Dual Sample Clauses

Dual credit courses shall not be available for overload assignment except at the option of the College.
Dual. Nothing in Agreement shall be deemed to prevent an employee from acting in the dual capacity of a xxxxxxx and committee member.
Dual. Where one handles agencies the employee will be paid at the highest rate of the agencies involved. Should a Agency operation be discontinued or one of the agencies be closed the employee will schedule The employee In the dual operation required to use automobile will be reimbursed in accordance with Article I he will paid two hours at rata each day the dual operation, In addition to the in above. If at any agency preclude a dual agency being because of medical difficulties, the Company may implement €he dual agency at a data or transportation have been eliminated. A dual agency will not be implemented if such will result in a permanently established being revert to the spare board. a become vacant that lends itself to dual agency the may be made the as under of the at dual will be handled without transfer expense to the Company, dual agency will be if one agency. Operation of dual may of apparent conflict Agreement over and the listed provisions. Where regard appear they will a dual agency be subject by the Chief of the Companywith a to operation. the will only be placed in effect when is a vacancy one of the stations dualized, This Article may terminated in days upon written notice by party. ARTICLE Spare will receive expenses for where such is not and up per day lunch and supper meal expenses while away from their headquarters. This will not apply when meals and lodging are furnished or paid for by the Company Swing be allowed reasonable expenses for living for each day that such accommodation is required away their headquarters Relief will reasonable expenses for where such is not and up to per day (breakfast lunch and supper for meal while away from headquarters. Employees appointed in with Article to qualify as Relief if required at a point away from their home station, be allowed expenses for where such is not provided and up to per day (breakfast lunch and supper $21.00) for from meal each day that they are required to remain away home station while qualifying. an automobile mileage allowance is paid, will apply. Or if travelling by bus employees will be reimbursed at the of their bus fare. In order to qualify for mileage allowance, employees must appropriate insurancefor the operation of their automobile. by bulletin to temporary vacancies or new positions of days or more will be reasonable expenses for accommodation where such is not and up to per day (breakfast lunch and supper for meal expenses while working away from their headquarters up but n...
Dual credit courses shall not be available for overload assignment except at the option of the College. During the term of the agreement the parties shall establish a Joint Committee(s) to study and make recommendations about dual credit courses and instructional technology (Sections 5.14.A.2 and 5.14.C.4). Such recommendations, if mutually acceptable to the parties to this agreement, may be implemented at any time.
Dual energy T: 01903 703400 E: xxxxxxxx.xxxxxxxx@xxxx-xxxxxx.xx.xx
Dual. SIM HOW MANY SIM SLOTS ARE THERE? There are 2 SIM slots, it is a dual SIM device. One slot you will need to insert your Clientèle Mobile SIM card, the second slot you can use another network. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY CLIENTÈLE MOBILE SIM CARD IS NOT INSERTED? You will not be able to insert another (network) SIM card. HOW DO I RICA MY SIM CARD? You will need to complete the Self-RICA process WHAT IS REQUIRED FROM ME TO BE ABLE TO SELF-RICA MY SIM CARD? You will need: Smartphone The SIM card Selfie (photo of you) A South African ID or valid passport with supporting documents if you are a foreign national Proof of address (Utility bill, Bank statement, existing lease, cell- phone or retail account) not older than 3 months Follow these easy steps to activate your Clientèle Mobile SIM card COMPLETE SELF-RICA Complete the The IFA App will be enrolment process auto-downloaded Open the IFA App and select the Self-RICA option Complete the SIM card details (19 digit at the back of the SIM card) SUBMIT CONFIRM Click submit to Upload the required confirm the activation documents Confirm your details HOW WILL I KNOW IF MY SELF-RICA HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL? You will receive a call or email that will notify you of the activation. HOW LONG DOES THE SELF-RICA PROCESS TAKE? Approximately 15min or less WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE A FAULTY SIM CARD? We will replace any faulty or defective SIM card within 6 months from the issuing thereof in the event that we, in our sole discretion, conclude that the said defect is as a result of a manufacturer fault or defect. Any active data/airtime on such defective SIM card will be transferred to the replacement SIM card. HOW LONG AFTER RICA WILL MY SERVICE BE ACTIVE? It can take up to 24 hours to activate. WHEN DO I RECEIVE MY MONTHLY AIRTIME? On the 1st of each month WHERE CAN I RECHARGE AIRTIME? IFA App • USSD (*134*72727#) • Flash Trader through Eezi airtime • Blue Label Connect via Connect • Clientèle Kiosk at the agents – Click in this link for more information on a kiosk or distributor near you.
Dual feed telephone service is available from local exchange carriers in the building. This redundancy will be extended throughout the building. Fiber optic bandwidth and digital services will be available to the building. Landlord will provide empty 4-inch sleeves located in the building core telecom closets for installation of Tenant's telephone wiring by Tenant's phone service provider(s).

Related to Dual

  • Local Switching 4.1.1 BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to local circuit switching capability, and local tandem switching capability, on an unbundled basis, except as set forth below in Section to <<customer_name>> for the provision of a telecommunications service. BellSouth shall provide non-discriminatory access to packet switching capability on an unbundled basis to <<customer_name>> for the provision of a telecommunications service only in the limited circumstance described below in Section 4.4.

  • Shift Rotation Routine shift rotation is not an approach to staffing endorsed by the Employer. Except for emergency situations where it may be necessary to provide safe patient care, shift rotation will not be utilized without mutual consent. If such an occasion should ever occur, volunteers will be sought first. If no one volunteers, the Employer will rotate shifts on an inverse seniority basis until the staff vacancies are filled.

  • Switching All of the negotiated rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Section pertain to the provision of local and tandem switching.

  • Trunk Group Architecture and Traffic Routing 5.2.1 The Parties shall jointly establish Access Toll Connecting Trunks between CLEC and CBT by which they will jointly provide Tandem-transported Switched Exchange Access Services to Interexchange Carriers to enable such Interexchange Carriers to originate and terminate traffic from and to CLEC's Customers.

  • Network Interface Device 2.7.1 The NID is defined as any means of interconnection of the End User’s customer premises wiring to BellSouth’s distribution plant, such as a cross-connect device used for that purpose. The NID is a single line termination device or that portion of a multiple line termination device required to terminate a single line or circuit at the premises. The NID features two independent xxxxxxxx or divisions that separate the service provider’s network from the End User’s premises wiring. Each chamber or division contains the appropriate connection points or posts to which the service provider and the End User each make their connections. The NID provides a protective ground connection and is capable of terminating cables such as twisted pair cable.

  • Tandem Switching 4.3.1 The Tandem Switching capability Network Element is defined as: (i) trunk- connect facilities, which include, but are not limited to, the connection between trunk termination at a cross connect panel and switch trunk card; (ii) the basic switch trunk function of connecting trunks to trunks; and (iii) the functions that are centralized in the Tandem Switches (as distinguished from separate end office switches), including but not limited to call recording, the routing of calls to operator services and signaling conversion features.

  • NON-NETWORK PROVIDER is a provider that has not entered into a contract with us or any other Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan. For pediatric dental care services, non-network provider is a dentist that has not entered into a contract with us or does not participate in the Dental Coast to Coast Network. For pediatric vision hardware services, a non-network provider is a provider that has not entered into a contract with EyeMed, our vision care service manager.