CONTRACT CLAUSE. The FHWA-specific contract clause included in Attachment A to this APM shall be included in all solicitations and contracts for supplies and/or services >$150,000, or construction contracts >$650,000, or architect-engineering contracts >$30,000. Attachment A APM 002-A POST-AWARD EVALUATION OF CONTRACTOR PERFORMANCE Supplies and/or services >$150,000, or construction contracts >$650,000, or architect-engineering contracts >$30,000 Contractor Performance Evaluations
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CONTRACT CLAUSE. A specific contract clause governing the Government’s rights in commercial computer software or commercial com- puter software documentation is not prescribed. As required by 227.7202–3, the Government’s rights to use, mod- ify, reproduce, release, perform, dis- play, or disclose computer software or computer software documentation shall be identified in a license agree- ment. 227.7203 227.7203 Noncommercial computer software and noncommercial com- puter software documentation.
CONTRACT CLAUSE. All Section 3 covered contracts shall include the following clause (referred to as the Section 3 clause):
CONTRACT CLAUSE. It is understood that the School Committee and Stoneham Teacher Association agree to reopen the current contract agreement if the Commonwealth of Massachusetts enacts into law amendments to the Chapter 70 funding formula which result in a substantial correction to the level of reimbursement the Town of Stoneham receives for public education.
CONTRACT CLAUSE. All contracts and subcontracts that result from this solicitation incorporate by reference the requirements of 29 CFR Part 1910 with the same force and effect as if given in full text. Contractor must provide a work environment that is free from recognized hazards that may cause death or serious physical harm to the employee. The Contractor retains full responsibility to monitor its compliance and their subcontractor’s compliance with the applicable requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (20 CFR Part 1910). Contractor must address any claims or disputes that pertain to a referenced requirement directly with the U.S. Department of Labor – Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A8.1 SOUR CE 49 USC § 50104 49 CFR part 30
CONTRACT CLAUSE. TRADE RESTRICTION CERTIFICATION By submission of an offer, the Offeror certifies that with respect to this solicitation and any resultant contract, the Offeror -
CONTRACT CLAUSE. VETERAN’S PREFERENCE In the employment of labor (excluding executive, administrative, and supervisory positions), the contractor and all sub-tier contractors must give preference to covered veterans as defined within Title 49 United States Code Section 47112. Covered veterans include Vietnam-era veterans, Persian Gulf veterans, Afghanistan-Iraq war veterans, disabled veterans, and small business concerns (as defined by 15 U.S.C. 632) owned and controlled by disabled veterans. This preference only applies when there are covered veterans readily available and qualified to perform the work to which the employment relates.
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CONTRACT CLAUSE. The first 90 days in the NB STAGES NB program will serve as a probationary period. Within this time, either the STAGES Program Director or the STAGES Interpreter can terminate the contractual agreement. If the director initiates termination, s/he must first prove that necessary steps have been taken to address area(s) of concern. If the interpreter initiates the termination, s/he will be expected to attend an exit interview with the STAGES Program Director to discuss the factors that have led to the decision to terminate the contract. No form of harassment will be tolerated; such behaviour will result in immediate termination of the contract. Failure to respect the above may lead to removal from NB STAGES NB. I, _ , understand and agree to the conditions stipulated above. STAGES Interpreter Date
CONTRACT CLAUSE. Th e co n t ra c t i n g office r s ha ll i n se r t t h e cl au se a t 48 C F R 970.5237–2, F a cili- t ies M xxx ge m e n t , i n a ll m xxx ge m e n t an d ope xx x x x x co n t ra c t s.
CONTRACT CLAUSE. The prohibition against gratuities and kickbacks prescribed in this section shall be conspicuously set forth in every Contract and subcontract and solicitation therefore.
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