Frame Sample Clauses

Frame. Inspect the frame for cracks, bulges, dents, or other irregularities. Do not ride a bicycle or component with any crack, bulge or dent, even a small one. Riding a cracked frame, fork or component could lead to complete failure, with risk of serious injury or death.
Frame. Benefits shall be payable for a frame when such frame is for use with a lens or pair of lenses which are prescribed by a participating provider or non-participating optometrist or ophthalmologist, or for a frame, if replacement is necessary. Payment of such benefits shall be limited to one frame for each Participant in any period of twenty-four (24) consecutive months.
Frame a. Frame rails, minimum: heat treated alloy steel (120,000 PSI yield) 10.125” x 3.580” with double C channel, heat treated (120,000 PSI yield) 10.813” x 3.892” x 0.912” maximum resisting bending moment 3,806,000 in-lbs. Provide 24-inch frame rail extensions on front of truck.
Frame. A structural frame of concrete and/or masonry construction, or any combination of these, with a mall designed to carry a live load of 100 pounds per square foot in accordance with applicable building codes and a floor and roof designed to carry an air handling unit of 1500 lbs. per tenant (any loads exceeding 1500 lbs. must be reviewed by Landlord's structural engineer); provided, however, roof top units are not permitted.
Frame. A structural frame of steel, concrete or masonry construction, or any combination of these, with a floor design to carry and provide for 150 psf load. Clear height to the bottom of the roof joists shall be approximately 14’-0” to 16’-0”.
Frame. The ESPRIT project FRAME 1 , initiated in 1997, aimed at parallelizing the LIMELIGHT film restoration software for distributed systems by using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and to do pilot installations and evaluation of the restoration software. Due to parallelisation the runtime of the original LIMELIGHT software could be reduced by a factor of 10. This allowed the first time to setup a restoration system, where the computation time alone was not anymore the critical factor. Pilot installations and evaluations at end users site with real film restoration projects showed that operation is still very much limited by lack of proper user interaction capabilities, as only command line tools having very simple user interfaces without any direct visual feedback on restoration results have been available. During the FRAME project a spin-off company from JOANNEUM RESEARCH has been set up (HS-ART Digital Service GmbHHSA in the following), with the goal of being a technology integrator and marketing company. In course of that also the LIMELIGHT software was one major technology to be marketed.
Frame. 16-gauge hollow metal knock down, pre-finished three piece frame.