Date of Implementation Sample Clauses

Date of Implementation. Wage increases and increases in other forms of compensation set forth in this Agreement shall become effective at the beginning of the first full payroll period on or after the calendar dates designated.
Date of Implementation. Except as hereinafter provided, the suspension of a teacher’s employment contract by reason of a reduction in force shall be effective at twelve o’clock midnight immediately preceding the first duty day for the members of the bargaining unit. If the RIF is by reason of the return to duty of a regular teacher following a Board- approved leave of absence, the effective date shall be at twelve o’clock midnight preceding the first day of duty of the returning teacher.
Date of Implementation. This agreement shall, in respect of parties, come into effect on the date it is signed in Council.
Date of Implementation. Longevity steps will be effective the pay period closest to the nurse's anniversary date. Increases in wage rates (9.1) and premium pay (Article 10) shall become effective the first full payroll period on or after the date designated.
Date of Implementation. Wage increases, longevity steps, and all other changes in compensation provided for in this Agreement will be implemented the first day of the pay period following the increase.
Date of Implementation. The Regulation entered into force on 8th October 2001 and has had direct effect in Malta since that date. ▪ The EI Regulations entered into force on 24th October, 2004.
Date of Implementation. January April July October January April July Based on between September and December December2002 and March2003 March and June2003 June and September September and December December2003 and March2004 March2004 and June2004 COLA January April July October January April June and September2004 September2004 and December2004 and and June2005 June and September September and December December2005 and March2006 The amount of any COLA in effect at the time shall be included in computing overtime pay, holiday pay, call-in pay and vacation pay. COLA adjustments will be excluded from calculations pertaining to weekly indemnity benefits. In determining each COLA adjustment, the calculations will be made on a cumulative basis from March level and COLA adjustments made at previous dates during this contract will be subtracted from the cumulative calculationsto at the adjustment for the current period. In determining the hourly rate of increase or decrease for any adjustment, calculations will be rounded up to the nearest cent per hour if the exact calculation ends in or higher. If Statistics Canada changes the form or the basis for calculating the Index, the parties agree to ask Statistics Canada to make available, for the life of this a monthly index in its present form. All money generated in COLA under the terms of the collective agreement will be folded into the base rate effective the start date of the new collective agreement, as amended the memorandum of settlement as of Seatember See the following;
Date of Implementation. The provisions of this determination shall take effect from 1 July 2007 provided that for-
Date of Implementation. This Merchant Marine Notice is to be brought to the attention of Owners/ISM Operators, Masters and Seafarers and be implemented forthwith