Financial Account Sample Clauses

Financial Account. The financial account referred to in Article 9.6. bears the number IBAN XX00 0000 0000 0000 BIC XXXXXXXX. It is open under the name of ValiBio SA, located 00 xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, 6041 GOSSELIES.
Financial Account. 1. The term
Financial Account. The financial account should provide a financial statement reporting, in U.S. dollars, all expenditures of Grant funds. The financial statement should include only funds received and expended under the Grant during the period covered by the report. It is assumed that the financial statement will be prepared from books and records maintained on a fund-accounting (cash) basis. Only expenditures made in support of the Exempt Purposes should be charged against the Grant, and records should be maintained of such expenditures adequate to enable the use of such funds to be checked readily. You must also provide Grantor a copy of your audited financial statements and IRS Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, within 30 days of completion. If written reports or other required documents are not submitted to the Grantor on a timely basis, Grantor may withhold further payments, if any, to you and to any affiliate organization under this Grant or under any other grant.
Financial Account. For the purpose of operating the Cooperative, the Agency Board shall maintain at least one financial account (savings, checking, or other) at the bank(s) chosen by vote of the Agency Board. Every member of the Agency Board must sign the bank's signature card and every member of the Agency Board shall be an authorized signer. All the funds of the Cooperative shall be placed in these accounts. Two signatures shall be required on each withdrawal, regardless of the amount. Unless provided otherwise in this Agreement, each expenditure or withdrawal from these accounts requires a vote of the Agency Board.
Financial Account. Article 40 The JV's financial accounts should be formulated in accordance with the PRC Rules on Accounting System and Financial Administration of Foreign Investment Enterprises promulgated by the Department of Finance as well as relevant rules and regulations of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The JV shall file the statistic report concerning with the use of foreign investment in accordance with the rules and regulations of the statistics and the statistic system concerning with the use of foreign investment of the PRC and Shenzhen City.

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  • Financial Accounts Exhibit E, as may be updated by the Borrower in a written notice provided to Agent after the Closing Date, is a true, correct and complete list of (a) all banks and other financial institutions at which Borrower or any Subsidiary maintains Deposit Accounts and (b) all institutions at which Borrower or any Subsidiary maintains an account holding Investment Property, and such exhibit correctly identifies the name, address and telephone number of each bank or other institution, the name in which the account is held, a description of the purpose of the account, and the complete account number therefor.

  • Special Account 1. For the purposes of this Schedule:

  • Special Accounts 1. For the purposes of this Schedule:

  • Investment Account The Manager shall maintain an investment account or accounts in the Manager’s name (the “Account”) on behalf of the Principal, any other participating insurer affiliated with the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company, an insurance subsidiary or affiliate of the Principal and/or the Ultimate Parent Company or a pension plan or profit-sharing plan of the Principal, its insurance subsidiaries or affiliates, (collectively, the “Participants”), and shall hold therein all debt obligations, accounts or deposits permitted by the New Hampshire Insurance Code as more fully described on Exhibit A, as may be amended from time to time, and attached hereto and incorporated herein (collectively, “Investments”), deposited in or purchased or otherwise acquired for and on behalf of the Principal and the Participants from time to time pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. All Investments in the Account shall be Short-Term Obligations.

  • Segregated Account The Custodian shall upon receipt of Proper Instructions on behalf of each applicable Portfolio, which may be continuing instructions, establish and maintain a segregated account or accounts for and on behalf of each such Portfolio, into which account or accounts may be transferred cash and/or securities, including securities maintained in an account by the Custodian pursuant to Section 3.5 hereof, (i) in accordance with the provisions of any agreement among the Fund on behalf of the Portfolio, the Custodian and a broker-dealer registered under the Exchange Act and a member of the NASD (or any futures commission merchant registered under the CEA), relating to compliance with the rules of The Options Clearing Corporation and of any registered national securities exchange (or the CFTC or any registered contract market), or of any similar organization or organizations, regarding escrow or other arrangements in connection with transactions by the Portfolio, (ii) for purposes of segregating cash or securities in connection with options purchased, sold or written by the Portfolio or commodity futures contracts or options thereon purchased or sold by the Portfolio, (iii) for the purposes of compliance by the Portfolio with the procedures required by Investment Company Act Release No. 10666, or any subsequent release of the SEC, or interpretative opinion of the staff of the SEC, relating to the maintenance of segregated accounts by registered investment companies, and (iv) for any other purpose in accordance with Proper Instructions.

  • Investment of Account Assets a. All contributions to the custodial account shall be invested in the shares of the Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or, if available, any other series of Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or other regulated investment companies for which Provident Trust Company serves as Investment Advisor or designates as being eligible for investment. Shares of stock of an Investment Company shall be referred to as “Investment Company Shares”. To the extent that two or more funds are available for investment, contributions shall be invested in accordance with the depositor’s investment election.

  • Control Account The Register maintained by the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 14.1(c) shall include a control account, and a subsidiary account for each Lender, in which accounts (taken together) shall be recorded (i) the date and amount of each Borrowing made hereunder, the type of Loan comprising such Borrowing and any Eurodollar Interest Period applicable thereto, (ii) the effective date and amount of each Assignment and Acceptance delivered to and accepted by it and the parties thereto, (iii) the amount of any principal or interest due and payable or to become due and payable from the Borrower to each Lender hereunder or under the Notes and (iv) the amount of any sum received by the Administrative Agent from the Borrower or the applicable Qualified Borrower hereunder and each Lender’s share thereof.

  • Investment Accounts Schedule 2 sets forth under the headings “Securities Accounts” and “Commodity Accounts”, respectively, all of the Securities Accounts and Commodity Accounts in which such Grantor has an interest. Except as disclosed to the Administrative Agent, such Grantor is the sole entitlement holder of each such Securities Account and Commodity Account, and such Grantor has not consented to, and is not otherwise aware of, any Person (other than the Administrative Agent) having “control” (within the meanings of Sections 8-106 and 9-106 of the UCC) over, or any other interest in, any such Securities Account or Commodity Account or any securities or other property credited thereto;

  • Clearing Account If the Servicer finds it necessary to use a clearing account, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • FINANCIAL AID I understand that aid described as “estimated” on my Financial Aid Award does not represent actual or guaranteed payment, but is an estimate of the aid I may receive if I meet all requirements stipulated by the relevant aid program. If my eligibility for financial aid changes for any reason, I understand that I will be responsible for any charges on my account that were previously covered by financial aid and that I will be responsible for repaying to the lender any credit balances that were refunded to me. I understand and agree that the federal financial aid I receive will be applied by the University for the payment of mandatory fees, and fees for tuition and room and board, which I owe the University. I further understand that if I want the University to apply my federal financial aid to other charges which appear on my fee xxxx during the academic year, I must complete a Title IV Financial Aid Authorization, which is available on the student administration system website, under the heading of “Student Help,” or by following this link: I understand that all prizes, awards, scholarships and grants awarded to me by the University will be credited to my student account and applied toward any outstanding balance owed the University. I further understand that my receipt of a prize, award, scholarship or grant is considered a financial resource under federal Title IV financial aid regulations, and may therefore reduce my eligibility for other federal and/or state financial aid (i.e., loans, grants, Federal Work Study) which, if already disbursed to my student account, may have to be reversed and returned to the aid source. I understand that amounts I will owe for the repayment of my student loans may not be dischargeable in bankruptcy.