Default by the Guarantor Sample Clauses

Default by the Guarantor. The default or failure of the ------------------------ Guarantor to fully perform any of its obligations set forth in this Guaranty.

Related to Default by the Guarantor

  • Waiver by the Guarantor The Guarantor irrevocably waives acceptance hereof, presentment, demand, protest and any notice not provided for herein, as well as any requirement that at any time any action be taken by any Person against the Borrower or any other Person.

  • Waiver by the Guarantors Each Guarantor irrevocably waives acceptance hereof, presentment, demand, protest and any notice not provided for herein, as well as any requirement that at any time any action be taken by any Person against the Company or any other Person.

  • Default by the Company If the Company shall fail at Closing Time or at the Date of Delivery to sell the number of Securities that it is obligated to sell hereunder, then this Agreement shall terminate without any liability on the part of any nondefaulting party; provided, however, that the provisions of Sections 1, 4, 6, 7 and 8 shall remain in full force and effect. No action taken pursuant to this Section shall relieve the Company from liability, if any, in respect of such default.

  • Default by the Purchaser If the transaction herein contemplated fails to close as a result of the default of the Purchaser hereunder, or the Purchaser having made any representation or warranty herein which shall be untrue or misleading in any material respect, or the Purchaser having failed to perform any of the covenants and agreements contained herein to be performed by it, the Seller may terminate this Agreement (in which case, the Purchaser shall reimburse the Seller for all of the fees, charges, disbursements and expenses of the Seller’s attorneys).

  • Notification of Event of Default Borrower shall notify Agent immediately of the occurrence of any Event of Default.

  • Additional Event of Default The following will constitute an additional Event of Default with respect to Party B: "NOTE ACCELERATION NOTICE. A Note Acceleration Notice is served on Party B in relation to the Series [1/2] Class [A/B/C] Fifth Issuer Notes."

  • Default by Seller In the event the Closing and the transactions contemplated hereby do not occur as herein provided by reason of any default of Seller, Purchaser may, as Purchaser's sole and exclusive remedy, elect by notice to Seller within ten (10) Business Days following the Closing Date, either of the following: (a) terminate this Agreement, in which event Purchaser will receive from the Escrow Agent the Earnest Money Deposit, together with all interest accrued thereon, whereupon Seller and Purchaser will have no further rights or obligations under this Agreement, except with respect to the Termination Surviving Obligations; or (b) seek to enforce specific performance of Seller's obligations under this Agreement. Purchaser expressly waives its rights to seek damages in the event the transactions hereunder do not close by reason of Seller's default hereunder. Purchaser shall be deemed to have elected to terminate this Agreement and receive back the Earnest Money Deposit if Purchaser fails to advise Seller, on or before thirty (30) days following the Closing Date or thirty (30) days following the last date to which Seller had exercised an extension of the Closing past the Closing Date, that it intends to file suit for specific performance against Seller in a court having jurisdiction in the county and state in which the Property is located, and if Purchaser fails to actually file such suit within thirty (30) days thereafter. Notwithstanding the foregoing, nothing contained in this Section 13.1 will limit Purchaser's remedies at law, in equity or as herein provided in pursuing remedies of a breach by Seller of any of the Termination Surviving Obligations.

  • Event of Default and Illegality If an event or circumstance which would otherwise constitute or give rise to an Event of Default also constitutes an Illegality, it will be treated as an Illegality and will not constitute an Event of Default.

  • Default by an Underwriter If any one or more Underwriters shall fail to purchase and pay for any of the Securities agreed to be purchased by such Underwriter or Underwriters hereunder and such failure to purchase shall constitute a default in the performance of its or their obligations under this Agreement, the remaining Underwriters shall be obligated severally to take up and pay for (in the respective proportions which the amount of Securities set forth opposite their names in Schedule I hereto bears to the aggregate amount of Securities set forth opposite the names of all the remaining Underwriters) the Securities which the defaulting Underwriter or Underwriters agreed but failed to purchase; provided, however, that in the event that the aggregate amount of Securities which the defaulting Underwriter or Underwriters agreed but failed to purchase shall exceed 10% of the aggregate amount of Securities set forth in Schedule I hereto, the remaining Underwriters shall have the right to purchase all, but shall not be under any obligation to purchase any, of the Securities, and if such nondefaulting Underwriters do not purchase all the Securities, this Agreement will terminate without liability to any nondefaulting Underwriter or the Company. In the event of a default by any Underwriter as set forth in this Section 9, the Closing Date shall be postponed for such period, not exceeding five Business Days, as the Representatives shall determine in order that the required changes in the Registration Statement and the Prospectus or in any other documents or arrangements may be effected. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall relieve any defaulting Underwriter of its liability, if any, to the Company and any nondefaulting Underwriter for damages occasioned by its default hereunder.

  • Event of Default a statement that such officer has reviewed the relevant terms hereof and has made, or caused to be made, under his or her supervision, a review of the transactions and conditions of the Company and its Subsidiaries from the beginning of the quarterly or annual period covered by the statements then being furnished to the date of the certificate and that such review shall not have disclosed the existence during such period of any condition or event that constitutes a Default or an Event of Default or, if any such condition or event existed or exists (including, without limitation, any such event or condition resulting from the failure of the Company or any Subsidiary to comply with any Environmental Law), specifying the nature and period of existence thereof and what action the Company shall have taken or proposes to take with respect thereto.