Course Syllabus Sample Clauses

Course Syllabus. All faculty members are required to publish a welcoming course syllabus on the District’s approved Learning Management System for each course they teach and to keep on file in the department/school office a course information sheet (syllabus) for each course for each semester. Syllabi shall be distributed to students at the first class meeting or no later than the end of the second week of class. The syllabus must align to the content of the course that is in the course outline. Submission of a syllabus for each course that aligns course content to the course outline and includes: • Faculty contact information and modes of communication (e.g. announcements, emails, student feedback, direct messaging) • Student office hoursRelevant course information • Grading standardsAttendance policyTBA complianceDescription of the means by which the course is taught (lecture, laboratory, outside assignments, etc.) Other recommended items are: examination dates, text assignments, and an outline of topics to be covered in the course.
Course Syllabus. The teacher is required to develop their 2021-22 UW course syllabus, which is the official syllabus for the course in the high school, using the syllabus template provided by UWHS. The teacher is to submit their UW syllabus to the UWHS office by the indicated deadlines. The UW syllabus is to be distributed by the teacher to all students in the beginning of the course. The UW syllabi are reviewed and approved by UW faculty overseeing the courses.
Course Syllabus. All dual enrollment courses taught at high schools will follow FIU’s course outline(s) and the same procedures for courses taught on the FIU campus(es).
Course Syllabus. It shall be the responsibility of the professional faculty to prepare and maintain an official course syllabus for each active course in the department. This syllabus shall include the course number and title, description, credit and contact hours, pre and co requisites, learning outcomes and objectives, and essential instructional methods, assessment and evaluation methods, content, and other specifications which are required of all class sections as determined by the faculty. The Xxxx may assign the preparation of a course syllabus to an instructor who teaches the course.
Course Syllabus. The JS Department will submit a course syllabus to the CO via the student intern.
Course Syllabus. 11.1.1 Each teacher is responsible annually for distributing a syllabus on her/his course or courses to the parents of all students enrolled in the course(s). Included with the syllabus will be a “return sheet” which the parents should sign and return to acknowledge receipt of the syllabus. The sheet also will include a space for parent comment on her/his child.
Course Syllabus. Provide to students on the first day of class the departmentally approved course syllabus.
Course Syllabus. The expectation is that faculty will provide each student with a course syllabus on the first day of instruction. Each semester a faculty member will submit to the District a course syllabus for each class taught. Only one syllabus will be required for multiple sections of the same class. Course syllabi will be submitted to the area xxxx no later than the Friday of the second week of instruction of each semester, or for short term classes by the census date. If proof of delivery is wanted, course syllabi may be submitted to the xxxx electronically.
Course Syllabus. All Faculty members shall develop and distribute to students by the end of the 1st week of session a course syllabus for each class they teach. The syllabus shall contain:

Related to Course Syllabus

  • Course Materials a. The faculty member shall distribute the course materials to each student and forward a copy to the President of the College or the President’s designee prior to the conclusion of the add/drop period in each semester. The course materials shall include all materials listed on the Checklist for Course Materials. (Form XIII-E2) The confidentiality of these materials shall be maintained.

  • Statement of Grievance The party claiming to be aggrieved shall furnish to the other party a written statement of the grievance identifying any witnesses or documents then reasonably known to that party that support the grievance and the relief requested or proposed.

  • Course Description The Chief Academic Officer of any participating community college or university may request that a course be removed from the CAA transfer list. Both a community college and a university must partner to request the addition of a course to the transfer list. The university endorsement signifies that the university accepts the course and believes the course should be recommended for statewide consideration. Name of the Community College: Name of UNC Senior Institution: would like for the above course to be added to the CAA transfer course list with a status of: Pre-Major/Elective General Education or UGETC for the following discipline: Communications Humanities/Fine Arts Math Social/Behavioral Science Science would like for the above course to be deleted from the CAA transfer course list Please provide rationale for the course addition or deletion: (additional page may be utilized) Signature of Chief Academic Officer NCCCS College Date Signature of Chief Academic Officer UNC Senior Institution Date Please submit the completed and signed request to all of the following three representatives: Xxxx Xxxxxxx, Ed.D. Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx, M.D. Senior Vice President, Programs Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Academic and Student Services Academic Affairs North Carolina Community College System UNC-General Administration 5016 Mail Service Center Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxx 0000 Xxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Xx. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Director for Student Development and Association of Student Governments Advisor UNC General Administration X.X. Xxx 0000 Xxxxxx Xxxx, XX 00000 Upon receipt of the form, either Vice President may indicate endorsement of the request and send the request to the Transfer Advisory Committee for action a minimum of thirty days prior to the TAC meeting. The NC Community College System Office will solicit a response from all community colleges approved to offer the course and include the results of the vote along with their endorsement. The CAO at UNC may seek input from its respective campuses as deemed appropriate. Please Note: New, proposed courses that are not currently in the NC Community College Combined Course Library must first be submitted to the NCCCS Curriculum Review Committee, by a community college, accompanied by a request for addition to the Combined Course Library. Please see Section 15 of the Curriculum Procedures Reference Manual at: xxxx:// programs/curriculum-procedures-reference-manual-cprm Comprehensive Articulation Agreement Transfer Course List Change of Course Status to Universal General Education Transfer Component (UGETC) Form CAA02

  • Monthly MWBE Contractor Compliance Report A. In accordance with 5 NYCRR § 142.10, Contractor is required to report Monthly MWBE Contractor Compliance to OGS during the term of the Contract for the preceding month’s activity, documenting progress made towards achievement of the Contract MWBE goals. OGS requests that all Contractors use the New York State Contract System (“NYSCS”) to report subcontractor and supplier payments made by Contractor to MWBEs performing work under the Contract. The NYSCS may be accessed at xxxxx:// This is a New York State- based system that all State agencies and authorities will be implementing to ensure uniform contract compliance reporting throughout New York State.

  • Submission of Grievance Information a) Upon appointment of the arbitrator, the appealing party shall within five days after notice of appointment forward to the arbitrator, with a copy to the School Board, the submission of the grievance which shall include the following:

  • EDD Independent Contractor Reporting Requirements Effective January 1, 2001, the County of Orange is required to file in accordance with subdivision (a) of Section 6041A of the Internal Revenue Code for services received from a “service provider” to whom the County pays $600 or more or with whom the County enters into a contract for $600 or more within a single calendar year. The purpose of this reporting requirement is to increase child support collection by helping to locate parents who are delinquent in their child support obligations. The term “service provider” is defined in California Unemployment Insurance Code Section 1088.8, subparagraph B.2 as “an individual who is not an employee of the service recipient for California purposes and who received compensation or executes a contract for services performed for that service recipient within or without the state.” The term is further defined by the California Employment Development Department to refer specifically to independent Contractors. An independent Contractor is defined as “an individual who is not an employee of the ... government entity for California purposes and who receives compensation or executes a contract for services performed for that ... government entity either in or outside of California.” The reporting requirement does not apply to corporations, general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, and limited liability companies. Additional information on this reporting requirement can be found at the California Employment Development Department web site located at xxxx://

  • Extracurricular Activities 1. Participation in extracurricular activities shall be on a voluntary basis. If volunteers are not available and assignment is necessary, a teacher's qualifications and interests shall be considered.

  • Reverse Engineering The Customer must not reverse assemble or reverse compile or directly or indirectly allow or cause a third party to reverse assemble or reverse compile the whole or any part of the software or any products supplied as a part of the Licensed System.

  • Technical Requirements The NID shall provide an accessible point of interconnection and shall maintain a connection to ground.

  • Technical Requirements for SCPs/Databases BellSouth shall provide physical access to SCPs through the SS7 network and protocols with TCAP as the application layer protocol.