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DGCL. Each of the Mergers shall have the effects set forth in Section 259 of the DGCL.
DGCL inapplicable to any Competing Proposal, or (vi) propose or agree to do any of the foregoing constituting or related to, or that is intended to or would reasonably be expected to lead to, any Competing Proposal. Notwithstanding the foregoing, prior to obtaining the Company Stockholder Approval, the Company Board of Directors may, in response to a Superior Competing Proposal that was not solicited, initiated, intentionally encouraged, participated in or otherwise facilitated by the Company in breach of Section 4.3(b), if it determines in good faith (after consultation with the Company’s outside legal counsel) that the failure to do so could reasonably be expected to result in a breach of the fiduciary duties of the Company Board of Directors to the Company stockholders under Law or any Order, (1) withdraw or modify, or propose or resolve to modify, in a manner adverse to Parent or Merger Sub, the approvals and recommendations of the Company Board of Directors of the Merger, or the transactions contemplated hereby or by the Transaction Documents, or (2) terminate the Agreement in accordance with Section 7.1(e), but in each case only (x) at a time that is after the fifth (5th) Business Day following Parent’s receipt of written notice advising Parent that the Company Board of Directors is prepared to take such action (during which period the Company shall negotiate in good faith with Parent concerning any amendment of the terms of the Merger by Parent or Merger Sub or any proposal by Parent or Merger Sub to amend the terms of this Agreement or the Merger (a “New Parent Proposal”)), specifying therein all of the terms and conditions of such Superior Competing Proposal, and identifying the Person or group making such Superior Competing Proposal and (y) if, after the end of such five (5) Business Day period, the Company Board of Directors determines in good faith (after consultation with the Company’s outside legal counsel and financial advisor) that such proposed transaction continues to be a Superior Competing Proposal, after taking into account any New Parent Proposal. Except as otherwise required by the fiduciary duties of the Company Board of Directors in accordance with the provisions of this Section 4.3, the Company shall not during the term of this Agreement release any Third Party from, or agree to amend or waive any provision of any confidentiality agreement, and the Company shall use its best efforts to enforce, to the fullest extent permitted by Law, e...
DGCL. Company will notice a special meeting of its stockholders and mail the Proxy Statement as soon as permitted under the Securities Exchange Act in order that Company’s stockholders may vote on whether to ratify and approve this Agreement and the Merger in accordance with the DGCL.
DGCL. DGCL" shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.4.