KEEPING Sample Clauses

KEEPING. The Servicer shall promptly report to the Issuer and the Indenture Trustee any material failure on its part to hold the Receivable Files and maintain its accounts, records and computer systems as herein provided and shall promptly take appropriate action to remedy any such material failure. Nothing herein shall be deemed to require an initial review or any periodic review by the Issuer or the Indenture Trustee of the Receivables or the Receivable Files.
KEEPING. 6.1 CTI and its Sublicensee(s) shall keep books and records sufficient to verify the accuracy and completeness of CTI's and its Sublicensee(s)'s accounting referred to above, including without limitation, inventory, purchase and invoice records, manufacturing records, sales analysis, general ledgers, financial statements, and tax returns relating to the Products. Such books and records shall be preserved for a period not less than six years after they are created, both during and after the term of this Agreement.
KEEPING. 33.1 Record keeping of the documents agreed between Mainspring and the Manager which sets out the rights and obligations of the Parties under an agreement to provide services or the terms on which Mainspring provides services shall be maintained by Mainspring for at least the duration of the relationship with the Manager.
KEEPING all toilet facilities available for use in common with other occupiers of the Building clean and in good repair and condition, and to provide fresh water to the Building.

Related to KEEPING

  • Timekeeping Time will be verified and approved by the Government Agent responsible for ordering and/or directing use of each piece of equipment. Time will be recorded to the nearest quarter hour worked for daily/hourly rate, or whole mile for mileage.

  • Keeping Records (i) The Seller will, and will cause the Originator to, have and maintain (A) administrative and operating procedures (including an ability to recreate Records if originals are destroyed), (B) adequate facilities, personnel and equipment and (C) all Records and other information necessary or advisable for collecting the Receivables (including Records adequate to permit the immediate identification of each new Receivable and all Collections of, and adjustments to, each existing Receivable). The Seller will give the Agent prior notice of any material change in such administrative and operating procedures.

  • Keeping Books and Records The Borrower will maintain, and will cause each Subsidiary to maintain, proper books of record and account in which full, true, and correct entries in conformity with GAAP shall be made of all dealings and transactions in relation to its business and activities.

  • Keeping of Records and Books of Account The Company shall keep and cause each subsidiary to keep adequate records and books of account, in which complete entries will be made in accordance with GAAP consistently applied, reflecting all financial transactions of the Company and its subsidiaries, and in which, for each fiscal year, all proper reserves for depreciation, depletion, obsolescence, amortization, taxes, bad debts and other purposes in connection with its business shall be made.

  • Keeping of Books Keep, and cause each of its Subsidiaries to keep, proper books of record and account, in which full and correct entries shall be made of all financial transactions and the assets and business of the Borrower and each such Subsidiary in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in effect from time to time.

  • Electronic Reporting With the prior written consent of the Master Servicer, all reports to be made by the Servicer to the Master Servicer may be transmitted electronically in lieu of written reporting. If the Servicer services more than one hundred Mortgage Loans for the Master Servicer, it shall arrange for electronic transmission of the required reports. Any expenses occasioned by the electronic transmission of reports shall be borne by the Servicer.

  • Inspection; Keeping of Books and Records Subject to applicable law and third party confidentiality agreements entered into by the Borrower or any Subsidiary in the ordinary course of business, the Borrower will, and will cause each Subsidiary to, permit the Administrative Agent, during the continuance of a Default or Unmatured Default, by its representatives and agents, to inspect any of the Property, books and financial records of the Borrower and each Subsidiary, to examine and make copies of the books of accounts and other financial records of the Borrower and each Subsidiary, and to discuss the affairs, finances and accounts of the Borrower and each Subsidiary with their respective officers at such reasonable times and intervals as the Administrative Agent may designate but in all events upon reasonable prior notice to the Borrower. The Borrower shall keep and maintain, and cause each of its Subsidiaries to keep and maintain, in all material respects, proper books of record and account in which entries in conformity with GAAP shall be made of all dealings and transactions in relation to their respective businesses and activities.

  • Reporting and Recordkeeping The ownership of the property whether securities, cash and/or other property, and whether held by the Custodian or a subcustodian or in a depository, clearing agency or clearing system, shall be clearly recorded on the Custodian's books as belonging to the Series and not for the Custodian's own interest. Where certificates are legended or otherwise not fungible with publicly traded certificates (and in other cases where the Custodian and the Series may agree), the Series reserves the right to instruct the Custodian as to the name only in which such securities shall be registered and the Custodian, to the extent reasonably practicable, shall comply with such Instructions; provided, however, if the Custodian reasonably determines that compliance with such Instructions is not reasonably practicable or otherwise may conflict with applicable law, rule or regulation, the Custodian shall promptly notify the Series and shall comply with reasonable alternatives as to which the parties may agree. The Custodian shall keep accurate and detailed accounts of all investments, receipts, disbursements and other transactions for the Series. All accounts, books and records of the Custodian relating thereto shall be open to inspection and audit at all reasonable times during normal business hours of the Custodian by any person designated by the Series. All such books, records and accounts shall be maintained and preserved in the form reasonably requested by the Series and in accordance with the Act and the Rules and Regulations thereunder, including, without limitation, Section 31 thereof and Rule 31a-1 and 31a-2 thereunder. All books, records and accounts pertaining to the Series, which are in the possession of the Custodian, shall be the property of the Fund and such materials or (unless the delivery of original materials is required pursuant to applicable law) legible copies thereof in a format reasonably acceptable to the Fund, shall be surrendered promptly upon request; provided, however, that the Custodian shall be entitled to retain a copy or the original of any such books, records and accounts as may be required or permitted by applicable law and the Custodian's own policies and procedures. The Custodian will supply to the Series from time to time, as mutually agreed upon, a statement in respect to any property of the Series held by the Custodian or by a subcustodian.

  • Records and Books of Account The records and books of account of the Company reflect all material items of income and expense and all material assets, liabilities and accruals, have been, and to the Closing Date will be, regularly kept and maintained in conformity with GAAP applied on a consistent basis with preceding years.

  • Electronic Format If requested by the Purchaser, the Servicer shall supply any and all information regarding the Mortgage Loans and the REO Properties, including all reports required to be delivered pursuant to Section 5.03, Section 6.02 and this Section 8.01, to the Purchaser in electronic format reasonably acceptable to Purchaser, unless otherwise limited by the servicing system utilized by the Servicer.