Economic Sample Clauses

Economic. Tenant, and those operating under agreement with Tenant, shall furnish services authorized by this Lease on a fair, equal and not unjustly discriminatory basis to all users thereof, and shall charge fair, reasonable and not unjustly discriminatory prices for each unit or service; provided, that Tenant and those operating under agreement with Tenant shall be allowed to make reasonable and non-discriminatory discounts, rebates and other similar types of price reductions to volume purchasers.
Economic. The section reviews and assesses the current state of the economy of the special zone. This section also includes: 10.1.1.A summary and assessment of the sectors of the main economy relevant to the specific fields such as: households, employment and unemployment, industry, trade, agriculture, livestock, forestry, tourism, commercial, business, hunting services, fishing, alternative energy, etc., their characteristics, their extent and their structure; 10.1.2. connection of economic activities with neighboring areas and if relevant with neighboring countries 10.1.3. assessment of existing and planned economic zones and their impact on the specifi zone. 10.1.4. a summary and assessment of the current state of tourism resources and services, such as accommodation and food service facilities; and 10.1.5. a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the economy in the special zone. 10.2.
Economic. The economic terms of this Agreement shall be in effect the first pay period of 2017, and shall continue through the last pay period of 2018 and from year to year thereafter, unless in April of 2018, either the City or BMEA shall serve to the other written notice of a desire to modify the Agreement, in which event negotiations will be held.
Economic. Why this is relevant: The profit that the “supplier” will make with the PSS model relative to the status-quo when she only sells the product to the “user” will be one of the main determinants of whether the model will be implemented or not for any profit-seeking supplier. The profit that the supplier can potentially make with this model also indicates how profitable the service is for the user, although there is not necessarily an inverse relationship between the two (i.e., sometimes the user may be able to increase his profits if the profit for the supplier goes up). The profit with the PSS model depends on several factors as listed below: o The value added with the “service” for a given scope, which will determine the “price” charged for the “service” (if the supplier employs a value-based pricing mechanism as opposed to market-based or cost-based pricing mechanisms). “The ability to create and capture sustained added value is often seen as the key measure of success of business” (Xxxxxx, 2004). According to the same author, four key elements can be distinguished: (i) market value (tangible- resources, time input and cost of capital saved- and intangible- e.g. additional priceless experiences); (ii) production costs, including traditional “tangible” production costs and risk premium/ uncertainty related to the solution; (iii) investment needs/ capital needs for PSS production; and (iv) the ability to capture the value present in the value chain. This element includes: the strategic position in the value network defined as the ability to capture value; sustained low barriers for accessing the service; and comparatively high speed on innovation.”
Economic. The following economic adjustments shall apply:
Economic. Please provide details on the economic benefits. Check if the funding will be used to assist a new business or an expanding business: New Business ☐ Expanding Business ☐ Provide details on any jobs that will be created, including the duration of each position. Click or tap here to enter text. Describe how the project involves First Nation community procurement. For example, provide details on any supplies to be purchased locally. Click or tap here to enter text. Estimate how much revenue will be generated: Not applicable: ☐ Short Term: $Click or tap here to enter text. Long Term: $Click or tap here to enter text.
Economic. 29. Sydney Film Festival has been working to encourage inner city restaurants and bars to participate, with many taking advantage of the large audiences brought in for the event.
Economic. ● Expand financial services and tourism markets The launch of the Virgin Islands Hong Kong Office will serve to strengthen our position in the Asian market and give us a better understanding of the market where the majority of our financial services business originates. Being able to deepen our relationship with Mainland China provides for further opportunities not only in the area of financial services but also education and culture and assists in promoting investment opportunities to the Territory. Ongoing efforts in enhancing our financial services legislation as well as labour, trade and immigration policies and processes will help to create a business-friendly environment for our financial services product as well as foreign investment. The Virgin Islands Asia House will also serve to cement synergies between our marketing efforts in tourism and financial services in the East. As part of its global strategy the Virgin Islands Tourist Board is expanding its efforts into new and emerging markets such as Brazil which will be the platform for launching marketing initiatives into other Latin American countries such as Argentina and Chile. On the home front the Government is working on improving the tourism infrastructure and providing additional opportunities for local persons to participate more in the sector. ● Develop the Cruise Pier and other Tourism Infrastructure GOVI aims to improve the Territory’s tourism product by expanding the Cruiseship Pier and upgrading its amenities. This project offers the benefits of additional cruise-liner and cruise passenger capacity, stimulated revenue from increased tourist arrivals, boosting entrepreneurial possibilities, and providing another avenue for community-based activities. Promoting the private development of the Prospect Reef Resort to at least four-star level also forms part of GOVI’s plans to upgrade available tourism infrastructure in the Territory. The Government has also committed to developing the North Sound area in Virgin Gorda and this includes developing the Gun Creek Port. Gun Creek is the gateway to North Sound and its surrounding areas and as such can offer a plethora of entrepreneurial opportunities to residents. Additionally, it is the key transition point for many of the Territory’s visitors and residents. The Gun Creek development project will therefore further stimulate the economy of Virgin Gorda while enhancing the Virgin Islands’s tourism product. ● Expand existing Airport facilities an...
Economic. Development 2. Education Commission Establish an education commission to oversee awarding of funds issued out of the scholarship fund. No cost Neighborhood residents and DCPS 3. Workforce development (use of unionized labor and Xxxx 5 residents) Ensure that all of the unskilled labor for this No cost VMP, LLC project is unionized labor, of which a commitment as percentage of the workers should be Xxxx stipulated in a 5 residents revised First Source Agreement. 4. Tax incentives for small and low income-owned businesses Addressed through established escrow fund No cost District through the Office of Tax and Revenue 5. Retail opportunities Create a comprehensive plan to guide the retail allocations in the development (e.g. so many with liquor licenses, so many local, etc. etc.). This should be drafted by the MAG with financial assistance from Vision XxXxxxxx Partners, LLC. It should exclude uses and building types stipulated in the Summary of Recommendations for Site Revitalization, February, 2002 $10,000 VMP, LLC 6. Storefront improvement grants Fund storefront improvement grants for major corridors in ANC 5E boundaries impacted by the XxXxxxxx development to be awarded through the Great Streets program. $500,000 VMP, LLC through DMPED (Great Streets) Parking 1. Parking on North Capitol Revisit and present both the benefits and limitations of allowing parking on both sides of North Capitol street No cost VMP, LLC through Gorove/Xxxxx 2. Dedicated residential parking zone Work with DDOT to designate a dedicated residential parking zone for Stronghold residents. This would include a visitor parking pass for each resident. $20,000 for signage DC Office of Planning and VMP, LLC 3. Increase enforcement of parking rules on alleys and streets Increase the commitment to ticketing vehicles parked illegal in alley and public streets in the Stronghold neighborhood adjacent to the property. Provide written responses with action taken to address each residential inquiry of this nature from Stronghold residents. No cost DDOT (or new parking management group created if DDOT is broken down per Xxxx Xxxx’x proposal) 4. Public parking on XxXxxxxx Ensure all roads within XxXxxxxx are for public parking. Work with DDOT to place a restriction on residential parking permit signs in this development. No cost VMP, LLC in conjunction with DDOT Construction- related Activities including Parking and Staging 1. Off street parking for construction workers or subsidy VMP agrees to devel...