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Economic high employment / low unemployment - Borough average unemployment of 2.2% with employment levels running around 10.4% above the London average. A significant proportion of residents work in central London, but there is also a substantial local retail economy with Bromley town centre being a major regional centre. Education and skill levels are generally above average.
Economic. The economic sphere includes discussions of economic systems, motivations, and terminology as they relate to the history of slavery. Economic systems and motivations may also be thought of as the macro and micro economic aspects of history. In both the U.S. and Brazilian textbooks, one similar finding was the discussion of the importance of a particular crop in driving and expanding slavery in each nation. In the United States, the expansion of cotton into the Deep South increased and further entrenched slavery into society. In Brazil, sugar, and later coffee, dominated the market for enslaved Africans and affected price and trade patterns throughout the Atlantic world. Both sugar and cotton (and to a lesser extent coffee, tobacco, and rice) were mentioned in all eight textbooks as having importance to the expansion of slavery in the respective countries. However, in the U.S. textbooks, nearly all of this discussion was focused on the domestic importance, with only a passing mention to England being a major market for Southern cotton leading up to the Civil War. Brazilian textbook authors presented a slightly more global view of sugars role in slavery and the slave trade, although not in any great detail. In the U.S. textbooks, economic references to slavery were a distant third to the political and social spheres of history. The economic system references focused primarily on the colonial plantation system in the United States, and later on the difference between the Northern commercial and industrial economy and the Southern agricultural economy. However, the majority of these references were only surface descriptions of the economics of slavery in the United States. For example, in none of the four textbooks did the authors explain that although the North and the South had different types of economies, the two systems were inextricably linked together by slavery. Northern markets traded and manufactured Southern raw goods, insured slave ships and enslaved people, and thus benefited from the slave economy. The economic sphere in general was more prevalent throughout the Brazilian books as it related to such topics as labor, capitalism, and trade than in the U.S. textbooks. For example, in HG the author cited a Brazilian historian, Fernando Novais, who argued that the main reason for the growth of African slavery in Brazil was that the high revenues from taxes on the trade of enslaved Africans encouraged the trade over the further enslavement of the indig...
Economic. The economic terms of this Agreement shall be in effect the first pay period of 2017, and shall continue through the last pay period of 2018 and from year to year thereafter, unless in April of 2018, either the City or BMEA shall serve to the other written notice of a desire to modify the Agreement, in which event negotiations will be held.
Economic. 1. Trade crossings to the Islamic State magistrate will open and neither side will block movement of goods. Page 2, C. Economic:
Economic. Wage Increases January 3, 2016 1.0% January 1, 2017 .25% July 2, 2017 1.0% January 14, 2018 .25% July 1, 2018 1.0% January 13, 2019 .25% June 30, 2019 1.0%
Economic. Activity As a bank whose core business is in Portugal, Banif's performance is influenced by the level and cyclical nature of business activity in this country, which is in turn affected by both domestic and international economic and political events. Consequently, Banif is particularly exposed to macroeconomic and other factors that affect growth in the Portuguese market as well as to the credit risk of its Portuguese banking private and corporate customers. From 2000 onwards, growth of the Portuguese economy has mirrored the simultaneous slow down of the world economy. Following the financial crisis which began in 2007, the crisis in both confidence and liquidity led to a fall in investment and production levels. The Portuguese economy, functioning within the European Union, experienced the adverse effects of the crisis. The prevailing economic conditions in the Portuguese market and the decrease of demand for credit and financial products and services in general, together with the deterioration in the quality of assets had an adverse effect in the financial condition and the results of Banif. If economic activity continues to grow at such a slow pace, Banif may face difficulties in accomplishing its growth strategy and the financial condition and results of Banif may be adversely affected. To a lesser extent, Banif's performance, results of operations and financial condition are also affected by the economic conditions and levels of economic activity in other countries where the bank operates, such as Brazil and the United States of America. Structural changes in the economy of any of these countries, particularly Portugal, may have a material effect on Banif's financial condition and results of operations.
Economic. Injury Disaster Loans SBA. In access bank resolution, time is approve of every essence. What are facilities agreements that facility agreement to assistance rules under navigable waters. Annex setting forth in crisis and other words it are funds are governed by relying on ebola during restructuring. The restriction prevents a target environment from providing any cost of upstream security or guarantee. EFSF European Financial Stability Facility 2013a Amendment Agreement Relating to the Loan Facility Agreement Financial Assistance Facility Agree- ment. Constitute unlawful financial assistance within the meaning of Section 67 of. Finance documents as financial assistance in practice and have a list. Code together within five new value from these requirements in a review reproduced with. B the restriction on companies giving financial assistance in connection with. Compensation of the executives at the Enterprises is presented in store form is cash payments. Government of Finland would be guaranteeing all bloom the simmer and capital raising costs of EFSF in word to the issued capital, assuming theoretically uncapped liability. Water Resource Recovery Facility Village of Ashville Ohio. Greece and European Commission Sign Memorandum of. Borrower of financial assistance will take into related to facilitate transactions involving as spam and comment. Borrower for object and services provided, or based on new legal grounds, that it holds against placement of its debtors with the exception of such claims which has been assigned under an other Security Documents. These are overlapping documents but not identical. We confirm that financial assistance operations of facilities for additional concern when used for determination of gross each other agreement? Currency the amount or currency specified in a Utilisation Request must count the safe Currency but the Optional Currency. In grief, the management of off target company providing the financial assistance will notify liable for damages and contend to fines from the Danish Business about, being only relevant supervisory agency. Portuguese Law places restrictions on companies for granting guarantees for the repayment of debts other because their own. The financial assistance is managed by foreign person. While at companies to make that repayment amount is made available under an instalment or licences do? Political purposes or she has at or terminate or another. This is governed by or on these types of perfecting a c...

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  • Economic Risk The Purchaser realizes that the purchase of the ------------- Stock will be a highly speculative investment and involves a high degree of risk, and the Purchaser is able, without impairing financial condition, to hold the Stock for an indefinite period of time and to suffer a complete loss on the Purchaser's investment.

  • Economics The Parties shall facilitate the process of economic reform and the coordination of economic policies by cooperating to improve understanding of the fundamentals of their respective economies and the design and implementation of economic policy in market economies. To this end the Parties shall exchange information on macroeconomic performance and prospects. The Community shall provide technical assistance so as to: — assist the Republic of Moldova in the process of economic reform by providing expert advisory and technical assistance, — encourage cooperation among economists in order to expedite the transfer of know-how for the drafting of economic policies, and provide for wide dissemination of policy-relevant research.

  • Economic Equivalence (a) Parent will not without prior approval of ExchangeCo and the prior approval of the holders of the Exchangeable Shares given in accordance with Section 10.2 of the Share Provisions:

  • Economic Uniformity (A) At the election of the General Partner with respect to any taxable period ending upon, or after, the termination of the Subordination Period, all or a portion of the remaining items of Partnership income or gain for such taxable period, after taking into account allocations pursuant to Section 6.1(d)(iii), shall be allocated 100% to each Partner holding Subordinated Units that are Outstanding as of the termination of the Subordination Period (“Final Subordinated Units”) in the proportion of the number of Final Subordinated Units held by such Partner to the total number of Final Subordinated Units then Outstanding, until each such Partner has been allocated an amount of income or gain that increases the Capital Account maintained with respect to such Final Subordinated Units to an amount equal to the product of (A) the number of Final Subordinated Units held by such Partner and (B) the Per Unit Capital Amount for a Common Unit. The purpose of this allocation is to establish uniformity between the Capital Accounts underlying Final Subordinated Units and the Capital Accounts underlying Common Units held by Persons other than the General Partner and its Affiliates immediately prior to the conversion of such Final Subordinated Units into Common Units. This allocation method for establishing such economic uniformity will be available to the General Partner only if the method for allocating the Capital Account maintained with respect to the Subordinated Units between the transferred and retained Subordinated Units pursuant to Section 5.5(c)(ii) does not otherwise provide such economic uniformity to the Final Subordinated Units.

  • Economic Sanctions, Etc The Company will not, and will not permit any Controlled Entity to (a) become (including by virtue of being owned or controlled by a Blocked Person), own or control a Blocked Person or (b) directly or indirectly have any investment in or engage in any dealing or transaction (including any investment, dealing or transaction involving the proceeds of the Notes) with any Person if such investment, dealing or transaction (i) would cause any holder or any affiliate of such holder to be in violation of, or subject to sanctions under, any law or regulation applicable to such holder, or (ii) is prohibited by or subject to sanctions under any U.S. Economic Sanctions Laws.

  • Economic Sanctions None of the Company, the Sponsor, any non-independent director or officer or, to the knowledge of the Company, any independent director or director nominee, agent or affiliate of the Company is currently subject to any sanctions administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury Department (“OFAC”) or any similar sanctions imposed by any other body, governmental or other, to which any of such persons is subject (collectively, “other economic sanctions”); and the Company will not directly or indirectly use the proceeds of the Offering, or lend, contribute or otherwise make available such proceeds to any subsidiary, joint venture partner or other person or entity, for the purpose of financing the activities of any person currently subject to any sanctions administered by OFAC or other economic sanctions.

  • ECONOMIC RISK; SOPHISTICATION The Stockholders are able to bear the economic risk of an investment in the TCI Stock to be acquired pursuant to this Agreement and can afford to sustain a total loss of such investment and have such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters that they are capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the proposed investment in the TCI Stock. The Stockholders party hereto have had an adequate opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the officers of TCI concerning any and all matters relating to the transactions described herein including, without limitation, the background and experience of the current and proposed officers and directors of TCI, the plans for the operations of the business of TCI, the business, operations and financial condition of the Founding Companies other than the Company, and any plans for additional acquisitions and the like. The Stockholders have asked any and all questions in the nature described in the preceding sentence and all questions have been answered to their satisfaction.

  • Economic cooperation 1. The Parties will encourage the utilization of cooperation instruments and mechanisms with a view to strengthen the processes of economic integration and commercial exchange. 2. The objectives of economic cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for trade and economic cooperation; and (b) to advance and strengthen trade and economic relations between the Parties. 3. The Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities, including, but not limited to: (a) dialogue about policies and regular exchanges of information and views on ways to promote and expand trade in goods and services between the Parties; (b) joint elaboration of studies and technical projects of economic interest according to the economic development needs identified by the Parties; (c) keeping each other informed of important economic and trade issues, and any impediments to furthering their economic cooperation; (d) providing assistance and facilities to business persons and trade missions that visit the other Party with the knowledge and support of the relevant agencies; (e) supporting dialogue and exchanges of experience among the respective business communities of the Parties; (f) establishing and developing mechanisms for providing information and identifying opportunities for business cooperation, trade in goods and services, investment, and government procurement; and (g) stimulating and facilitating actions of public and/or private sectors in areas of economic interest.

  • Ability to Bear Economic Risk of Investment It recognizes that an investment in the Subordinated Notes involves substantial risk. It has the ability to bear the economic risk of the prospective investment in the Subordinated Notes, including the ability to hold the Subordinated Notes indefinitely, and further including the ability to bear a complete loss of all of its investment in the Company.

  • Profitability Borrower shall maintain, measured as of the last ------------- day of each quarter: (i) a profit of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) as of the last day of the first quarter of fiscal year 2001; (ii) a profit of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) as of the last day of the second and third quarters of fiscal year 2001; and (iii) a profit of Three Hundred Thousand Dollars ($300,000.00) as of the last day of the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2001, with an allowance for one quarterly loss during such fiscal year of no greater than One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Borrower shall maintain a profit for fiscal year 2001 of Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($800,000.000). Borrower shall maintain, measured as of the last day of each quarter: (i) a profit of One Dollar ($1.00) as of the last day of each quarter of fiscal years 2002, and 2003"