Crew Accommodation Sample Clauses

Crew Accommodation. Walls and Ceiling including supports and installation materials, floor underlay, tap floor, fixed and loose furniture inside, wet unit, doors, mattresses and curtains. Handrails. CX104 - U11060 ULSTEIN®
Crew Accommodation. Crew accommodation and mess rooms shall be equipped with adequate ventilation.
Crew Accommodation. All crew accommodation and mess rooms shall be equipped with adequate ventilation and shall meet applicable standards and regulations.
Crew Accommodation. This Chapter aligns with the Code of Safety for Fishermen and Fishing Vessels Ch XI.The following rules relate to “crew accommodation” and mirror rules in Part 40D (rules 40D.76 to 40D.81). 404.250 General (40D.76)‌
Crew Accommodation. IGAL has a significant requirement of hotel accommodation for its crew as part of its normal course of business. IGE, which has interest in the hotel business in joint venture with Accor hotels – under which Ibis and Novotel hotels are owned / operated in India. Over the last several years, IGAL has invited RFPs from hotels for providing the crew accommodation in various cities, where Accor Hotels participated on an armslength basis. The JV has both - won and lost while participating in these RFPs. Currently, Accor hotel provides just about 8% of the overall accommodation cost of IGAL (worldwide) while the rest of 92% is catered by other hotel chains for the FY 2018-19. On the basis of the aforesaid details, we wish to emphasize that:

Related to Crew Accommodation

  • Reasonable Accommodation Sections 34.1 through 34.4 of Article 34, Reasonable Accommodation and Disability Separation, apply to represented individuals.

  • Reasonable Accommodations Landlord agrees to comply with all applicable laws providing equal housing opportunities, including making reasonable accommodations for known physical or mental limitations of qualified individuals with a disability, unless undue hardship on Landlord would result. Tenant is responsible for making Landlord aware of any such required accommodations that are reasonable and will not impose an undue hardship on Landlord. If Tenant discloses a disability and requests an accommodation, Landlord has the right to have a qualified healthcare provider verify the disability if the disability is not readily apparent, and Landlord has the right to use the qualified healthcare provider verifying the disability as a resource for providing the reasonable accommodation.

  • Accommodations (a) Lender may, in its sole discretion, issue or cause to be issued, from time to time at Borrower's request and on terms and conditions and for purposes satisfactory to Lender, credit accommodations consisting of letters of credit, bankers' acceptances, merchandise purchase guaranties or other guaranties or indemnities for Borrower's account ("Accommodations"). Borrower shall execute and perform additional agreements relating to the Accommodations in form and substance acceptable to Lender and the issuer of any Accommodations, all of which shall supplement the rights and remedies granted herein. Any payments made by Lender or any affiliate of Lender in connection with the Accommodations shall constitute additional Revolving Loans to Borrower.

  • DISABILITY ACCOMMODATIONS The Department does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission to, access to, or operations of its programs, services, or activities. Individuals who need aids, alternative document formats, or services for effective communications or other disability related accommodations in the programs and services offered are invited to make their needs and preferences known to this office. Interested parties should provide as much advance notice as possible.

  • Accommodation It is understood and agreed that the handling of this credit facility on a joint borrowing basis as set forth in this Agreement is solely as an accommodation to the Borrowers and at their request. Accordingly, Agent and Lenders are entitled to rely, and shall be exonerated from any liability for relying upon, any Loan Request or any other request or communication made by a purported officer of any Borrower without the need for any consent or other authorization of any other Borrower and upon any information or certificate provided on behalf of any Borrower by a purported officer of such Borrower, and any such request or other action shall be fully binding on each Borrower as if made by it.

  • Credit The Credit awarded in section 2 of this Agreement will be allocated to Taxpayer by taxable year as set forth in Exhibit A, provided that Taxpayer achieves the Milestones associated with the applicable taxable year, which includes all investments agreed to in the prior years, as set forth in Exhibit A. Taxpayer acknowledges and agrees that, an allocated portion of the Credit is earned by Taxpayer in the taxable year when the Milestones associated with that allocated portion of the Credit are achieved and to avoid recapture, Taxpayer must maintain such Milestones for three (3) subsequent taxable years. All required Milestones identified on a taxable year basis in Exhibit A, must be met in order to earn the allocated portion of the Credit. In the event Taxpayer satisfies the taxable year Milestones in an earlier taxable year than described in Exhibit A (no earlier than taxable year 2017), upon written approval from GO-Biz, Taxpayer may claim the allocated portion of the Credit in the 1325 J Street, 18th FLOOR, SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95814 earlier taxable year when the Milestones are achieved. If Taxpayer satisfied certain taxable year Milestones in an earlier taxable year than described in Exhibit A (no earlier than taxable year 2017), and received written approval from GO-Biz to claim the Credit in the earlier taxable year, then Taxpayer need only maintain such Milestone for three (3) subsequent taxable years to avoid recapture as further described in Section 10. In the event that Taxpayer fails to satisfy each Milestone identified in Exhibit A in the taxable year associated with those Milestones including all Investments agreed to in the prior years, no portion of the Credit will be considered earned in that taxable year, but GO-Biz will not unreasonably deny the Credit to Taxpayer for immaterial variances from the Milestones. In determining whether Taxpayer satisfies each Investment Milestone, Taxpayer may include the aggregate amount of Investment made in prior taxable years (beginning with taxable year 2017) that was in excess of the cumulative Investment Milestones for such taxable years. Any allocated portion of the Credit associated with a specific taxable year in Exhibit A, which is not earned in that year due to failure to achieve the Milestones associated with that taxable year will be earned in the taxable year in which the Milestones are met, but in no event later than the last taxable year identified in Exhibit A.