Involuntary Transfer Procedure Sample Clauses

Involuntary Transfer Procedure. Although the Board and the SEA recognize that some transfers of unit members from one school to another are unavoidable, they also recognize that frequent transfers of unit members are disruptive to the educational process and interfere with optimum unit member performance. Therefore, they agree as follows:
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. 11.071 Notice of Intent to Implement Involuntary Transfer Prior to the implementation of an involuntary transfer, the Superintendent shall meet with the Association President to discuss the reasons for the involuntary transfer(s) and alternative plans.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. In the event that the Board has determined that a vacancy shall be filled by a transfer of an employee other than from a request on file pursuant to Voluntary Transfer Procedure in Article XXII, or in the event that the Board shall determine that any other change or transfer in grade or subject assignment or building or classroom is necessary, the Board shall notify the transferee of its intended action within three (3) calendar days of its decision. Thereafter, the transferee, may within three (3) working days, request in writing a hearing before the Board. If a hearing is requested, it shall be held prior to any final action by the Board on the transfer. The decision of the Board after said hearing shall be final. Involuntary transfers shall not be made for wholly arbitrary and wholly capricious reasons. Should any grievance ever be pursued to arbitration under this paragraph, the authority of the arbitrator shall be limited to deciding only whether there was lacking any non-arbitrary, non-capricious rationale for the transfer, and the arbitrator shall not be empowered to order any remedy should he/she find any such rationale not to exist.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. An involuntary transfer is a transfer initiated by the administration without the involved employee's approval, which results in the movement of that employee from one work site to another while remaining in the same classification.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. A. If no Unit Member requests or is transferred to the posted vacant position, the Superintendent may transfer an Unit Member to the vacant position.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure a. If no qualified bargaining unit member requests the vacant position, the Board may request a bargaining unit member to accept an involuntary transfer.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. The decision to transfer shall be made in accordance with the needs of the school district. The needs of the district, as determined by the Superintendent, shall be the most substantial determiner of the transfer; however, the employees' credentials shall also be considered in the transfer decision. This change shall be made known to the teacher, in writing, as soon as possible and at least fourteen (14) days prior to the opening of school for the next school year unless mutually agreed by the teacher and administration. However, for increased enrollment situations, the fourteen (14) day notice shall be waived.
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. 35 36 An involuntary transfer may be initiated by the District to address 37 staffing requirements at a location. In rare instances the District 38 may also initiate an involuntary transfer to improve the educational 39 and/or work environment. Prior to providing notice to the employee 40 of the District’s intention to implement an involuntary transfer, the 41 Human Resources Director and Association Representative(s) shall 42 meet and discuss the circumstances of, and necessity for, the 43 proposed involuntary transfer. 44 45 In the event the District needs to address staffing requirements at a 46 location, the District will first request volunteers for transfer. Should
Involuntary Transfer Procedure. An employee being considered for involuntary transfer shall be given not less than ten (10) working days notice before being transferred. Upon request, the employee shall be given the reason for the transfer. However, the final selection to fill all vacancies is within the sole discretion of the District.