Intranet Sample Clauses

Intranet. Franchisor may, at its option, establish and maintain either a series of "private" pages on the Internet Web site, described in Section 7.9, or a so-called Intranet, through either of which Franchisor, its franchisees, and their respective employees may communicate with each other and through which Franchisor may disseminate updates to the Operational Policies and other confidential information.
Intranet. 7.14.1 Franchisor may, at its option, establish and maintain an Intranet through which franchisees of Franchisor may communicate with each other, and through which Franchisor and Franchisee may communicate with each other and through which Franchisor may disseminate the Manuals, updates thereto and other confidential information. Franchisor shall have discretion and control over all aspects of the Intranet, including the content and functionality thereof. Franchisor will have no obligation to maintain the Intranet indefinitely, and may dismantle it at any time without liability to Franchisee.
Intranet. Company policies applying to the Executive are available for inspection on the Company’s intranet and the general terms and conditions of employment appearing therein shall apply to the Executive except where the terms contained on the Company’s intranet are inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement, when the provisions of this Agreement shall apply.
Intranet. 780,857 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 $ 0 Not Recommended. 038 - Data Systems Development Projects Data Systems Development Projects
Intranet is a protected part of the Website operated by the Provider, to which the Subscriber has access through a unique login and password (the login and password are communicated at the latest on the day the Contract becomes effective).
Intranet. UMBRO is developing an internal network that allows UMBRO Affiliates, licensees and other persons selected by UMBRO to communicate through computers and may establish other communications systems in the future (the "UMBRO Intranet"). UMBRO and Licensee acknowledge and agree that the use of the UMBRO Intranet by UMBRO, its licensees and other selected persons will facilitate the sharing of ideas and will increase the speed and efficiency of communication among the participants. When established UMBRO shall offer Licensee the opportunity to participate actively in the UMBRO Intranet. Licensee may, in its discretion, choose to participate in the UMBRO Intranet. If it participates, Licensee shall acquire the compatible technology necessary to utilize the UMBRO Intranet.
Intranet. Franchisor will provide Franchisee with access to its private, confidential Intranet Business Resource website “The WOD Boardduring the term of this Agreement. Franchise must agree to the Franchisor’s Terms of Use to access and use the Intranet. Further, Franchisee must at all times protect its Intranet password.
Intranet. Provides a Dynamic CMS-enabled area with secure login to build out an entire Intranet for employee specific information only. It benefits your employees to have an internal organization landing page that can be updated with news, events, alerts and many of the same modules used on the extranet. LINK CHECKER When a new link is created, the Revize system checks if the URL (link) is valid or not. If not, an error message will be displayed. This benefits the Content Editor by double checking bad links before they are saved on your website. MENU MANAGER Allows approved content editors to add or edit site-wide top navigation, department or section specific links (e.g. left or right navigation). This feature gives you control to change and update the Navigation menus of your website for continuous improvement.
Intranet. Advertising copy submitted by Operator would be subject to the guidelines with respect to content, format and submission deadlines that are applied generally to advertisers in Today's REALTOR(R). The charges for the inclusion of such advertisements (a) during the period ending on the second anniversary of the insertion of the first full page advertisement, shall not exceed NAR's lowest discounted rates for similar as and shall be paid one-half by Operator and one- half by RIN, and (b) after such second anniversary, shall not exceed NAR's lowest discounted rates offered to its affiliates for similar ads and shall be paid by Operator.