Fee Obligations Sample Clauses

Fee Obligations. The obligation of the Borrower to pay the fees described in this Section 2.14, and the Letter of Credit Fees described in Section 3.3, shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, the obligation of the Borrower to pay interest and expenses and other amounts otherwise described in this Agreement. The fees described in this Section 2.14 shall be fully earned on the earlier of the date paid or accrued and shall be non-refundable. The Letter of Credit Fees and the fees described in this Section 2.14 shall bear interest, if not paid when due, at the Default Rate.
Fee Obligations. Subject to certain fee credits and/or fee reimbursements as set forth in Article 4, Developer shall pay only those Exactions listed in Exhibit “H” hereto. Except as otherwise provided herein, any and all required payments of Exactions shall be made at the time and in the amount specified by the applicable City programs or ordinances. Nothing in this Agreement shall constitute a waiver of Developer’s right to challenge the legality of the amount of, allocation of, or any future increases in, the Exactions applied to the Property.
Fee Obligations. Participant agrees to remit in a timely manner to PaintCare or to its designated representative all “Assessment Fees” as defined by the Programs, namely, the amount added to the purchase price of Program Product sold in an applicable State in order to cover the cost of collecting, transporting and processing the post- consumer-use Program Product managed through an applicable Program Plan. Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Assessment Fees may be changed from time to time in the absolute discretion of PaintCare or its affiliate organizations, provided that the Participant shall receive ninety (90) daysnotice before such change takes effect. The Assessment Fees are payable to PaintCare on any sale of Program Products to any person in any state(s) in which PaintCare or a PaintCare affiliate organization is operating or fulfilling a stewardship role for the Programs and in which Participant has elected to register for participation in the Programs.

Related to Fee Obligations

  • Guarantee Obligations Guarantee any obligations of any Person;

  • Licensee Obligations 3.1 The Licensee is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of telecommunication lines, equipment, software and other arrangements necessary for the Licensee to receive the Licensed Data from the LME.

  • Employee Obligations Provider shall require all employees and agents who have access to Division data to comply with all applicable provisions of this DPA with respect to the data shared under the Service Agreement.

  • Negative Obligations any obligation not to do anything includes an obligation not to suffer, permit or cause that thing to be done;

  • Employee Obligation Provider shall require all employees and agents who have access to Student Data to comply with all applicable provisions of this DPA with respect to the data shared under this DPA. Provider agrees to require and maintain an appropriate confidentiality agreement from each employee or agent with access to Student Data pursuant to the DPA.

  • Transferee Obligations Each person (other than the Corporation) to whom the Purchased Shares are transferred by means of a Permitted Transfer must, as a condition precedent to the validity of such transfer, acknowledge in writing to the Corporation that such person is bound by the provisions of this Agreement and that the transferred shares are subject to the Repurchase Right to the same extent such shares would be so subject if retained by Participant.

  • Guaranty Obligations Unless otherwise specified, the amount of any Guaranty Obligation shall be the lesser of the principal amount of the obligations guaranteed and still outstanding and the maximum amount for which the guaranteeing Person may be liable pursuant to the terms of the instrument embodying such Guaranty Obligation.

  • Surety Obligations No Borrower or Subsidiary is obligated as surety or indemnitor under any bond or other contract that assures payment or performance of any obligation of any Person, except as permitted hereunder.

  • One Obligation The Loans, LC Obligations and other Obligations shall constitute one general obligation of Borrowers and (unless otherwise expressly provided in any Loan Document) shall be secured by Agent’s Lien upon all Collateral; provided, however, that Agent and each Lender shall be deemed to be a creditor of, and the holder of a separate claim against, each Borrower to the extent of any Obligations jointly or severally owed by such Borrower.

  • Joint Obligations The following shall apply with equal force to Seller and Purchaser: