Copy Sample Clauses

Copy. A true, correct and complete copy of the Lease is attached hereto.
Copy. (Two documents to be returned; Original and a copy) ITT 19.3 The written confirmation of authorization to sign on behalf of the Tenderer shall consist of: [CR12 Form detailing the name of director/s and Power of Attorney from the majority Director/s]. D. Submission and Opening of Tenders ITT 20.3 A tender package or container that cannot fit in the tender box shall be received as follows: Engineers Board of Kenya Office, Fortis Suites, 9th floor, Upper Hill, Hospital Road, Nairobi ITT 21.1 For Tender submission purposes only, the Procuring Entity’s address is: [This address may be the same as or different from that specified under provision ITT 7.1 for clarifications] Attention: Head of Supply Chain Management l Address: P.O Box 30324-00100 Nairobi cal Address: Fortis Suites, 9th floor, Upper Hill, Hospital Road, Nairobi Telephone:(254) (000) 0000000, 0000000 Ext 3180 Mobile 000000000000 or 0722509972 Electronic mail address: NOT APPLICABLE The deadline for Tender submission is: Date: 25th August, 2021 Time: 10.00am The electronic Tendering submission procedures shall be: NOT APPLICABLE
Copy. Grantor hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Agreement.
Copy. A carbon, photographic or other reproduced copy of this Agreement and/or any financing statement relating hereto shall be sufficient for filing and/or recording as a financing statement.
Copy. Each employee shall, at the conclusion of each evaluation period within the contract year, be provided a copy of the completed evaluation form.
Copy. Within 30 days after Company enters into a Sublicense, Company will deliver to Cornell a complete and accurate copy of the entire Sublicense Agreement written in the English language. Xxxxxxx’x receipt of the Sublicense Agreement, however, will constitute neither an approval of the Sublicense nor a waiver of any right of Cornell or obligation of Company under this Agreement.
Copy. The receiving party shall not directly or indirectly cause or permit any Confidential Information to be copied or reproduced unless such copy or reproduction is necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Agreement. Any such copy shall be marked confidential and, when appropriate, marked as proprietary to the disclosing party.
Copy. The Company shall provide Canada a copy of the insurance policy not later than 30 days alter execution of the License Agreement, and thereafter upon the written request of Canada. This obligation shall apply each time the monetary limits are increased pursuant to clause 13.3.3, in which case the copy shall be provided not later than 30 days after the monetary limits in the insurance policy are increased. This obligation shall survive termination or expiration of the License Agreement.
Copy. This Agreement is executed in duplicate and in both English and Chinese. Each party holds one and alt topics shall have the same legal effect. (hereinafter left blank)
Copy. Licensee may make one copy of the Software and Documentation solely for backup and archival use, retaining on such copy Summit’s and/or its suppliers’ copyright, trademark, confidentiality, and other notices. Such backup copy shall be delivered to Summit or destroyed upon the termination of this Agreement.