) is irrevocable; • the undersigned agrees, upon request, to execute any additional documents necessary to deliver the undersigned’s certificates for the Shares for cancellation; • all authority herein conferred shall survive the death or incapacity of the undersigned, and all of the unde...
Lost. For this trip, the group met at a gas station in Hampton and traveled several miles south on U.S. 167 before turning onto a dirt road. After nine miles of twists, turns and ruts, the group arrived at a small clearing. A barely visible trail led the way into the Lost 40. 126 DIFFERENT TYPES During the hike, Xxxxxxx recorded the vegetation he saw along the way. According to his list, which he cautioned is not comprehensive, 126 different types of plants have been noted in the Lost 40. The area may be protected from human exploitation, but it is not immune to nature. Piles of what looks like sawdust are evident below two massive pines. The trees are dead - taken over by some type of insect. It is just a matter of time before those trees will fall. Like the one the group saw early into the trip, these trees probably are not salvageable. And the proliferation of enormous hardwoods like oaks, hickories, sweet gums and elms in the forest is blocking the sun - creating an environment that is not suitable for sun-loving pine trees. In a scientific paper Xxxxx wrote in 2004, the forester estimated that pines in the Lost 40 will “virtually disappear” over the next few decades. While the temperature hovered around 100 degrees that day, it was a tad cooler under the canopy of trees. After a couple of hours, the group was hot, tired and ready to head back to civilization. Finding the way out of the Lost 40 was just as challenging as finding the way in. Xxxxx asked everyone’s opinion on which way was out. Everyone gave a slightly different answer. Luckily, Xxxxx knew the way. Caption: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/XXXX XxXXXXXXX Forester Xxx Xxxxx (left) and botanist Xxxx Xxxxxxx measure a sweet gum tree in the Lost 40. It is 42.3 inches in diameter. Caption: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/XXXX XxXXXXXXX Forester Xxx Xxxxx studies the massive root system of a loblolly pine that has fallen - probably due to high winds. It was about 115 feet tall. Caption: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/XXXX XxXXXXXXX In the Lost 40, trees standing at 130 feet tall and more than 40 inches in diameter are not uncommon. This loblolly pine is at least 150 years old. Caption: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/XXXX XxXXXXXXX Botanist Xxxx Xxxxxxx (left) and forester Xxx Xxxxx check on the conditions of the Lost 40, a 40-acre tract of virtually untouched timber in remote Xxxxxxx County. In the Lost 40, trees can live for hundreds of years. Caption: Arkansas Democrat-Gazette/XXXX XxXXXXXXX Botanist Xxxx Xxxxxxx record...
Lost. If for any reason the device is lost, stolen or destroyed during the time that it is issued to the student, whether intentionally or due to negligence, the student and the student’s parent/guardian will be responsible for the following fines: o For the first occasion, a fine of $250 o For the second and subsequent occasion, the actual replacement cost of the device and the device is no longer permitted to leave the school during the current school year. A new device may not be issued in a following school year if fees and fines are not paid.
Lost. An employee will his seniority and his work ties will be interrupted with Rolls Xxxxx in the following conditions: al if he resigns if he is dismissed for a reasonable and fair motive. Lead Hands Grade “A” The seniority list, for lay-off purposes, of “A grades include the Lead Hands of this classification. Therefore, the seniority of Lead Hands shall be considered together with seniority as “A for this purpose. seniority An employee on lay-off with less than two years seniority at the time of lay-off shall have his seniority restored to him if he is recall within one year of la y-off. An employee on lay-off with two years seniority or more at the time of lay-off shall have his former seniority restored him if he recall within four years of lay-off.
Lost. An Employee shall lose seniority and deemed to be terminated when a) voluntarily resigns and five (5) working days have elapsed from the date of the resignation;or is discharged and not reinstated; is off the payroll for a continuous period of more than twelve (12) months as a result of a lay-off; or, is recalled to work from lay-off and fails to report on the designated date; or