Experienced Sample Clauses

Experienced workers regularly working a full shift who are directed to another shift by the Employer shall be guaranteed a full shift's pay.
Experienced is an employee holding previous relevant experience, recognised by the employer, or a qualification requiring a knowledge of child development (0-14 years), recognised by the employer.
Experienced. When used with an entity, "experienced" means having successfully completed a minimum of five previous projects similar in size and scope to this Project; being familiar with special requirements indicated; and having complied with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.
Experienced. With autonomy of money, comes additional risk and responsibility, alongside operational and financial challenges and we would like to assist you through these times.

Related to Experienced

  • Counselors A. Newly ordered file cabinets for Counselors will have locks. No Counselors shall be held accountable, unless through their own negligence, for the loss of school records unless there is a secure place for storage.