Identify Sample Clauses

Identify a Kaua‘i Community College faculty member who will serve as the faculty advisor to students who are part of the articulation.
Identify a Counselor at Kapiʻolani Community College who will partner with the University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu advisors to ensure timely and accurate advising information on pre-admission, admission, degree requirements, and other relevant advising information.
Identify. Identify the scope of the alleged breach and take initial steps to contain the damage (this may involve determining whether the privacy breach would allow unauthorized access to an electronic information system).
Identify. The Advisors – people playing an advisory role, may be Lifetime Connections personal network members Each Advisor’s area of responsibility among the three possible areas of agreement Who speaks on behalf of the Advisor if s/he is unavailable A process by which disagreements will be handled Draft an agreement: The Advisor and focus person can communicate about the content of the agreement and record it on the form. The focus person has a responsibility to express their understanding of the agreement and what kind of help they will be receiving from their Advisor because of the agreement. The focus person retains the right to retract the agreement at any time The focus person has the responsibility to communicate to the Advisor about any concerns that arise in their life that are areas covered by the Agreement Recommended by FIFNC, appoint a monitor to: Ensure the SDMA is working effectively Provide a double layer of prevention against abuse and exploitation Provide support and assurance to the focus person Act as a contact for the focus person and/or the Advisor(s)
Identify a minimum of 2 new suppliers for manufacturing; and enter into a contractual agreement with at least one;
Identify a UHMC faculty member who will serve as the faculty advisor to students who are part of this articulation in the ABIT concentration.
Identify qualify and recommend selection of subcontractors for the bid list. All subcontracted work shall be made through a qualifications based selection process followed by competitive pricing except as allowed in the Contract for Work that the Construction Manager desires to provide with his own personnel or with the Owner’s written consent.
Identify a Honolulu Community College faculty member who will serve as the faculty advisor to students who are part of this articulation into the ISA concentration and consult with the University of Hawai‘i-West O‘ahu admissions personnel regarding students on an as-needed basis.
Identify. Project; Contractor; subcontractor or supplier; pertinent drawing and detail number; and specification section number and article/paragraph, as appropriate on each copy.
Identify. Actors – public, private, charity and volunteer sectors and crucially the community • Roles – specifiers, providers, supporters, enablers • Cross sectoral linkages – including health, education, environment, economic development, energy, digital communications, developers, land / asset owners • Linkages and interdependencies – to LA, LEP and other local agendas • Available assets – in terms of infrastructure, vehicles, land and buildings • Funding – existing and emerging cross sectoral sources of funding • Legislative and other barriers – to define the art of the possible for commercial solutions • A potential suite of interventions to deliver the stated objectives • Potential commercial models which could be applicable informed by local conditions • The “bundled” mobility offer and the outline business case which clearly demonstrates the need, the benefits and the route to success • An approach to identifying capital financial resources and the plan for managing / mitigating future revenue needs / risks ENGAGE • Widely with local organisations and community groups including Parish Councils • Engage with the local community at the individual's level to understand in detail their views, appetite for change • Use co-operative design techniques to understand local needs so that interventions are tailored to the specific needs of the community DEPLOY • Infrastructure and services carefully, respectfully and in a transparent manner, engaging throughout • Develop a robust monitoring & evaluation regime to measure the impacts, effectiveness and the behavioural responses to the interventions TEST AND REFINE • Undertake periodic reviews of solutions and engage with the community to help shape and refine application SHARE • Insights, learnings, successes and failures willingly and widely • Share commercial models and business cases so that others can capitalise upon them. • Potential market – through socio- demographic analysis to take a Together, let’s “consumer retail” rather than “transport operational” approach to the scale of the market.