Copy Sample Clauses

Copy. A true, correct and complete copy of the Lease is attached hereto.
Copy. A carbon, photographic or other reproduced copy of this Agreement and/or any financing statement relating hereto shall be sufficient for filing and/or recording as a financing statement.
Copy. The Company shall provide Canada a copy of the insurance policy not later than 30 days alter execution of the License Agreement, and thereafter upon the written request of Canada. This obligation shall apply each time the monetary limits are increased pursuant to clause 13.3.3, in which case the copy shall be provided not later than 30 days after the monetary limits in the insurance policy are increased. This obligation shall survive termination or expiration of the License Agreement.
Copy. The receiving party shall not directly or indirectly cause or permit any Confidential Information to be copied or reproduced unless such copy or reproduction is necessary to fulfill the purposes of this Agreement. Any such copy shall be marked confidential and, when appropriate, marked as proprietary to the disclosing party.
Copy. On or before the Effective Date, CHRP has delivered to Santarus true, correct and complete copies of the Upstream Agreements.
Copy. If a valid OBE / contract cannot be found for the vehicle, one of two reactions can take place:  In a toll domain who allows post payment based on video registration, the vehicle owner is identified via local or foreign VLPR and an invoice for the toll fee is sent to the vehicle owner.  In a toll domain who does not allow post payment based on video registration such a passage is considered illegal. If a manual enforcement is not used, the vehicle owner will be identified via local or foreign VLPR and a penalty claim is sent to the vehicle owner. The processes to identify the vehicle owner and to issue invoices for toll fee or penalty are similar in the two cases.
Copy. Within 30 days after Company enters into a sublicense agreement of the License, Company will deliver to Cornell a complete and accurate copy of the entire sublicense agreement written in the English language. Cornell’s receipt of the sublicense agreement, however, will constitute neither an approval of the sublicense nor a waiver of any right of Cornell or obligation of Company under this Agreement.