Liquor Sample Clauses

Liquor. 15. The Lessee will not at any time permit the sale of intoxicating liquor within the Premises unless in accordance with the Licensing Laws and the Permitted Use. If intoxicating liquor is consumed within the Premises the Lessee will ensure that all laws governing the consumption of intoxicating liquor are fully complied with by the Lessee and people under the control of the Lessee.
Liquor. 12.1 Alcoholic beverages shall be available at a nominal cost to passengers on all flights. Allegiant shall purchase the alcoholic beverages [...***...]
Liquor. The sale of liquor on the premises is forbidden unless the hirer obtains a permit from the Liquor Control Commission, and the permit is produced to the Booking Officer fourteen (14) days prior to the hire date, who shall make an endorsement. BYO is permitted as long as it is not sold.
Liquor. Hirers proposing that liquor be sold either at a bar or by way of inclusion in catering costs associated with the use of the facility, require a “Limited Licence” from Liquor Licensing Victoria. Applicants for such a licence should allow for at least 4 weeks for this body to process their application. A copy of this licence must be presented to Council 14 days prior to the function. The liquor licence must be displayed where the alcohol is being sold for the duration of the event. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure compliance with liquor licensing legislation.