Early Repayment Sample Clauses

Early Repayment. If the Borrower elects to repay the Loan prior to expiration of the Term of this Agreement, the Borrower shall notify the Lender by submission of written Notice of Early Repayment ninety days prior to date of such early repayment.

Early Repayment. The Borrower is entitled to repay the loan including accumulated interest in one lump sum at any time, including before the end of the term of the loan. A prepayment penalty shall not be due.

Early Repayment. No early repayment of any Facilities shall be allowed unless Nedbank agrees thereto, subject to any penalty which Nedbank may impose at that time.

Early Repayment. Borrower shall obtain Lenders consent to any early repayment. If such consent is obtained, the rate of interest on any such repayment for the actual loan period shall be 20% higher than the interest rate applied hereunder.

Early Repayment. An early repayment charge is payable if you repay the loan before the end of the term as follows: If you repay in months 1 to 36 then it will be 3.00% of the amount repaid and in months 37 to 60 it will be 2.00% of the amount repaid.

Early Repayment 5.1 Subject to paragraph 5.2 below, the Loans shall become immediately repayable (Early Repayment) in whole or in part together with any interest thereon if during the Initial Term or the Extended Term (as the case may be): 5.1.1 there is a change of control of the Supplier and this Agreement is terminated. For these purposes, change of control means the acquisition by a third party or third parties acting jointly of seventy five per cent. of the voting shares issued by the Supplier; or 5.1.2 this Agreement is terminated:

Early Repayment. Early repayment of the loan, entirely or partially, prior to the dates prescribed for its repayment, shall be charged an early repayment charge and any other charge, as shall be determined in the bank at the time of the early repayment. If the Bank is permitted, according to the provisions of any law, to charge an early repayment commission and/ or any other payment of varying rates, the Bank shall charge the greatest of them. Furthermore, the Bank shall be permitted to stipulate the early repayment by the payment of minimal payment rates partially of the loan and/ or by giving a prior notice and/ or any other condition.

Early Repayment. Gardedam may, at its discretion:

Early Repayment. In the event that the Borrower elects to repay the Loan together with all accrued and unpaid interest thereon prior to the Maturity Date, the Borrower shall also pay an Early Repayment Penalty of the maximum of i) three (3) months interest on the outstanding principal amount under the Loan; or ii) fifty percent (50%) of the interest payable on the outstanding principal amount under the Loan until the Maturity Date.

Early Repayment 5.1 The Borrower may at any time prior to the Repayment Date pay the Loan or any part thereof, provided that any partial repayment of the Loan must be paid in multiples of USD $10,000.00. 5.2 No amount repaid, whether under clause 5.1 or otherwise, may be redrawn. 5.3 The Lender may in its discretion demand payment of a fee equivalent to one month's interest in the event that the full amount of the Loan is repaid before the Repayment Date.