Duties of the Chair Sample Clauses

Duties of the Chair. To coordinate and schedule all meetings with the Human Resources Manager and Committee as needed.
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Duties of the Chair. The Chair has the following duties:
Duties of the Chair. 1. The Chair shall:

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  • DUTIES OF THE COMPANY The Company shall provide Consultant, on a regular and timely basis, with all approved data and information about it, its subsidiaries, its management, its products and services and its operations as shall be reasonably requested by Consultant, and shall advise Consultant of any facts which would affect the accuracy of any data and information previously supplied pursuant to this paragraph. The Company shall promptly supply Consultant with full and complete copies of all financial reports, all fillings with all federal and state securities agencies; with full and complete copies of all stockholder reports; with all data and information supplied by any financial analyst, and with all brochures or other sales materials relating to its products or services.


  • Duties of the Contractor 6.1 All work shall be in accordance to the provisions of the plans and specifications. All systems shall be in good working order.

  • Duties of the Manager (a) The Manager shall, subject to the direction and control of the Trust’s Board of Trustees (i) (except to the extent an investment subadviser (each, a “Subadviser”), as defined below, has been retained in respect of some or all of the assets of the Fund) furnish continuously an investment program for the Fund and make investment decisions on behalf of the Fund and place all orders for the purchase and sale of portfolio securities; and (ii) provide reports on the foregoing to the Board of Trustees at each Board meeting.

  • DUTIES OF THE ADVISOR The Advisor will use its reasonable best efforts to present to the Company and the Operating Partnership potential investment opportunities and to provide a continuing and suitable investment program consistent with the investment objectives and policies of the Company as determined and adopted from time to time by the Board. In performance of this undertaking, subject to the supervision of the Board and consistent with the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, By-laws and the Operating Partnership Agreement, the Advisor, directly or indirectly, will:

  • Duties of the Fund (a) Each Fund shall furnish to the Distributor copies of all information, financial statements and other papers which the Distributor may reasonably request for use in connection with the distribution of its Shares, including one certified copy, upon request by the Distributor, of all financial statements prepared by the Fund and examined by independent accountants. Each Fund shall, at the expense of the Distributor, make available to the Distributor such number of copies of its Prospectus as the Distributor shall reasonably request.

  • Duties of the Parties JHU is not a commercial organization. It is an institute of research and education. Therefore, JHU has no ability to evaluate the commercial potential of any PATENT RIGHTS or LICENSED PRODUCT or other license or rights granted in this Agreement. It is therefore incumbent upon Company to evaluate the rights and products in question, to examine the materials and information provided by JHU, and to determine for itself the validity of any PATENT RIGHTS, its freedom to operate, and the value of any LICENSED PRODUCTS or SERVICES or other rights granted.

  • Duties of the Adviser The Adviser shall continue to have responsibility for all services to be provided to the Fund pursuant to the Advisory Agreement and shall oversee and review the Subadviser’s performance of its duties under this Agreement. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall obligate the Adviser to provide any funding or other support for the purpose of directly or indirectly promoting investments in the Fund.

  • Duties of Manager The Manager, at its own expense, shall furnish the following services and facilities to the Trust:

  • Duties of Advisor The Trust employs the Advisor to manage the investment and reinvestment of the assets of the Wellington Management Portfolio; to continuously review, supervise, and administer an investment program for the Wellington Management Portfolio; to determine in its discretion the securities to be purchased or sold and the portion of such assets to be held uninvested; to provide the Fund with all records concerning the activities of the Advisor that the Fund is required to maintain; and to render regular reports to the Trust's officers and the Board of Trustees concerning the discharge of the foregoing responsibilities. The Advisor will discharge the foregoing responsibilities subject to the supervision and oversight of the Trust's officers and the Board of Trustees, and in compliance with the objective, policies, and limitations set forth in the Fund's prospectus and Statement of Additional Information, any additional operating policies or procedures that the Fund communicates to the Advisor in writing, and applicable laws and regulations. The Advisor agrees to provide, at its own expense, the office space, furnishings and equipment, and personnel required by it to perform the services on the terms and for the compensation provided herein.