FOC Sample Clauses

FOC. Both Parties agree to provide a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) to the Recipient Party for non-Simple Ports and Simple Ports with extended due dates, within twenty-four (24) hours from the time a "clean" LSR is received as indicated in NANC’s LNPA WG Best Practice 67, located at: xxxx://
FOC. Both Parties agree to provide a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) to the Recipient Party at intervals as mandated by the FCC or as provided in the LNPA WG Best Practices. (xxxx://

Related to FOC

  • Measurement and Billing The Parties shall measure Interconnection in accordance with this Section 4.6 and xxxx in accordance with Article XXVII and this Section 4.6.

  • EPP service availability Refers to the ability of the TLD EPP servers as a group, to respond to commands from the Registry accredited Registrars, who already have credentials to the servers. The response shall include appropriate data from the Registry System. An EPP command with “EPP command RTT” 5 times higher than the corresponding SLR will be considered as unanswered. If 51% or more of the EPP testing probes see the EPP service as unavailable during a given time, the EPP service will be considered unavailable.

  • Level 3 If the grievant is not satisfied with the written answer from Xxxxx 0, the grievant may, within seven (7) days from the receipt of such answer, file a written appeal to the City Manager. Within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the written appeal, the City Manager, or his/her designee, shall investigate the grievance which may include a meeting with the concerned parties, and thereafter give written answer to the grievant within seven (7) days, which answer shall be final and binding, unless for matters subject to arbitration the Association notifies the City Manager within ten (10) days of its intention to appeal the matter to arbitration.

  • Uptime bookinglab shall ensure that the taptravel Service will be available, excluding Downtime caused by Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Maintenance or Force Majeure event, 99.5% of the time in any one calendar month (first day to last day) (the “Service Level”). The Service Level will not apply (and therefore no Service Credits will be applicable) to the extent that any Service Level Failure is caused by: (a) a Penetration Test conducted by Customer without the prior written approval of bookinglab; or (b) Customer’s failure to comply with specific instructions provided by bookinglab; or (c) a failure of the Customer to comply with any Customer responsibility or obligation detailed in a Statement of Work, Order Form or the Master Subscription Agreement; or (d) Customer’s failure to adhere to JRNI’s, You.Smart.Thing’s or bookinglab’s best practice guidelines for the use of the API.

  • Supplier A manufacturer, fabricator, distributor, supplier, or vendor of goods or equipment in connection with the Work, or any other party having a Contract or Purchase Order with the Contractor or with a Subcontractor to furnish materials or equipment to be incorporated in the Work by the Contractor or a Subcontractor.

  • Service Availability You understand that Service availability is at all times conditioned upon the corresponding operation and availability of the communication systems used in communicating your instructions and requests to the Credit Union. We will not be liable or have any responsibility of any kind for any loss or damage thereby incurred by you in the event of any failure or interruption of such communication systems or services resulting from the act or omission of any third party, or from any other cause not reasonably within the control of the Credit Union.

  • Suppliers While employed by the Company, and for one (1) year thereafter, Employee shall not cause or induce, or attempt to cause or induce, any person or firm supplying goods, services or credit to the Company or any of its affiliates to diminish or cease furnishing such goods, services or credit.

  • Customers The names of your Customers will remain your sole property and will not be used by us except for servicing or informational mailings and other correspondence in the normal course of business.

  • Resellers Does the vendor have resellers that it will name under this contract? Resellers are defined as other companies that sell your products under an agreement with you, the awarded vendor of TIPS. No Pricing discount percentage are guaranteed for? Does the vendor agrees to honor the proposed pricing discount percentage off regular catalog (as defined in the RFP document), website, store or shelf pricing for the term of the award? YES

  • Customer The agency or eligible user that purchases commodities or contractual services pursuant to the Contract.