Indigenous Sample Clauses

Indigenous. The tree is endemic to the local area and has been naturally occurring since recordings of flora commenced.(V) VictorianThe tree is endemic to the state of Victoria and has been naturally occurring since recordings of flora commenced.
Indigenous originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.
Indigenous. A First Nations, Inuit, or Métis person who originates from the Northwest Territories (or Nunavut after 1999).
Indigenous. The street trees within the declared areas for the townships of Avenel and Euroa are an eclectic mix of native, indigenous and exotics which enhance the amenity of these two towns. There is no one area with each township which is predominantly indigenous in relation to proximity to power lines.The Strathbogie Shire Tree Management GuidelinesUrban and Rural Strategies – incorporates actions to protect, conserve and manage its native, indigenous, and exotic vegetation.The number of trees in Avenel and Euroa impacted by powerlines is 1996. This number of trees is composed of 22% native and 78% exotic.These trees are located on Council’s digital Asset Management System (Confirm) as shown in Appendix 4 Sample Screen Shot.The Shire has a variety of planning scheme overlays and local laws that specify what may or may not be undertaken with certain type of native or indigenous vegetation and exotics. Strathbogie - Planning Schemes Beta Under the Council Planning Scheme native vegetation is defined as:Indigenous Vegetation: Plants that are indigenous to Victoria, including trees, shrubs, herbs, and grasses.Other planning overlays may include:• Heritage Overlays with Tree Control.• Heritage Act 1995 – includes trees of State Cultural Heritage Significance.• Significant Landscape Overlays.• Environmental Significant Overlays.• Public Acquisition Overlays.• Vegetation Protection Overlays. Indigenous trees within Council’s Road reserve are classified under the “Roadside Management Plan” as having the following Conservation Values:
Indigenous. Meaning: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place Synonyms: native, innate, inborn, primitive, congenital Antonyms: alien, foreignUsage: They were our indigenous peoples, our first peoples, our first speakers and our first hearers.
Indigenous. 1. UWS Indigenous HDR load has ranged from 1.7% to 2.5% of all HDR students in the last few years. UWS continues to seek improvements in the Indigenous HDR load including through expanding the number of Yarramundi scholarships from two to four and seeking to embed Indigenous scholarship opportunities in selected external funding applications.
Indigenous refers to the conditions, rights, and way of life of many groups, cultures, communities and peoples who have a historical continuity or association with a given region or parts of a region before its subsequent colonization or the formation of a Nation-State. I do not wish to insinuate by the use of a single reference that Indigenous people can be classified by one term that excludes each group’s specific and particular identity. I have learnt that not only are there definite relations and nuances within Indigenous Nations but they are explicitly specific within each community and reserve. The historical specificity and variability of culture and its synchronous interaction with many other diverse environmental and social structures create specific identities amongst groups that are not to be trivialized by a single term.
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