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Issue or cause to be issued fiscal and programmatic audits and an annual report, including a CTEA financial report; of the corporation;
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Issue or. Subject Matter in Family Title Case Status No. Publn. Date [. . . *** . . .] Schedule 1.27(ii) *Confidential Treatment Requested under 17 C.F.R. §§ 200.80(b)(4) and 240.24b-2(b)(1) Application/
Issue or. 2.4.2 convert any existing non-redeemable shares (whether issued or not) into, shares which are to be redeemed or are liable to be redeemed at the option of the Company or at the option of the Holder thereof and on such terms and in such manner as may be determined by Special Resolution.
Issue or. Subject Matter in Family Title Case Status No. Publn. Date [. . . *** . . .] Schedule 1.27(ii) *Confidential Treatment Requested under 17 C.F.R. §§ 200.80(b)(4) and 240.24b-2(b)(1) Schedule 1.27(iv). Intellectual Property Assets. Family Application/ Matter Case Nos. in Patent/Publn. Issue or No. Subject Matter Family Title Case Status No. Publn. Date [. . .***. . .] Schedule 1.27(iv) *Confidential Treatment Requested under 17 C.F.R. §§ 200.80(b)(4) and 240.24b-2(b)(1) Family Application/

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  • Issue of Notes (a) Subject to the terms of this Agreement, the Issuer may issue Notes to any of the Dealers from time to time at such prices and upon such terms as the Issuer and the relevant Dealer may agree. The Issuer acknowledges that the Dealers may resell Notes subscribed for by such Dealers.

  • Issue of Securities All necessary corporate action has been taken, or will be taken before Closing, to authorize the issue and sale of, and the delivery of certificates representing, the Offered Shares and Compensation Options and, upon payment of the requisite consideration therefor, the Offered Shares and Compensation Option Shares will be validly issued as fully paid and non-assessable Common Shares.

  • Issue of Shares 3.1 Subject to the provisions, if any, in the Memorandum (and to any direction that may be given by the Company in general meeting) and without prejudice to any rights attached to any existing Shares, the Directors may allot, issue, grant options over or otherwise dispose of Shares (including fractions of a Share) with or without preferred, deferred or other rights or restrictions, whether in regard to Dividend or other distribution, voting, return of capital or otherwise and to such persons, at such times and on such other terms as they think proper, and may also (subject to the Statute and the Articles) vary such rights. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Subscriber shall have the power to:

  • Issue Price (9) Selling Agent’s commission or Purchasing Agent’s discount, as the case may be;

  • Preference Issues If any Senior Secured Party is required in any Insolvency or Liquidation Proceeding or otherwise to disgorge, turn over or otherwise pay any amount to the estate of the Company or any other Grantor (or any trustee, receiver or similar Person therefor), because the payment of such amount was declared to be fraudulent or preferential in any respect or for any other reason, any amount (a “Recovery”), whether received as proceeds of security, enforcement of any right of setoff or otherwise, then the Senior Obligations shall be reinstated to the extent of such Recovery and deemed to be outstanding as if such payment had not occurred and the Senior Secured Parties shall be entitled to the benefits of this Agreement until a Discharge of Senior Obligations with respect to all such recovered amounts. If this Agreement shall have been terminated prior to such Recovery, this Agreement shall be reinstated in full force and effect, and such prior termination shall not diminish, release, discharge, impair or otherwise affect the obligations of the parties hereto. Each Second Priority Representative, for itself and on behalf of each Second Priority Debt Party under its Second Priority Debt Facility, hereby agrees that none of them shall be entitled to benefit from any avoidance action affecting or otherwise relating to any distribution or allocation made in accordance with this Agreement, whether by preference or otherwise, it being understood and agreed that the benefit of such avoidance action otherwise allocable to them shall instead be allocated and turned over for application in accordance with the priorities set forth in this Agreement.

  • Issue Tax The issuance of certificates for Warrant Shares upon the exercise of this Warrant shall be made without charge to the holder of this Warrant or such shares for any issuance tax or other costs in respect thereof, provided that the Company shall not be required to pay any tax which may be payable in respect of any transfer involved in the issuance and delivery of any certificate in a name other than the holder of this Warrant.

  • Yield to Maturity 8 ARTICLE TWO

  • Issue of ADRs After any such deposit of Shares, the Custodian shall notify the Depositary of such deposit and of the information contained in any related Delivery Order by letter, first class airmail postage prepaid, or, at the request, risk and expense of the person making the deposit, by cable, telex or facsimile transmission. After receiving such notice from the Custodian, the Depositary, subject to this Deposit Agreement, shall properly issue at the Transfer Office, to or upon the order of any person named in such notice, an ADR or ADRs registered as requested and evidencing the aggregate ADSs to which such person is entitled.

  • Issue of Warrants Section 2.1 Creation and Issue of Warrants 6 Section 2.2 Terms of Warrants 7 Section 2.3 Warrantholder not a Shareholder 7 Section 2.4 Warrants to Rank Pari Passu 7 Section 2.5 Form of Warrants, Certificated Warrants 7 Section 2.6 Book Entry Only Warrants 8 Section 2.7 Warrant Certificate 10 Section 2.8 Register of Warrants 11 Section 2.9 Issue in Substitution for Warrant Certificates Lost, etc. 12 Section 2.10 Exchange of Warrant Certificates 13 Section 2.11 Transfer and Ownership of Warrants 13 Section 2.12 Cancellation of Surrendered Warrants 14 ARTICLE 3

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