Jury Sample Clauses

Jury. (a) An employee required to serve on a jury shall as soon as practicable after being summoned to serve, notify the supervisor/manager who shall notify the employer.
Jury. Nothing contained in these procedures shall be construed to require an investigation or security clearance of the members of the jury or interfere with the functions of a jury, including access to classified information introduced as evidence in the trial of a case. After a verdict has been rendered by a jury, the trial judge should consider a government request for a cau- tionary instruction to jurors regarding the release or disclosure of classified information contained in docu- ments they have reviewed during the trial.
Jury. An employee who is called for jury duty or is subpoenaed as a witness other than in the. employee's own cause and who as a result thereof loses time from work shall receive for each day so lost difference between the employee's applicable hourly wage rate and the jury or witness fee (other than any mileage fee) to which the employee is entitled for such day. The require the employee to furnish a certificate of service signed by the Clerk of the Court before making any such payment.
Jury. Any employee who is called for jury duty during school hours shall, upon presenting such evidence to the principal, be granted a leave of absence at full pay for the time lost. Remuneration received by the employee, over and above expenses, for jury duty shall be remitted to the District.
Jury. In order to ensure objectivity and seriousness, the Young Scientists and Professional Award Committee (or the lead organizer on behalf of the Congress Organizing Committee) will appoint a Jury, which will be composed of professionals with acknowledged experience and recognition, with representation across the key fields of radiation protection and from relevant Associate Societies. The chairman or at least one member of Jury should normally be an IRPA Executive Council member. The Jury will evaluate the written paper and oral presentations, taking account of the quality of the underpinning work, its value to radiation protection, the quality of the written paper and the quality of the oral presentation. Awards Normally three awards (First, Second and Third prize) will be presented to the selected young scientists and professionals, according to criteria established by the Jury. The decision is final and authoritative, and the jury may declare void some of the prizes if deemed appropriate. The jury reserves the right to award special mentions in cases it deems appropriate. The awards will usually be announced and presented in the Closing Ceremony of the Congress, and will consist of diplomas and/or memorial plaques, together with any monetary prize provided by the Congress organizers. All candidates for the award should be present during this ceremony. Agreed by the IRPA EC December 2014 Annex 3 IRPA Montreal Fund Rules of Procedure (revision 1, dated 11 May 2014). This document identifies the steps required for an applicant to obtain travel support from the Montreal Fund to attend an IRPA Congress. Eligible applicants are “young professionals” in radiation protection. There is no defined age limit, as young professionals may have spent more or fewer years in formal education before beginning their careers. In general, a “young professional” is considered to be one within the first ten years of obtaining his or her terminal academic degree. Support will be available to attend the quadrennial IRPA International Congresses, and also for attendance at IRPA Regional Congresses, although support will be provided only to attend the Regional Congress held in the region in which the young professional’s Associate Society is located. Financial support will normally cover the Congress registration fee and may include support or partial support for travel and subsistence. The amount of support available for any Congress will be determined by the IRPA Executive Council...
Jury. Lawfully required absences for jury duty and subpoenaed as a witness in a trial are to be paid by the district. If the teacher receives a per diem payment, this will be presented to the Board of Education to offset district expenses for such leave. Expenses for mileage or meals paid to the teacher will be considered as payment to the teacher for their time and effort.
Jury. An employee required to attend for jury service shall be granted leave paid at the rate prescribed by Clause 12. - Wages not including shift allowances. The employee will pay to the employer any monies received in respect of attendance for jury service. For the purpose of annual leave, sick leave, long service leave, workers compensation, bereavement leave and jury service, leave will be based on 38 hours per week Monday to Friday or rostered work day for day workers and on the shift roster for continuous shift workers. This Clause does not apply to casual employees.
Jury. When an employee is to three (3) days bereavement leave, it is understood that one (1) day may be the day following the funeral. When an employee is entitled to five (5) days bereavement leave, up to four (4) days may be following the funeral. Bereavement pay under this section will be hours or hours as per (a) for plant employees. In the event of the death of a person as providedfor above while the employee is on their scheduled vacation, any vacation days that would be coincident with any bereavement leave to which the employee would be entitled to under section will, at the request of the employee be rescheduled at a time mutually agreeable to the Supervisor and the employee. The relatives referred to in this Article are deemed to include those related through recognized law relationships, which have been previouslyregisteredwith the Human Resources Manager. In such case the employee automatically relinquishes their previous husband or wife relationship. In the event an employee is precludedfrom working his regular shift or shifts due to being called for and reporting for jury duty or to serve as a subpoena witness, the Company shall make up the difference in pay betweenthe amount receivedfor jury duty and for serving as a witness and the amount the employee would have for working regular shift. Employeesselected for jury duty or to serve as a witness as above who are on other than the day shift, shall be assigned to the day shift for those days they are required to serve as jurors or appear as a witness. In order to for such compensation, the employee shall give hours prior notice to the Company that such leave is required and shall present proper evidence as to attendanceand the amount receivedfor such services.
Jury. The Employer shall reimburse an employee on jury duty at regular rates of pay for each day while serving on duly. The employee must provide the Employer with a signed document from the clerk of court, stating the days in attendance and the amount of payment received from the court. The Employer shall deduct payments received from the court from the employee's wages. The Employer shall reimburse an employee called as a subpoenaed witness at regular rates of pay for all scheduled work time missed, to a maximum of five (5) days per employee per calendar year. The Employer shall be provided with a copy of the subpoena and the Employer may deduct any wage compensation amounts received under the subpoena from the employee's wages. It shall be the employee's responsibility to the Employer of the she is to on jury duly or as a subpoenaed witness. ARTICLE APRONS AND UNIFORMS Kitchen staff shall be provided with aprons, free of charge, if such aprons must be during work. Allowance shall be to employees in accordance with the following schedule: Full-time Part-time Upon completion of probation, employees shall be paid their uniform allowance retroactive to the date of hiring. The payment shall be issued with the next paycheque completion of the period. Uniform allowances shall be paid to employees by separate cheque on or before September and March The purpose ofuniform allowance is for the purchase and maintenance of AGREEMENT VERSA CARE