Directives Sample Clauses

Directives. Those administrative directives, memoranda, guidelines, and any other communication issued by the Board and/or Administration those impacts upon the members of the bargaining unit.
Directives a. The Project Representative may, at any time, by written or oral directive require the Consultant to perform work consistent with the Agreement’s Scope of Work (Exhibit A); provided that this directive does not add scope or cost to the project.
Directives. In order to assure proper coordination, Owner shall issue any directions concerning the operations of the Facility only through the President or Vice President of Capital.
Directives all references in this Agreement to a Directive include any relevant implementing measure of each member state of the European Union which has implemented such Directive.
Directives. Until receipt of further written notice from the Lender to the Bailee at the Bailee’s address set forth in paragraph 10 (“Notices”) below, the Bailee is hereby authorized to release Property in accordance with the Borrower’s directions, provided, that upon written notice by the Lender to the Bailee, the Bailee shall not honor any directions by the Borrower and shall release Property only in accordance with the Lender’s instructions.
Directives. All references in this Agreement to a Directive include any relevant implementing measure of each Member State of the European Economic Area which has implemented such Directive.
Directives. The Employer shall provide the Union with a copy of all personnel directives affecting members covered by this agreement. Where the Employer proposes to issue a personnel directive which is intended to clarify the interpretation or application of the Collective Agreement, the Employer shall consult with the Union prior to issuing the directive. ARTICLE
Directives. The words directed, direction, designated, selected, and words and phrases of like import shall mean that the direction, designation, selection, or like action of RMWD is intended unless stated otherwise.
Directives. All elections and directions by Members concerning the investment of their Accounts shall be made in the manner prescribed by the Administrator, shall be irrevocable and shall become effective upon receipt by the Administrator.
Directives. All employees regardless of position are responsible to: • Read and comply with this policy. • Request an interpretation of the policy from their supervisor if they are unsure whether any of their behaviors or circumstances may be a breach of the policy. • Treat all other employees in a manner consistent with this policy and without discrimination, harassment or sexual harassment. • Consider being an ally for those facing discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment by speaking up when this behavior is observed and/or reporting any violations of this policy. • Take sexual harassment awareness and prevention training within six months of hire and at least annually thereafter if a nonsupervisory employee. In addition to the above, all supervisors, managers and leaders at PLIA are responsible to: • Make employees aware of this policy. • Provide, with appropriate assistance from small agency human resources, clarifications to employees about potential breaches of the policy. • Lead by example. Create and maintain a workplace free from discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment. • Watch for signs and symptoms of violations of this policy, including changes in employee behavior and conduct and be proactive in addressing them when noticed. • Not condone or ignore violations of this policy, or give employees the impression that they are. • Document, report and respond in an appropriate and timely fashion to incidents of discrimination or harassment toward employees, applicants, volunteers or persons having business with the PLIA. • Maintain the confidentiality of all such reports to the extent provided/allowed by law. • Take sexual harassment awareness and prevention training within six months of hire and annually thereafter. The Management Team will review this policy annually for changes and effectiveness. As part of that review, the following data and criteria will be used to determine the success of this policy: • Annually, PLIA will be able to affirm that 100% of our employees have met their sexual harassment training requirements. • By 2021, the total number of days it takes to intake, respond, investigate (if necessary)and take appropriate action on an employee complaint may not exceed, on average, 60 days unless there are extenuating circumstances. • At least three times a year, a different manager will present at an all-staff meeting a different aspect of the importance of this policy to the agency and in meeting our diversity, and equity and in...