Identifies Sample Clauses

Identifies a Servicer telephone number that will be active for 150 days after the Effective Date to assist Affected Consumers who have questions about the status of their Loan accounts, and describes the types of questions to which the Servicer will be prepared to respond.
Identifies informs and assists with the management of system-wide industrial relations matters which may involve industrial risk.
Identifies computes, and verifies the salary, wage or benefit overpayment.
Identifies develops, implements and evaluates quality and patient safety activities in relation to the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard: Preventing and Controlling Healthcare Associated Infections.

Related to Identifies

  • Customer Identification Program Notice To help the U.S. government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, U.S. Federal law requires each financial institution to obtain, verify, and record certain information that identifies each person who initially opens an account with that financial institution on or after October 1, 2003. Certain of BNYM’s affiliates are financial institutions, and BNYM may, as a matter of policy, request (or may have already requested) the name, address and taxpayer identification number or other government-issued identification number of the Fund or others, and, if such other is a natural person, that person’s date of birth. BNYM may also ask (and may have already asked) for additional identifying information, and BNYM may take steps (and may have already taken steps) to verify the authenticity and accuracy of these data elements.

  • De-identified Information De-identified Information may be used by the Operator only for the purposes of development, product improvement, to demonstrate or market product effectiveness, or research as any other member of the public or party would be able to use de-identified data pursuant to 34 CFR 99.31(b). Operator agrees not to attempt to re-identify De-identified Information and not to transfer De-identified Information to any party unless (a) that party agrees in writing not to attempt re- identification, and (b) prior written notice has been given to LEA who has provided prior written consent for such transfer. Operator shall not copy, reproduce or transmit any De-identified Information or other Data obtained under the Service Agreement except as necessary to fulfill the Service Agreement.