Liquor Sample Clauses

Liquor. No alcohol is to be consumed or taken to any area of the College.
Liquor. The Griffith City Library is not licensed to serve alcohol during business hours. Alcohol may not be consumed on the premises during business hours.
Liquor. 12.1 Alcoholic beverages shall be available at a nominal cost to passengers on all flights. Allegiant shall purchase the alcoholic beverages [...***...]
Liquor. 15. The Lessee will not at any time permit the sale of intoxicating liquor within the Premises unless in accordance with the Licensing Laws and the Permitted Use. If intoxicating liquor is consumed within the Premises the Lessee will ensure that all laws governing the consumption of intoxicating liquor are fully complied with by the Lessee and people under the control of the Lessee.
Liquor. 7.1. The Hirer must not and must ensure that its agent’s, employees and contractors do not for the purpose of either their own consumption or use; or resale bring onto or receive or provide on the Premises any liquor. All service and consumption of alcohol must be in line with Liquor Licence conditions imposed on the Glasshouse by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, Australia. A copy of these conditions is available upon request.
Liquor. Hirers proposing that liquor be sold either at a bar or by way of inclusion in catering costs associated with the use of the Facility, require a “limited licence” from the Liquor Licensing Commission. Applicants for a “limited licence” should allow at least two (2) weeks for the Liquor Licensing Commission to process their application. The “limited licence” is to be submitted to the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society
Liquor. For alcoholic beverages up to 70 percent alcohol by volume there is a limit of 5 liters (1.3 gallons) per Customer that may be accepted as Checked baggage, or that may be Gate Checked if purchased after completing security screening at the checkpoint (Duty Free). Packaging must be in receptacles smaller than 5 liters. Alcoholic beverages more than 70 percent alcohol by volume (140 proof) will not be accepted. There is no additional fee for the carriage of alcohol on international flights (including flights from the USVI to the US) when it is purchased as part of an established and recognized “duty free shoppingprogram. Alcohol containing 24% or less alcohol by volume (e.g. beer, wine) is not subject to hazardous materials limitations. Customs and TSA regulations may impose different limitations and fees.