Integrated Sample Clauses

Integrated. Pursuant to either Paragraph (1) or (2) below:
Integrated. Research may control the number and type of licenses and the use of the Software by a security key which must be entered by the You upon installation of the Software, to activate the Software program(s) and any updates of modifications (“License Key”). In the event You exceed the parameters of this Agreement, You agree immediately to notify IR and IR may invoice You, and You shall pay for such excess, from the date that You exceeded the parameters of this Agreement calculated at IR ’s then current list price in accordance with the Orders agreed. IR reserves the right to deliver the License Key periodically over the Term in any given Order, upon receipt of payment. At no time shall you knowingly use or attempt to use the Software without the License Key.
Integrated. People are entitled to have available to them housing options that are integrated into neighborhoods and are typical of the housing in the neighborhood.
Integrated. [See (S) 6.3(a)(2), (S) 6.3(c)(4)(i)(B) and (S) 12.3(h).]
Integrated. GEM 1 (Magma East Mesa) 10 2.20 0.94 Earth Energy #1 10 3.00 1.29 Western Power I & II 30 3.13 1.34 Heber HGC 47 2.34 1.00 Colmac 50 2.16 0.93 SIGC 33 2.34 1.00 ----- ----- ------ All AER's: 525.0 4.689 2.0122 Imperial Irrigation District 1992 AER-RELATED TRANSMISSION LOSSES FOR MONTHS JAN. THROUGH MAY AND OCTOBER THROUGH DEC. LOSSES AS A PERCENTAGE OF AER CAPACITY ------------------------- AVERAGE ALTERNATE AER INCREMENTAL INCREMENTAL ENERGY RESOURCE CAPACITY LOSS LOSS (AER) (MW) (%) (%) ------------------------ -------- ----------- ----------- NORTH COLLECTOR Unocal (Earth Energy #2) 20 7.65 3.31 Desert Power 50 6.68 2.89 Vulcan Power 38 6.61 2.85 Del Ranch 42 6.50 2.81 X.X. Xxxxxx 42 6.43 2.78 X. X. Xxxxxxxx 42 6.00 2.59 SOUTH COLLECTOR Ormesa 1, IE & IH 38 4.87 2.10 Ormesa 2 18 5.22 2.26 GEM 2 & 3 55 4.16 1.80 INTEGRATED
Integrated. Policing – which recognizes that success in crime reduction is contingent on our ability to coalesce otherwise divergent organizations and operate in an inclusive yet seamlessly integrated approach to a police services delivery that remains flexible and responsive (i.e. rapidly deployable). Through the focus on the fundamental policing philosophies and the increases in policing resources, the City has experiences reductions in assaults, property crimes, criminal code violations and drug possessions. In addition, several community based initiatives were delivered, these include: • Safer Summer Campaign – a program designed to advise the homeowners of steps that can be taken to ensure the safety and security of their homes; • Business License Outreach Project – a program that provides security site assessments based on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) to new business owners; • Focus on Seniors Taskforce – a taskforce created to address elder abuse and neglect; and
Integrated. If an integrated class has 24 students or more, ten (10) days after the start of school, or the first Friday after the start of second semester, six (6) hours of EA time per week will be provided. If a class exceeds the established limit by more than four (4) students on the same dates, the EA time will be doubled.
Integrated projects The project is developed jointly and foresees joint implementation of activities by the participating project partners from Bulgaria and from Republic of Serbia. The Applicant and Cross-border applicant contribute different elements to a joint project. In this case only one Application Form is to be filled in, containing all the activities of the joint project, where the details concerning the national project parts should be described in the annexes. The applicant however needs to submit two Annexes B: Budget, for Applicant and for Cross-border applicant separately. Two separate Declarations should also be submitted (Declaration by the Applicant and Declaration by the Cross-border applicant). Separate grant contracts will be signed with the Applicant and the Cross-border Applicant; one in both participating countries. Single reporting system will be set up in order to harmonize the implementation of the different “national” parts of the joint projects. There could be other partner organizations from the same side of the border but this is not a mandatory requirement. (Please refer to section 2.1.3). In this case it is important that the application defines an overall lead partner, responsible for the whole project (e.g. The Applicant). This type of project is rational in case of networking or harmonized actions that have activities on both sides of the border and are a prerequisite for the success to each other. It is important to note that if the Applicant or Cross-border applicant is rejected during the selection process, the whole project will be eliminated (due to the fact that in this case separate implementation is not possible). In case integrated projects are approved by the Joint Evaluation Committee, both Applicants will receive funding. The Bulgarian project part will be financed from PHARE and National co-financing, whereas the Serbian one will be financed from the CARDS. Applicants from Republic of Bulgaria will be responsible for distributing funds to their (financing) partners in Bulgaria, whereas applicants from Republic of Serbia will be responsible for transferring funds to their partners in Republic of Serbia.