Copyrightable Works Sample Clauses

Copyrightable Works. Claims and appeals concerning copyrightable works shall be limited to disputes involving determination of the ownership of such works, and that determination shall be based primarily upon the applicability of University Support, Significant University Support, or Independent Faculty Efforts to resolve the ownership dispute. Furthermore, the Claims Committee shall resolve disputes arising from the alleged failure of one or more parties to comply with the terms of an agreement involving copyrightable works.
Copyrightable Works. Employee acknowledges that all Copyrightable Works shall to the fullest extent permissible be considered “works for hirein the United States as defined in the U.S. Copyright Laws and in any other country adhering to the “works made for hire” or similar notion. All such Copyrightable Works shall from the time of creation be owned solely and exclusively by AxoGen throughout the world. If any Copyrightable Work or portion thereof shall not be legally qualified as a work made for hire in the United States or elsewhere or shall subsequently be held to not be a work made for hire, Employee agrees to assign and does hereby assign to AxoGen all Employee’s right, title and interest to the Copyrightable Works and all registered and applied for copyrights therein. Employee hereby waives any moral rights which Employee may hold in any existing or future Copyrightable Works or other Intellectual Property as an author worldwide and hereby consents to any action of AxoGen that would violate its moral rights in the absence of such consent.
Copyrightable Works. (a) Executive hereby acknowledges and agrees that each of the copyrightable works authored by Executive (including, without limitation, all bio-tech, software and related documentation), alone or with others, during Executive’s employment by Company shall be deemed to have been to be works prepared by Executive within the scope of Executive’s employment by Company. As such, Executive acknowledges and agrees that all such copyrightable works shall be deemed to be “works made for hire” under the United States copyright laws from the inception of creation of such works. To the extent possible, Executive waives any “moral rights” or other rights of attribution, throughout the world.
Copyrightable Works. All copyrightable works that I create or that I have created (solely or jointly with others) within the scope of and during my employment with TJX, including without limitation computer software, programs or databases and any related documentation, shall be considered “works made for hire” as defined by 17 U.S.C. § 101 and upon creation, shall be and have been owned exclusively by TJX free and clear of all claims relating to my contribution.
Copyrightable Works. University or its employees own any copyrighted or copyrightable works (including reports and publications) that are created by University employees in the performance of the Project. University and the Principal Investigator grant Sponsor an irrevocable, royalty-free, nontransferable, non-exclusive right to copy and distribute any research reports that are furnished to Sponsor under this Agreement.
Copyrightable Works. Contractor must notify the Department or State of Florida of any publications, artwork, or other copyrightable works developed in connection with the Contract. All copyrights created or developed through performance of the Contract are owned solely by the State of Florida.
Copyrightable Works. University or its employees own any copyrighted or copyrightable works that are created by University employees in the performance of the Project.
Copyrightable Works. The Employee acknowledges and agrees that all copyrightable works prepared by the Employee within the scope of and during the Employment are “works for hire” and that the Company will be considered the author thereof.

Related to Copyrightable Works

  • Inventions Executive shall disclose promptly to the Company any and all significant conceptions and ideas for inventions, improvements and valuable discoveries, whether patentable or not, which are conceived or made by Executive, solely or jointly with another, during the period of employment or within one (1) year thereafter, and which are directly related to the business or activities of the Company and which Executive conceives as a result of his employment by the Company. Executive hereby assigns and agrees to assign all his interests therein to the Company or its nominee. Whenever requested to do so by the Company, Executive shall execute any and all applications, assignments or other instruments that the Company shall deem necessary to apply for and obtain Letters Patent of the United States or any foreign country or to otherwise protect the Company's interest therein.

  • Works Contractor must notify the Department or State of Florida of any publications, artwork, or other copyrightable works developed in connection with the Contract. All copyrights created or developed through performance of the Contract are owned solely by the State of Florida.

  • Discoveries 20.1 Anything of historical or other interest or of significant value unexpectedly discovered on the Site is the property of the Employer. The Contractor is to notify the Engineer of such discoveries and carry out the Engineer's instructions for dealing with them.

  • Patentable Inventions or Discoveries Any inventions or discoveries developed in the course, or as a result, of services in connection with the Contract that are patentable pursuant to 35 U.S.C. § 101 are the sole property of the State of Florida. Contractor must inform the Customer of any inventions or discoveries developed or made through performance of the Contract, and such inventions or discoveries will be referred to the Florida Department of State for a determination on whether patent protection will be sought. The State of Florida will be the sole owner of all patents resulting from any invention or discovery made through performance of the Contract.

  • Copyrights The Company is the owner of all right, title, and interest in and to each of the Copyrights, free and clear of all Liens and other adverse claims. All the Copyrights have been registered and are currently in compliance with formal requirements, are valid and enforceable, and are not subject to any maintenance fees or taxes or actions falling due within ninety days after the date of the Closing. No Copyright is infringed or, to the Company’s knowledge, has been challenged or threatened in any way. To the Company’s knowledge, none of the subject matter of any of the Copyrights infringes or is alleged to infringe any copyright of any third party or is a derivative work based on the work of a third party. All works encompassed by the Copyrights have been marked with the proper copyright notice.

  • Work Product Executive’s employment duties may include creating, developing and/or inventing in areas directly or indirectly related to the Business of the Company or to a line of business that the Company may reasonably be interested in pursuing. If ownership of all right, title and interest to the legal rights in and to the Work Product will not vest exclusively in the Company, then, without further consideration, Executive assigns all presently-existing Work Product to the Company and agrees to assign, and automatically assigns, all future Work Product to the Company. The Company will have the right to obtain, and hold in its own name, copyrights, patents, design registrations, proprietary database rights, trademarks, rights of publicity and any other protection available in the Work Product. At the Company’s request, Executive agrees to perform, during or after Executive’s employment with the Company, any acts to transfer, perfect and defend the Company’s ownership of the Work Product, including, but not limited to (a) executing all documents (including a formal assignment to the Company) necessary for filing an application or registration for protection of the Work Product (an “Application”); (b) explaining the nature of the Work Product to persons designated by the Company; (c) reviewing Applications and other related papers; or (d) providing any other assistance reasonably required for the orderly prosecution of Applications. Executive agrees to provide the Company with a written description of any Work Product in which Executive is involved (solely or jointly with others) and the circumstances attendant to the creation of such Work Product.

  • Trade Secrets With respect to each Trade Secret, the documentation relating to such Trade Secret is current, accurate, and sufficient in detail and content to identify and explain it and to allow its full and proper use without reliance on the knowledge or memory of any individual. The Company has taken all reasonable precautions to protect the secrecy, confidentiality, and value of its Trade Secrets. The Company has good title and an absolute (but not necessarily exclusive) right to use the Trade Secrets. The Trade Secrets are not part of the public knowledge or literature, and, to the Company’s knowledge, have not been used, divulged, or appropriated either for the benefit of any Person (other the Company) or to the detriment of the Company. No Trade Secret is subject to any adverse claim or has been challenged or threatened in any way.

  • JOINT WORK PRODUCT This Agreement is the joint work product of H-GAC and the Contractor. This Agreement has been negotiated by H-GAC and the Contractor and their respective counsel and shall be fairly interpreted in accordance with its terms and, in the event of any ambiguities, no inferences shall be drawn against any party.

  • Work Products Grantee shall provide CalRecycle with copies of all final products identified in the Work Plan. Grantee shall also provide CalRecycle with copies of all public education and advertising material produced pursuant to this Agreement. WORKERS’ COMPENSATION/LABOR CODE