Engineer’s Estimate and Final Contract Sample Clauses

Engineer’s Estimate and Final Contract. As part of the construction management services provided by the Lead Agency, Wheat Ridge shall provide an Engineer’s Estimate and projected cost share to Arvada prior to advertising the Street Project for bid. The Engineer’s Estimate shall include a contingency amount up to 10% of projected costs to address unforeseen costs and expenses during construction. Arvada shall review and provide written approval of the Engineer’s Estimate to the Lead Agency prior to submission of the Street Project for bid. The written approval of the Engineer’s Estimate shall include a commitment by Arvada to fund the Street Project up to the amount included in the Engineer’s Estimate, including contingencies. Should the actual contract prices for the Street Project after receipt of the bids exceed the Engineer’s Estimate, Wheat Ridge shall not award a contract until written concurrence from Arvada is received and a commitment for the revised Street Project costs is received. Wheat Ridge, as the Lead Agency, will be responsible for issuing change orders as part of the contract management services. Wheat Ridge is not authorized to issue any change orders in excess of $10,000, unless agreed upon jointly by Arvada. In addition, Wheat Ridge shall not issue any change orders, regardless of amount, that would cause the cost of the Street Project to exceed the total project expenditures approved by the Parties to this Agreement.