Counsel of record Sample Clauses

Counsel of record. If a party is rep- resented by counsel of record in the proceeding, service must be on counsel.
Counsel of record and Party Counsel shall not disclose Defense Materials or the contents thereof to anyone except their respective clients, expert witnesses and consultants, counsel for other Parties to the Agreement, or attorneys, paralegals and staff within their firms, without first obtaining the consent of Counsel of Record and Party Counsel whose clients (or who themselves) may be entitled to claim any privilege with respect to such materials. All persons permitted access to Defense Materials shall be specifically advised that the Defense Materials are privileged and subject to the terms of this Agreement.

Related to Counsel of record

  • Marking of Records At its expense, the Seller (or the Servicer on its behalf) shall xxxx its master data processing records relating to Pool Receivables and related Contracts, including with a legend evidencing that the undivided percentage ownership interests with regard to the Aggregate Participation related to such Receivables and related Contracts have been sold in accordance with the Agreement.

  • Return of Records BISYS may at its option at any time, and shall promptly upon the Trust's demand, turn over to the Trust and cease to retain BISYS' files, records and documents created and maintained by BISYS pursuant to this Agreement which are no longer needed by BISYS in the performance of its services or for its legal protection. If not so turned over to the Trust, such documents and records will be retained by BISYS for six years from the year of creation. At the end of such six-year period, such records and documents will be turned over to the Trust unless the Trust authorizes in writing the destruction of such records and documents.

  • Clearing of Record Any letter of reprimand, suspension or any other sanction will be removed from the record of an employee eighteen (18) months following the receipt of such letter, suspension or other sanction provided that such employee’s record has been discipline free for one year. All leaves of absence in excess of ten (10) calendar days will not count toward either of the above periods.

  • Audit of Records Consultant shall make all records, invoices, time cards, cost control sheets and other records maintained by Consultant in connection with this Agreement available during Consultant’s regular working hours to City for review and audit by City.

  • Keeping and Status of Records 8.1 R ecords Created as Part of RGS’ Performance. All final versions of reports, data, maps, models, charts, studies, surveys, photographs, memoranda, plans, studies, specifications, records, files, or any other documents or materials, in electronic or any other form, that RGS prepares or obtains pursuant to this Agreement and that relate to the matters covered hereunder shall be the property of Agency. RGS hereby agrees to deliver those documents to Agency upon termination of the Agreement, if requested. It is understood and agreed that the documents and other materials, including but not limited to those described above, prepared pursuant to this Agreement are prepared specifically for Agency and are not necessarily suitable for any future or other use.

  • Comptroller General Examination of Record The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of this paragraph (d) if this contract was awarded using other than sealed bid, is in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold, as defined in FAR 2.101, on the date of award of this contract, and does not contain the clause at 52.215-2, Audit and Records-Negotiation.

  • EXAMINATION OF RECORDS The Contractor shall maintain during the course of the work complete and accurate records of all of the Contractor's costs and documentation of items which are chargeable to H-GAC under this Agreement. H-GAC, through its staff or designated public accounting firm, the State of Texas, and United States Government, shall have the right at any reasonable time to inspect, copy and audit those records on or off the premises by authorized representatives of its own or any public accounting firm selected by H- GAC. The right of access to records is not limited to the required retention period, but shall last as long as the records are retained. Failure to provide access to records may be cause for termination of the Agreement. The records to be thus maintained and retained by the Contractor shall include (without limitation): (1) personnel and payroll records, including social security numbers and labor classifications, accounting for total time distribution of the Contractor's employees working full or part time on the work, as well as cancelled payroll checks, signed receipts for payroll payments in cash, or other evidence of disbursement of payroll payments; (2) invoices for purchases, receiving and issuing documents, and all other unit inventory records for the Contractor's stocks or capital items; and (3) paid invoices and cancelled checks for materials purchased and for subcontractors' and any other third parties' charges. The Contractor further agrees that the examination of records outlined in this article shall be included in all subcontractor or third-party agreements.

  • Identifying of Records The Servicer shall identify its master data processing records relating to Pool Receivables and related Contracts with a legend that indicates that the Pool Receivables have been pledged in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Inspection of Records Upon reasonable notice to the Administrative Trustees and the Property Trustee, the records of the Trust shall be open to inspection by Securityholders during normal business hours for any purpose reasonably related to such Securityholder's interest as a Securityholder.

  • Delivery of Records If the Global Agent resigns or its appointment is terminated, it shall, on the date on which the resignation or termination takes effect, forward to any new agent any amount held by it for payment in respect of the Notes and deliver to such new agent the records kept by it and all Notes and other records necessary for the administration of and performance of its duties with respect to the Notes held by it pursuant to this Agreement; provided, however, that the Global Agent may retain a copy of such records in order to comply with any applicable law, rule or regulation or its own document retention policies.