INVOICES RAISED. Lot Number Reference to identify the lot under the Framework Agreement which the invoiced has been raised against Customer URN Unique Reference Number (URN) of the Customer who entered into the Contract Customer Post Code Post Code of the Customer who entered into the Contract Customer Organisation Full name of the Customer who entered into the Contract Customer Invoice Date Date the invoice was raised Customer Invoice Number Reference to identify the invoiced issued to the Customer
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  • Monthly Invoices On or before the tenth (10th) day following the end of each calendar month, Seller shall deliver to PacifiCorp a proper invoice showing Seller's computation of Net Output delivered to the Point of Delivery during such month. When calculating the invoice, Seller shall provide computations showing the portion of Net Output that was delivered during On-Peak Hours and the portion of Net Output that was delivered during Off-Peak Hours. If such invoice is delivered by Seller to PacifiCorp, then PacifiCorp shall send to Seller, on or before the later of the twentieth (20th) day following receipt of such invoice or the thirtieth (30th) day following the end of each month, payment for Seller's deliveries of Net Output and associated Green Tags to PacifiCorp.

  • Invoices; Payment The City will accept invoices no more frequently than once per month. Each invoice shall fully detail the related costs and shall specify the status of the particular task or project as of the date of the invoice with regard to the accepted schedule for that task or project. Payment will be made within forty-five (45) days after receipt of an invoice acceptable to the City, in accordance with the Florida Local Government Prompt Payment Act. If, at any time during the contract, the City shall not approve or accept the Contractor's work product, and agreement cannot be reached between the City and the Contractor to resolve the problem to the City's satisfaction, the City shall negotiate with the Contractor on a payment for the work completed and usable to the City.

  • PAYMENT AND INVOICES A. The compensation shall be payable in the ordinary course of OSC business upon receipt of the Contractor’s invoice. Invoices must be submitted on a monthly basis. Approved invoices will be paid in accordance with Article 11-A of the State Finance Law.

  • Monthly Invoice Based on Monthly Delivery Protocol according to Article 9.1 within thirteen (13) calendar days after the expiry of the relevant Month of Delivery SELLER shall issue and render to BUYER by e-mail a monthly invoice (“Monthly Invoice”) relevant to Month of Delivery, indicating the quantity of the delivered Natural Gas (expressed in kWh and Ncm), applicable Contract Price (expressed in EURO/MWh) and the total amount to be paid by BUYER, including but not limited to the payment for the respective quantity of Natural Gas not taken in the frame of MDCQ (if any). Monthly Delivery Protocol shall be deemed to be inseparable part of Monthly Invoice.

  • Payment of Invoices When applicable pursuant to this Section 4.02, for fees and expenses of the Asset Representations Reviewer that are not paid by the Servicer within thirty (30) days following the receipt of an invoice by the Servicer, the Asset Representations Reviewer will issue invoices to the Issuer at the notices address set forth in Section 10.4 of the Sale and Servicing Agreement and the Issuer shall pay all invoices submitted by the Asset Representations Reviewer via the priority of payments described in Sections 2.8 or 5.4(b) of the Indenture, as applicable, on the Distribution Date following the month in which the invoice was received by the Issuer.

  • Invoices Each invoice or pay request shall include the TIPS Member’s purchase order number or other identifying designation as provided in the order by the TIPS Member. If applicable, the shipment tracking number or pertinent information for verification of TIPS Member receipt shall be made available upon request.

  • Invoice The Interconnected Transmission Owner shall provide Transmission Provider a quarterly statement of the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s scheduled expenditures during the next three months for, as applicable (a) the design, engineering and construction of, and/or for other charges related to, construction of the Interconnection Facilities for which the Interconnected Transmission Owner is responsible under the Interconnection Service Agreement and the Interconnection Construction Service Agreement, or (b) in the event that the Interconnection Customer exercises the Option to Build pursuant to Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s oversight costs (i.e. costs incurred by the Transmission Owner when engaging in oversight activities to satisfy itself that the Interconnection Customer is complying with the Transmission Owner’s standards and specifications for the construction of facilities) associated with Interconnection Customer’s building Transmission Owner Attachment Facilities and Direct Connection Network Upgrades, including but not limited to Costs for tie-in work and Cancellation Costs. Interconnected Transmission Owner oversight costs shall be consistent with Tariff, Attachment P, Appendix 2, section Transmission Provider shall bill Interconnection Customer on behalf of the Interconnected Transmission Owner, for the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s expected Costs during the subsequent three months. Interconnection Customer shall pay each bill within twenty (20) days after receipt thereof. Upon receipt of each of Interconnection Customer’s payments of such bills, Transmission Provider shall reimburse the Interconnected Transmission Owner. Interconnection Customer may request that the Transmission Provider provide a quarterly cost reconciliation. Such a quarterly cost reconciliation will have a one-quarter lag, e.g., reconciliation of Costs for the first calendar quarter of work will be provided at the start of the third calendar quarter of work, provided, however, that Section 11.2.3 of this Appendix 2 shall govern the timing of the final cost reconciliation upon completion of the work.

  • PAYMENT, INVOICING, AUDIT AND TAXES 4.1 All prices are exclusive of VAT or similar taxes and will be in the official currency of the country where the Accenture entity in the Agreement is located.

  • Final Invoice Within six months after completion of the construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades, Connecting Transmission Owner shall provide an invoice of the final cost of the construction of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Attachment Facilities and the System Upgrade Facilities and System Deliverability Upgrades, determined in accordance with Attachment S to the NYISO OATT, and shall set forth such costs in sufficient detail to enable Developer to compare the actual costs with the estimates and to ascertain deviations, if any, from the cost estimates. Connecting Transmission Owner shall refund to Developer any amount by which the actual payment by Developer for estimated costs exceeds the actual costs of construction within thirty (30) Calendar Days of the issuance of such final construction invoice.

  • Delivery of invoices Such Grantor will deliver to the Administrative Agent immediately upon its request after the occurrence and during the continuation of an Event of Default duplicate invoices with respect to each Account owned by it bearing such language of assignment as the Administrative Agent shall specify.

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