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Definitions Incorporation of Recitals Master Lease and Prior Rights 

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  • Incorporation of Recitals; Definitions The recitals set forth on page 1 of this Guaranty are hereby specifically incorporated into the operative terms of this Guaranty as if fully set forth. Terms not otherwise specifically defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Lease.

  • Incorporation of Recitals; Defined Terms The Borrower acknowledges that the Recitals set forth above are true and correct in all material respects. The defined terms in the Recitals set forth above are hereby incorporated into this Agreement by reference. All other capitalized terms used herein without definition shall have the same meanings herein as such terms have in the Credit Agreement.

  • Incorporation of Recitals The matters recited above are hereby incorporated into and made part of this Agreement.

  • Incorporation of Recitals and Exhibits The Recitals and each exhibit attached hereto are hereby incorporated herein by reference.

  • Ratification and Incorporation of Original Indenture As supplemented hereby, the Original Indenture is in all respects ratified and confirmed, and the Original Indenture and this Supplemental Indenture shall be read, taken and construed as one and the same instrument.

  • Incorporation of Covenants The Trust agrees to comply with each of the covenants of the Trust set forth in the Transaction Documents and hereby incorporates such covenants by reference as if each were set forth herein.

  • Incorporation of Prior Agreements; Amendments This Lease contains all agreements of the parties with respect to any matter mentioned herein. No prior agreement or understanding pertaining to any such matter shall be effective. This Lease may be modified in writing only, signed by the parties in interest at the time of the modification. Except as otherwise stated in this Lease, Lessee hereby acknowledges that neither the real estate broker listed in Paragraph 15 hereof nor any cooperating broker on this transaction nor the Lessor or any employees or agents of any of said persons has made any oral or written warranties or representations to Lessee relative to the condition or use by Lessee of said Premises and Lessee acknowledges that Lessee assumes all responsibility regarding the Occupational Safety Health Act, the legal use and adaptability of the Premises and the compliance thereof with all applicable laws and regulations in effect during the term of this Lease except as otherwise specifically stated in this Lease.

  • Incorporation of defined terms (a) Unless a contrary indication appears, a term defined in the Original Facility Agreement has the same meaning in this Agreement.

  • Incorporation of Master Lease (a) This Sublease is subject to all of the terms and conditions of the Master Lease, all of which are hereby incorporated by reference. Except as provided in Paragraph 6(e) below, all references in the Master Lease to “Landlord” and “Tenant” shall, for purposes of incorporation thereof into this Sublease, mean and refer to Sublandlord and Subtenant, respectively. Subtenant hereby agrees to be bound by the terms of the Master Lease and, with respect to the Sublease Premises, hereby assumes and agrees to pay, perform and observe for the benefit of Master Landlord and Sublandlord, each and all of the liabilities, obligations, covenants, conditions and restrictions to be paid, performed or observed by Sublandlord, as Tenant, under the Master Lease, except to the extent any of the same are herein expressly acknowledged not to constitute an obligation of Subtenant. Without limiting the foregoing, Subtenant shall not commit or permit to be committed on the Sublease Premises any act or omission which shall violate any term, covenant or condition of the Master Lease.