Continuing Co-Tenancy Sample Clauses

Continuing Co-Tenancy. Landlord guarantees that at all times during the Term of this Lease following the satisfaction of both Opening Co-Tenancy Requirements, (1) Books A Million or it “Comparable Replacement” (as defined below) in the proposed location shown on Exhibit “B” and (2) Publix in the proposed location shown on Exhibit “B” shall be open and operating in a fully stocked and staffed condition and as a full-price retailer (as opposed to a “discount” or “outletversion of such retailer) during the designated days and hours for the Center (each the “Continuing Co-Tenancy Requirement”). Further, as used in this Paragraph 27, a tenant’s “proposed location” shall mean both the actual space or suite in which it is located in the Center as shown on Exhibit “B” and the amount of square footage in which it is to occupy in the Center as shown on Exhibit “B”. In the event any Continuing Co-Tenancy Requirement is not satisfied, then Tenant may elect to pay the Alternative Rent in lieu of all Minimum Rent and all other rents and charges due hereunder. If any Continuing Co-Tenancy Requirement is unsatisfied, Tenant may, at any time thereafter until five (5) business days following its receipt of notice from Landlord that the condition resulting in the violated Continuing Co-Tenancy Requirement has been satisfied, elect to (i) terminate this Lease upon thirty (30) days written notice to Landlord or (ii) continue to pay Alternative Rent. For purposes of this Lease, a Comparable Replacement shall be defined as a national tenant with more than fifty (50) stores in at least fifteen (15) states with similar customer profiles and customer demographics and which occupies the same square footage as previously occupied by Books A Million (15,000 square feet).

Related to Continuing Co-Tenancy

  • Continuing Covenants The Competitive Supplier agrees and covenants to perform each of the following obligations during the term of this ESA.

  • Continuing Rights Reseller shall not, at any time during or after this Agreement, assert or claim any interest in or do anything that may adversely affect the validity of the QuoVadis Materials, the Marks (as defined below) or any other materials owned by or licensed to QuoVadis. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, Reseller shall immediately remove and cease to display all advertising related to the Services, the Marks and/or QuoVadis Materials. Reseller also shall not use, advertise, or display any trademark, trade name, or product designation which is, in whole or in part, similar to or confusing with the Marks or with any other trademarks owned by or licensed to QuoVadis.

  • Continuing Agreement (a) This Pledge Agreement shall be a continuing agreement in every respect and shall remain in full force and effect so long as any of the Secured Obligations (other than contingent indemnity obligations that survive termination of the Credit Documents pursuant to the stated terms thereof) remain outstanding, any Credit Document or Secured Hedging Agreement is in effect, and until all of the Commitments shall have been terminated. Upon such payment and termination, this Pledge Agreement shall be automatically terminated and the Administrative Agent and the Lenders shall, upon the request and at the expense of the Pledgors, forthwith release all of the Liens and security interests granted hereunder and shall deliver all UCC termination statements and/or other documents reasonably requested by the Pledgors evidencing such termination. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all releases and indemnities provided hereunder shall survive termination of this Pledge Agreement.

  • Continuing Coverage If a letter of assurance is obtained from any insurer under a Hazard Insurance policy or a Flood Insurance policy that the insurance coverage shall continue in full force and effect, the Servicer shall deposit such letter in the appropriate Servicer Mortgage Loan File.

  • Continuing Cooperation Following the Termination Date, Executive agrees to cooperate with all reasonable requests for information made by or on behalf of Company with respect to the operations, practices and policies of the Company. In connection with any such requests, the Company shall reimburse Executive for all out-of-pocket expenses reasonably and necessarily incurred in responding to such request(s).

  • Continuing Security Interest; Termination (a) This Pledge Agreement shall create a continuing security interest in and to the Collateral and shall, unless otherwise provided in the Indenture or in this Pledge Agreement, remain in full force and effect until the Termination Date. This Pledge Agreement shall be binding upon the parties hereto and their respective transferees, successors and assigns, and shall inure, together with the rights and remedies of the Trustee and the Collateral Agent hereunder, to the benefit of the Trustee, the Collateral Agent, the Pledgor, the Holders and their respective successors, transferees and assigns.

  • Continuing Contract The contractual status of a teacher who was initially employed in the 15 District prior to July 1, 1984, and a teacher on continuing contract as of July 1, 1984, shall be 16 covered by Florida Statutes 1012.33 as it existed prior to July 1, 1984, and the provisions of the 17 Agreement. Such teacher’s rights shall neither be enhanced nor diminished by the revisions of

  • Ground Lease Reserved.

  • Continuing Operation Except as specifically provided in this Section 10, the termination of Executive's employment or of this Agreement shall have no effect on the continuing operation of this Section 10.

  • Continuing Contracts The purpose of the project start review is to discuss pending options (if any) for the proposed projects, to establish focus for the design or the design criteria, the project’s scheduling needs and the proposed delivery method, seeking the opinion and advice of the Design Professional.