Felony Sample Clauses

Felony. An offense (other than criminal contempt) must be prosecuted by an indict- ment if it is punishable:
Felony. If DEALER, the Dealer Operator or any Owner or officer of DEALER is convicted of any felony.
Felony. The third and most serious category of crime. Felonies are punishable by a fine, year(s) of imprisonment and/or in certain cases capital punishment. An example of a felony is arson, kidnapping or grand theft auto. Some crimes are punishable either as misdemeanors or as felonies. These crimes are called “wobblers,” and are considered felonies until such time as judgment is imposed. Before you are Arrested The High Cost of a Criminal Record Limit on federal financial aid at universities and technical colleges. Driver’s license taken away. Employers will have access to your criminal conviction records. Limit on public housing. For some felonies, there is a lifetime ban on federally funded food stamps & cash assistance. Parents in debt paying your restitution, or at age 18 the debt becomes yours. Without a driver’s license? Owing money to the government? If you can’t find a job because of your criminal record? Problem-Solving The definition of the word “problem” is below: People solve problems every day using the problem-solving steps below or specific math formulas.
Felony. If a subject is known to have committee a felony and escape is imminent, i.e., not merely a possibility, immediate arrest may be effected by Auxiliary officers. A report detailing the exigency shall be prepared. In all other circumstances, he should call dispatch and request a regular unit effect the stop. *On all vehicle stops, auxiliaries will be required to complete a full report of the reason, person arrested and his disposition. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.
Felony. Monroe's conviction of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude which adversely affects Monroe's job-related responsibilities;

Related to Felony

  • Dishonesty To indemnify Indemnitee if a judgment or other final adjudication adverse to Indemnitee established that Indemnitee committed acts of active and deliberate dishonesty, with actual dishonest purpose and intent, which acts were material to the cause of action so adjudicated.

  • No Felony Criminal Convictions Contractor represents that neither Contractor nor any of its employees, agents, or representatives, including any subcontractors and employees, agents, or representative of such subcontractors, have been convicted of a felony criminal offense or that if such a conviction has occurred Contractor has fully advised System Agency in writing of the facts and circumstances surrounding the convictions.

  • Criminal Convictions Grantee certifies that neither it nor any officer, director, partner or other managerial agent of Grantee has been convicted of a felony under the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002, nor a Class 3 or Class 2 felony under Illinois Securities Law of 1953, or that at least five (5) years have passed since the date of the conviction. Grantee further certifies that it is not barred from receiving an Award under 30 ILCS 500/50-10.5, and acknowledges that Grantor shall declare the Agreement void if this certification is false (30 ILCS 500/50-10.5).

  • Indictment The indictment or institution of any legal process or proceeding against, any Loan Party or any Subsidiary thereof, under any federal, state, municipal, and other criminal statute, rule, regulation, order, or other requirement having the force of law for a felony; or

  • Fraud Any suspicion of fraud, waste, or abuse involving the contracting or certification of MWBEs shall be immediately reported to ESD’s Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development at (000) 000-0000. ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE AT: xxxx://xxx.xxx.xx.xxx/MWBE/Forms.asp

  • Insubordination If a member has been advised that the investigation may result in criminal charges, the member's refusal to answer questions or to participate in the investigation shall not be considered insubordination or like offense. In all other circumstances, before a member may be charged with insubordination or like offense for refusing to answer questions or participate in an investigation, the member shall be advised that such conduct, if continued, may be made the basis for such a charge.

  • Offences 46.1. The Contractor must not commit or attempt to commit any offence:

  • CRIMINAL ACTIVITY If subsequent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, NYSERDA comes to know of any allegation previously unknown to it that the Contractor or any of its principals is under indictment for a felony, or has been, within five (5) years prior to submission of the Contractor’s proposal to NYSERDA, convicted of a felony, under the laws of the United States or Territory of the United States, then NYSERDA may exercise its stop work right under this Agreement. If subsequent to the effectiveness of this Agreement, NYSERDA comes to know of the fact, previously unknown to it, that Contractor or any of its principals is under such indictment or has been so convicted, then NYSERDA may exercise its right to terminate this Agreement. If the Contractor knowingly withheld information about such an indictment or conviction, NYSERDA may declare the Agreement null and void and may seek legal remedies against the Contractor and its principals. The Contractor or its principals may also be subject to penalties for any violation of law which may apply in the particular circumstances. For a Contractor which is an association, partnership, corporation, or other organization, the provisions of this paragraph apply to any such indictment or conviction of the organization itself or any of its officers, partners, or directors or members of any similar governing body, as applicable.

  • Illegal Activity No portion of the Property has been or will be purchased with proceeds of any illegal activity.

  • Alcohol The City of Whittlesea are working together with the community to reduce alcohol related harm. There is strong evidence of the correlation between increased access to and availability of alcohol in the community and significant social xxxxx including: family violence, crime, injury and chronic disease. This provides a strong rationale for Council to develop strategies to reduce the harmful effects that can arise from alcohol availability. One of these strategies is to ensure that all hirers using a council managed facility are aware and understand their responsibilities regarding the use and consumption of alcohol. Alcohol can be consumed but not sold on the premises. You may be required to obtain a temporary liquor licence. For further information, please visit the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation website xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxx.xxx.xx/xxxxxx/xxxxx-xxxxxxxxx-xxxxx/xxxxx-xxx-xxxxxxx/xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx A copy of this licence is required to be given to Facility Co-ordinator prior to the event. Smoking Smoking is strictly prohibited within four meters of the building. Helium Balloons and Decorations Helium balloons are strictly prohibited in the Centre. All property, decorations, catering appliances or fittings belonging to the hirer must be removed by the end of your booking time. Suitable temporary wall fixing options for your decorations can be discussed with Council staff at the induction. Fire Alarms Whittlesea Community Activity Centre is governed under regulations set out by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and/or the Country Fire Authority (CFA). It is strictly prohibited to use any apparatus which may cause a false fire alarm call out to either the MFB or CFA. This includes but is not limited to: smoke, ice, fog or haze machines sparklers or candles steamers cooking in a non-designated area cooking without engaging the exhaust fan smoking inside the building. It is compulsory for all fire alarm call outs to be attended and investigated. If the MFB or CFA determine an alarm is caused by hirer negligence, you will be invoiced for the full amount charged. After Hours Assistance Please report any maintenance or security issues to the after-hours number on 9217 2170. If you find any criminal activity or vandalism has occurred at the centre prior to or during your event, please contact the Police on 000 immediately. You are also required to report the findings to the after-hours number. If the after-hours officer is called to attend the Centre due to hirer error e.g. Centre alarm managed incorrectly, hirer negligence or an emergency/duress false alarm the hirer will be invoiced a fee of $120.00 for each call out.