HHSC and Contractor Agreements Sample Clauses

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  • Covered Contracts and Contractors If the Contract exceeds $100,000 and the Contractor employed more than 40 full-time employees on a single working day during the previous 12 months in Minnesota or in the state where it has its principle place of business, then the Contractor must comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute § 363A.36 and Minnesota Rule Parts 5000.3400-5000.3600. A Contractor covered by Minnesota Statute § 363A.36 because it employed more than 40 full-time employees in another state and does not have a certificate of compliance, must certify that it is in compliance with federal affirmative action requirements.

  • Contracts with Subcontractors a. Grantee may enter into contracts with subcontractors unless restricted or otherwise prohibited in the Contract.

  • HHSC Agreements A. To pay the Contractor for services provided under the Contract type specified in Section I of this Contract in amounts and under conditions determined by HHSC as defined in this Contract, the applicable Contractor manual, handbook, policy letter or program rules and standards and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations for all eligible persons receiving such services under Title XIX and or Title XX.

  • Agreements with Subcontractors Business Associate shall enter into a Business Associate Agreement with any Subcontractor to whom it provides PHI received from Covered Entity or created or received by Business Associate on behalf of Covered Entity in which the Subcontractor agrees to the same restrictions and conditions that apply through this Agreement to Business Associate with respect to such PHI. Business Associate must enter into this Business Associate Agreement before any use by or disclosure of PHI to such agent. The written agreement must identify Covered Entity as a direct and intended third party beneficiary with the right to enforce any breach of the agreement concerning the use or disclosure of PHI. Business Associate shall provide a copy of the Business Associate Agreement it enters into with a subcontractor to Covered Entity upon request. Business associate may not make any disclosure of PHI to any Subcontractor without prior written consent of Covered Entity.

  • Records Retention Contractors and Subcontractors must preserve such certified transcripts for a period of three years from the date of completion of work on the awarded contract.

  • Contractor Guaranties Contractor shall:

  • Sub-Contractors Transfer Agent may, without further consent on the part of Customer, subcontract with other subcontractors for telephone and mailing services as may be required from time to time; provided, however, that the Transfer Agent shall be as fully responsible to the Customer for the acts and omissions of any subcontractor as it is for its own acts and omissions.

  • Customer Agreements 29.1 Trader to include provisions in Customer Agreements: The following clauses apply in respect of the Trader’s Customer Agreements:

  • Contractor Key Personnel ‌ The Contractor shall assign a Corporate OASIS Program Manager (COPM) and Corporate OASIS Contract Manager (COCM) as Contractor Key Personnel to represent the Contractor as primary points-of-contact to resolve issues, perform administrative duties, and other functions that may arise relating to OASIS and task orders solicited and awarded under XXXXX. Additional Key Personnel requirements may be designated by the OCO at the task order level. There is no minimum qualification requirements established for Contractor Key Personnel. Additionally, Contractor Key Personnel do not have to be full-time positions; however, the Contractor Key Personnel are expected to be fully proficient in the performance of their duties. The Contractor shall ensure that the OASIS CO has current point-of-contact information for both the COPM and COCM. In the event of a change to Contractor Key Personnel, the Contractor shall notify the OASIS CO and provide all Point of Contact information for the new Key Personnel within 5 calendar days of the change. All costs associated with Contractor Key Personnel duties shall be handled in accordance with the Contractor’s standard accounting practices; however, no costs for Contractor Key Personnel may be billed to the OASIS Program Office. Failure of Contractor Key Personnel to effectively and efficiently perform their duties will be construed as conduct detrimental to contract performance and may result in activation of Dormant Status and/or Off-Ramping (See Sections H.16. and H.17.).

  • Contractor’s Documents Any licensing and maintenance agreement, or any order-specific agreement or document, including any pre-installation, linked or “click through” agreement that is allowed by, referenced within or incorporated within the Contract whenever the Contract is used for a State procurement, whether directly by the Contractor or through a Contractor’s agent, subcontractor or reseller, is agreed to only to the extent the terms within any such agreement or document do not conflict with the Contract or applicable Minnesota or Federal law, and only to the extent that the terms do not modify, diminish or derogate the terms of the Contract or create an additional financial obligation to the State. Any such agreement or document must not be construed to deprive the State of its sovereign immunity, or of any legal requirements, prohibitions, protections, exclusions or limitations of liability applicable to this Contract or afforded to the State by Minnesota law. A State employee’s decision to choose “accept” or an equivalent option associated with a “click- through” agreement does not constitute the State’s concurrence or acceptance of terms, if such terms are in conflict with this section. State Audits.