Lead Sample Clauses

Lead. It is the policy of Buyer to prohibit the use of paints containing lead in any form. Seller hereby affirms that the Product provided in compliance with this Contract contains no lead. Further Buyer prohibits the use of lead hammers and lead "slappers." Seller hereby affirms that individuals under its control are informed of this policy.
Lead. The Contractor shall ensure that all work performed under this contract where lead based paint exists or is likely to exist (including any home constructed pre-1978) is done in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and guidelines pertaining to lead safe work practices. The Contractor shall maintain a current lead-based paint renovation license from the Oregon CCB and provide proof of Lead Safe Weatherization (LSW) training to UCAN for all employees who have the potential to disturb lead based paint. The Contractor shall take every precaution to prevent lead contamination of any work site or adjacent area. The Contractor shall clean lead contaminants that they cause to be released around the site or into the existing structure in accordance with federal, state and local law, rule, regulation and guideline at the Contractor’s expense. The Contractor shall incur the cost of any and all fines and work requirements resulting from non-compliance with federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and guidelines regarding lead based paint. Use of lead based paint for any portion of any project is prohibited.
Lead. All parties signatory to this agreement recognize that a cooperative and constructive effort is needed to overcome the impact of drug abuse on safety practices, productivity, quality of work and morale. Thus, signatory employers shall contribute twelve $.12 per hour worked to cover the cost of the Drug and Safety Program contained in the Labor Education and Develop- ment Fund (LEAD) while working in both the Charleston and Huntington Tri-State areas as well as a comparable Drug and Safety Fund whenever working in the Parkersburg area.
Lead. One who is assigned lead responsibilities as defined by management but does not have supervisory authority as defined by the Labor Management Relations Act.
Lead. Lead is an assignment of additional responsibilities. An employee assigned by the Employer as a lead shall receive one dollar ($1.00) over the regular rate of pay for all hours assigned lead responsibilities. Such additional responsibilities may include monitoring and reviewing work assignments of other employees, checking work for accuracy, assisting in making and/or adjusting daily work assignments of other employees, assisting with developing work schedules, or giving advice and work instructions to other employees.
Lead. Pay for 95% (ninety-five percent) of the final lead content, subject to a minimum deduction of 3 (three) units, at the official London Metal Exchange cash settlement quotation for Lead, as published in the Metal Bulletin in US$ and averaged over the quotational period. PURCHASE CONTRACT 203-11CMX-020-1-P Silver Pay for 95% (ninety-five percent), subject to a minimum deduction of 50 (fifty) grams balance of the final silver content at the LBMA spot quotation for silver, as published in the Metal Bulletin in US$ and averaged over the quotational period.
Lead. If initialed by Xxxxx, this Agreement is not contingent on a lead inspection, and Buyer waives Buyer’s 10-day right to test/inspect BUYER’S INITIALS for the presence of lead.
Lead. Tenant agrees to deliver notice of deteriorating lead paint or lead to the following: (Complete if other than Landlord.) Name: Mailing Address: City: Zip Code: Email: Fax: Phone #: