Formulations Sample Clauses

Formulations. In the event that Licensor or Rxxxxxxxxx assist in or provide formulation advice with respect to any product, the result shall be the sole property of Licensee and Licensor and Rxxxxxxxxx shall provide reasonable documentation of such ownership upon request. Neither Licensor nor Rxxxxxxxxx shall not be entitled any additional compensation as a result of assistance or any formulation provided to Licensee during the Term.
Formulations. The clinical dosage form for KPT-8602 is an [**] for oral administration. Initial supplies came in two strengths of active ingredient: 5 mg and 20 mg of the active pharmaceutical ingredient per tablet. Additional supplies for the clinic included the addition of a 10 mg tablet based on the 5 mg formulation and are size proportional (2x) to the 5 mg tablet. All inactive ingredients used in the tablets are either compendia or generally recognized as safe. Tablets are film coated for ease in handling.
Formulations. ANS' role as formulator is limited to producing products that satisfy the ingredients claimed on the "Supplements Facts" panel. ANS does not make or advocate any claims regarding individual ingredients used or the combination of those ingredients in the products it produces, including but not limited to claims of efficacy, structure or function.
Formulations. In the event PDL requests Daclizumab in a form or formulation that Roche is not otherwise manufacturing for the Transplant Indications, and Roche supplies such form or formulation (rather than only unformulated bulk Daclizumab), PDL shall pay to Roche for such supplies an amount equal to Roche's Cost of Goods Sold (which shall be zero (0) to the extent provided without charge under Section 3C.1(a)) plus [CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT REQUESTED] of Roche's costs of such form or formulation. If Roche does not perform such form or formulation work for PDL, PDL shall have the limited right to make or have made such form or formulation solely for clinical use in Autoimmune Indications. In any event, PDL shall not be obligated to have Roche perform such form or formulation work. 3C.2
Formulations. If, during the term of this Agreement, a party believes that a different formulation of the Standalone Product is required by the applicable Regulatory Authority of any country within the Territory, then such party may provide written notice to the other party describing in reasonable detail the requirements of such Regulatory Authority regarding such formulation. Following the receipt of such written notice, the parties shall meet and consider such requirements; provided, however, that any proposed changes to this Agreement, the Exclusive Distribution Agreement, the Quality Agreement or the Standalone Product shall not be binding on either party unless set forth in a writing that has been duly authorized and executed by both parties.
Formulations. Except as provided for in Paragraph 10.2 herein above, AGE agrees it shall not attempt to knowingly be in evolved in any way with an attempt to reverse engineer or duplicate the formulation of any Product. If Distributor becomes aware of any such attempt, whether by its own employees, officers, agents, customers, or by a third party, Distributor shall promptly notify CT and disclose all relevant information within Distributor's possession or control.
Formulations. Table 1: Carbon4PUR polyol sample received for semi-industrial trial Sample name “CO”theo [wt.-%] Components OH# [mgKOH/g] COOH# [mgKOH/g] Viscosity [mPas] at 25°C Sample size [kg] Modified PEGSA-5/1 28 SA + diol 213 0.4 2730 347 Table 2: Carbon4PUR formulations used for trials Component Parts Standard polyol 40 or 30 Carbon4PUR polyol 60 or 70 Surfactant 5 Other components 40 Polymeric MDI Index: 320 *Formulations are based on 100 parts of total polyol content. Density is kept around 31 kg/m3. **Carbon4PUR polyol: PEGSA-5/1 is modified with a stabilizer additive to improve compatibility. Small adjustments on catalyst and blowing agent levels were done to have similar reaction and density profiles.
Formulations. Buyer acknowledges that the formulations set forth in Schedule 1.1 hereof are being transferred to Buyer on a non-exclusive basis and Seller has sold, or may in the future sell, such formulations to other parties.
Formulations. Kirin is responsible for the formulation of Product for all development activities. Inspire shall provide to Kirin copies of all documentation within Inspire's possession and control that is reasonably necessary for Kirin to formulate, or have formulated, Product, and such technical assistance to Kirin as is reasonably necessary to enable Kirin to formulate, or have formulated, Product in accordance with the standard operating procedures relating to such formulation.