Effect of the Administration on Trust Assets Sample Clauses

Effect of the Administration on Trust Assets. The control and management of Trust Assets has been a key focus for the Administrators since the Company entered administration. Some of the issues facing the Administrators in dealing with Trust Assets are described below.
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  • Restrictions on Activities of the Trust Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement and any provision of law that otherwise so empowers the Trust, so long as any Certificates are outstanding, the Trust shall not, and none of the Trustee, the Delaware Trustee, the Company or the Servicer shall knowingly cause the Trust to, do any of the following:

  • Benefits of the Administration Agreement Nothing in this Agreement, expressed or implied, shall give to any Person other than the parties hereto and their successors hereunder, the Owner Trustee, any separate trustee or co-trustee appointed under Section 6.10 of the Indenture and the Noteholders, any benefit or any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under this Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, the Owner Trustee is a third party beneficiary of this Agreement and is entitled to the rights and benefits hereunder and may enforce the provisions hereof as if it were a party hereto.

  • of the Administration Agreement On the September 2003 Monthly Servicing Payment Date, the Servicer shall receive a pro rata portion of the Primary Servicing Fee for the period from the Closing Date up to and including August 31, 2003. Servicer will be paid a fee ("Conversion Fee") for any Student Loan added to the Trust Estate which Student Loan is not serviced on the Servicer's system unless such Student Loan is being substituted into the Trust Estate by the Servicer pursuant to Section 3.5 of this Agreement. The Conversion Fee is equal to the greater of $17.00 per account or the Servicer's verifiable costs plus 15%. Servicer will be paid a fee ("Transfer Fee") for any Student Loan transferred in or out of the Trust Estate which is at the time of transfer being serviced on the Servicer's system (regardless of the owner) unless such Student Loans are being removed or added to the Trust in order to comply with the Servicer's purchase/substitution obligation under Section 3.5 of this Agreement. The Transfer Fee is equal to $4.00 per account transaction. Servicer will be paid a fee ("Removal Fee") for performing all activities required to remove a Trust Student Loan from the Servicer's system to another servicer unless such Trust Student Loan is being removed due to the termination of the Servicer pursuant to Section 5.1 of this Agreement. The Removal Fee is equal to $10.00 per account plus any verifiable direct expenses incurred for shipping such Trust Student Loan to the new servicer. ATTACHMENT B Loan Servicing Center/Florida X.X. Xxx 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000-0000 (000) 000-0000 Loan Servicing Center/Indianapolis 00000 XXX Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx 00000 (000) 000-0000 Loan Servicing Center/Pennsylvania 000 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Hanover Industrial Estates Xxxxxx-Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxxx 00000 (000) 000-0000 Loan Servicing Center/Texas 000 Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 (000) 000-0000 Western Regional Center (Nevada) 00000 X. Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxx. Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxx 00000 (000) 000-0000 ATTACHMENT C

  • Limitation of Liability of the Administrator The duties of the Administrator shall be confined to those expressly set forth herein, and no implied duties are assumed by or may be asserted against the Administrator hereunder. The Administrator shall not be liable for any error of judgment or mistake of law or for any loss arising out of any act or omission in carrying out its duties hereunder, except a loss resulting from willful misfeasance, bad faith or negligence in the performance of its duties, or by reason of reckless disregard of its obligations and duties hereunder, except as may otherwise be provided under provisions of applicable law which cannot be waived or modified hereby. Any person, even though also an employee, or agent of the Administrator, who may be or become an officer, Trustee, employee or agent of the Trust or the Funds shall be deemed, when rendering services to the Trust or the Funds, or acting on any business of that party, to be rendering such services to or acting solely for that party and not as a partner, employee, or agent or one under the control or direction of the Administrator even though paid by it. So long as the Administrator acts in good faith and with due diligence and without negligence, the Trust assumes full responsibility and shall indemnify the Administrator, its employees, agents, directors, officers and nominees and hold them harmless from and against any and all actions, suits and claims, whether groundless or otherwise, and from and against any and all losses, damages, costs, charges, reasonable counsel fees and disbursements, payments, expenses and liabilities (including reasonable investigation expenses) arising directly or indirectly out of the Administrator’s actions taken or non-actions with respect to the performance of services hereunder. The indemnity and defense provisions set forth herein shall indefinitely survive the termination of this Agreement. The rights hereunder shall include the right to reasonable advances of defense expenses in the event of any pending or threatened litigation with respect to which indemnification hereunder may ultimately be merited. In order that the indemnification provision contained herein shall apply, however, it is understood that if in any case the Trust may be asked to indemnify or hold the Administrator harmless, the Trust shall be fully and promptly advised of all pertinent facts concerning the situation in question, and it is further understood that the Administrator will use all reasonable care to identify and notify the Trust promptly concerning any situation which presents or appears likely to present the probability of such a claim for indemnification against the Trust, but failure to do so in good faith shall not affect the rights hereunder. The Trust shall be entitled to participate at its own expense or, if it so elects, to assume the defense of any suit brought to enforce any claims subject to this indemnity provision. If the Trust elects to assume the defense of any such claim, the defense shall be conducted by counsel chosen by the Trust and satisfactory to the Administrator, whose approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. In the event that the Trust elects to assume the defense of any suit and retain counsel, the Administrator shall bear the fees and expenses of any additional counsel retained by it. If the Trust does not elect to assume the defense of a suit, it will reimburse the Administrator for the reasonable fees and expenses of any counsel retained by the Administrator. The Administrator may apply to the Trust at any time for instructions and may consult counsel for the Trust or its own counsel and with accountants and other experts with respect to any matter arising in connection with the Administrator’s duties, and the Administrator shall not be liable or accountable for any action taken or omitted by it in good faith in accordance with such instruction or with the opinion of such counsel, accountants or other experts. The Administrator shall be protected in acting upon any document which it reasonably believes to be genuine and to have been signed or presented by the proper person or persons. The Administrator will not be held to have notice of any change of authority of any officers, employees or agents of the Trust until receipt of written notice thereof from the Trust.

  • Administration of the Agreement The Agreement shall be administered by the Board of Directors of the Company or its delegate (the “Administrator”). Subject to the provisions of the Agreement, the Administrator shall have full and final authority in its discretion to take any action with respect to the Agreement including, without limitation, the authority to (i) determine all matters relating to the payments; (ii) establish, amend and rescind rules and regulations for the administration of the Agreement; and (iii) construe and interpret the Agreement, to interpret rules and regulations for administering the Agreement and to make all other determinations deemed necessary or advisable for administering the Agreement. Except to the extent otherwise required under Section 409A of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (“Code”), the Administrator shall have the authority, in its sole discretion, to accelerate the date that any Consultation Payments or Separation Payments which were not otherwise vested or earned shall become vested or earned in whole or in part without any obligation to accelerate such date with respect to any other employee. The Administrator also may in its sole discretion determine that Executive’s rights or payments under the Agreement shall be subject to reduction, cancellation, forfeiture or recoupment due to conduct by Executive that is determined by the Administrator to be detrimental to the business or reputation of the Company, including, without limitation, upon termination of employment for cause; violation of policies of the Company; or breach of non-solicitation, noncompetition, confidentiality or other restrictive covenants that apply to the Executive. In addition to action by meeting in accordance with applicable laws, any action of the Administrator with respect to the Agreement may be taken by a written instrument signed by the Administrator (including, where the Board or a committee serves as the Administrator, by written consent signed by all of the members of the Board, or all of the members of a committee, and any such action so taken by written consent shall be as fully effective as if it had been taken by a majority of the members at a meeting duly held and called). No individual shall be liable while acting as Administrator for any action or determination made in good faith with respect to the Agreement, and any such individual shall be entitled to indemnification and reimbursement in the manner provided in the Company’s certificate of incorporation and bylaws and/or under applicable law.

  • STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF TRUST Subject to the provisions of Part II hereof, all the provisions contained in the Standard Terms and Conditions of Trust are herein incorporated by reference in their entirety and shall be deemed to be a part of this instrument as fully and to the same extent as though said provisions had been set forth in full in this instrument.

  • Compliance with Trust Indenture Act Every amendment to this Indenture or the Securities shall comply with the TIA as then in effect.

  • Retention of the Administrator The Trust hereby retains the Administrator to act as the administrator of the Portfolios and to furnish the Portfolios with the management and administrative services as set forth in Article 2 below. The Administrator hereby accepts such employment to perform the duties set forth below. The Administrator shall, for all purposes herein, be deemed to be an independent contractor and, unless otherwise expressly provided or authorized, shall have no authority to act for or represent the Trust in any way and shall not be deemed an agent of the Trust.

  • Authorization of the Indenture The Indenture has been duly authorized by the Company and duly qualified under the 1939 Act and, when duly executed and delivered by the Company and the Trustee, will constitute a valid and binding agreement of the Company, enforceable against the Company in accordance with its terms, except as the enforcement thereof may be limited by bankruptcy, insolvency (including, without limitation, all laws relating to fraudulent transfers), reorganization, moratorium or similar laws affecting enforcement of creditors’ rights generally and except as enforcement thereof is subject to general principles of equity (regardless of whether enforcement is considered in a proceeding in equity or at law).

  • Trustee to Retain Possession of Certain Insurance Policies and Documents The Trustee (or the Custodian, as directed by the Trustee), shall retain possession and custody of the originals (to the extent available) of any Primary Mortgage Insurance Policies, or certificate of insurance if applicable, and any certificates of renewal as to the foregoing as may be issued from time to time as contemplated by this Agreement. Until all amounts distributable in respect of the Certificates have been distributed in full and the Master Servicer otherwise has fulfilled its obligations under this Agreement, the Trustee (or its Custodian, if any, as directed by the Trustee) shall also retain possession and custody of each Mortgage File in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Master Servicer shall promptly deliver or cause to be delivered to the Trustee (or the Custodian, as directed by the Trustee), upon the execution or receipt thereof the originals of any Primary Mortgage Insurance Policies, any certificates of renewal, and such other documents or instruments that constitute portions of the Mortgage File that come into the possession of the Master Servicer from time to time.

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