Equity Security Sample Clauses

Equity Security. The definition of “equity security” encompasses more than common and preferred stock. It includes for instance convertible debt instruments as well as warrants and options to acquire stock or similar securities. If you have a question as to the proper characterization of your holdings you should consult with the Company’s legal counsel.
Equity Security. As security for the indebtedness, liabilities and obligations of the Borrower to the Lender under this Agreement, upon the Lender delivering the Loan funds to the Borrower, the Borrower shall issue and deliver to the Lender 10,000,000 shares of restricted common stock in its capital (the "Shares" or "Share Collateral"), deliverable proportionately to delivery of funds (i.e. 1,250,000 shares when the first $500,000 of the Loan is advanced, and a further 8,750,000 shares upon delivery of the balance of the Loan at the rate of 2.5 shares for each dollar advanced); provided, that, upon the initial delivery of funds totaling $1,000,000 by Lender, Borrower shall deliver to Lender, in addition to the certificate or certificates representing the 2,500,000 Shares that collateralize such $1,000,000, a certificate or certificates representing the additional 7,500,000 Shares (the "Advance Collateral Shares") that are to collateralize the additional $3,000,000 principal amount of Installments of the Loan and that will bear an appropriate legend to the effect that such Shares are issued subject to the terms of this Agreement. To the extent the Advance Collateral Shares held by the Lender are not allocated to collateralize further Installments of the Loan pursuant to this Agreement, the Lender hereby agrees that the Borrower, without any further consent of the Lender, may cancel, pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 78.250, the certificate or certificates representing such outstanding Advance Collateral Shares that are not so allocated to collateralize the Loan hereunder and the Lender will forthwith redeliver the certificates representing such Advance Collateral Shares to Borrower or Borrower's transfer agent, as requested. The Shares shall be represented by stock certificates issued by the Borrower's registrar and transfer agent in the name of the Lender, to be held in escrow by the Lender.
Equity Security. The term "Equity Security" shall mean and refer to capital stock and other securities of a type generally regarded as Equity Securities and options, warrants, rights or other securities convertible into, exchangeable for or entitling the holder thereof, under any circumstances, to purchase or subscribe for any Equity Security.
Equity Security. Equity Security" shall have the meaning given to such term under Rule 3a11-1 of the General Rules and Regulations under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as in effect on October 18, 1996.