Invitees Sample Clauses

Invitees. 4.1 Only members of the ECC and invitees shall be entitled to attend meetings of the ECC.
Invitees. Each Owner shall be responsible for compliance with the provisions of the Project Documents by that Owner's Invitees. An Owner shall promptly pay any Reimbursement Assessment levied and/or any fine or penalty imposed against an Owner for violations committed by that Owner's Invitees.
Invitees. (a) Invitees shall be allowed to attend meetings of the Contracting Committee. Invitees will be identified when the agenda is circulated; if either party has reasonable grounds to object to the attendance of a proposed invitee, that individual shall not attend.
Invitees. The President and other Company officers and employees of the Members may attend meetings of the Members’ Committee at the invitation of any Representative. Such invitees shall not be Members of the Members’ Committee, nor shall they be entitled to vote on matters which come before the Members’ Committee. The Chairman of the Members’ Committee can excuse such Invitees from the meeting at any time and for any reason, and Invitees shall not attend any portions of the meetings of the Members’ Committee designates as “Executive Sessions”.
Invitees. 1 Representatives of UN specialized agencies and intergovernmental organizations shall be designated by the Council of Administration to attend specified meetings of Congress and its Committees when questions of interest to these organizations are discussed.
Invitees. The Hall reserves the right to refuse entry to the Hall Premises to any of the Hirer’s invitees.
Invitees. The Gallery reserves the right to refuse entry to the Gallery Premises to any of the Hirer’s invitees.
Invitees. Invitees means the employees, representatives, agents, of the Licensee, or Licensee’s contractors and their sub-contractors, or Licensee’s Affiliates; Licensee’s Consultants; and/or potential customers of or investors in the Licensee or its Affiliates; or any other person nominated by the Licensee; provided that any of the above are not Competitors of BGL or Affiliates of Competitors.
Invitees. The University reserves the right to refuse entry to the Venue premises to any of the Hirer’s invitees.
Invitees. 4.1 The ECC and any member thereof may, from time to time, invite any resource person as it deems appropriate to attend or participate in any meeting. Reasonable advance notice will be given to the other members of the ECC.