Conditions Precedent to Second and Subsequent Disbursements Sample Clauses

Conditions Precedent to Second and Subsequent Disbursements. The City shall not be obligated to make any Loan disbursements after the first disbursement and prior to the final disbursement unless and until all of the following conditions have been satisfied at the time of and with respect to each such disbursement.

Related to Conditions Precedent to Second and Subsequent Disbursements

  • Conditions Precedent and Subsequent The payments and benefits provided under Sections 6(c) and 6(d) of this Agreement (other than the Accrued Benefits and other than in the event of termination by reason of Employee’s death or Disability) are subject to and conditioned upon (i) Employee having provided, within 60 days after the Date of Termination (or such greater period as required by law), a waiver and general release agreement in a form satisfactory to the Company, which form shall, in the case of a termination on or following a Change of Control, be a form approved by the Compensation Committee prior to the Change of Control that shall not be modified on or after the Change of Control without Employee’s prior written consent, that has become effective and irrevocable in accordance with its terms, and (ii) Employee’s compliance with Sections 7 and 8 of this Agreement. Employee shall, upon request by the Company, be required to repay to the Company (net of any taxes paid by Employee on such payments), and the Company shall have no further obligation to pay, the Severance Payment or CIC Severance Payment, as applicable, in the event Employee receives, within six months after the occurrence of the breach, written notice from the Company that, in the reasonable judgment of the Reporting Person, Employee has materially breached his obligations under Section 7 or 8 of this Agreement; provided, however, that, in cases where cure is possible, Employee shall first be provided a 15-day cure period to cease, and to cure, such conduct. The Severance Payment if any, payable hereunder shall be paid in substantially equal installments over the 6-month period, following the Date of Termination, consistent with the Company’s payroll practices, with the first installment to be paid within 65 days after the Date of Termination and with any installments that would otherwise have been paid prior to such date accumulated and paid in a lump sum on the first date on which payments are made in accordance with the terms of this sentence. The CIC Severance Payment, if any, payable hereunder shall be paid in one lump sum within 65 days after the Date of Termination; provided, however, that, unless the CIC Severance Payment relates to a transaction that satisfies the requirements of Treas. Reg. § 1.409A-3(i)(5), any portion of the CIC Severance Payment that constitutes deferred compensation within the meaning of Section 409A, will be paid at the earliest date that is permitted in accordance with the schedule that is applicable to the Severance Payment.

  • Conditions Precedent to Loans The obligation of each Lender to make any Loans is subject, at the time of each such Loan, to the satisfaction of the following conditions:

  • CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO LOAN The obligations of Lender to make the Loan hereunder are subject to the satisfaction by Borrower of the following conditions:

  • Conditions Precedent to Disbursement Agency’s obligation to disburse Grant Funds to Grantee under this Grant is subject to satisfaction of each of the following conditions precedent:

  • Conditions Precedent to Lending The obligation of each Lender to make a Loan on the occasion of any Borrowing and of the Issuer to issue, increase or extend any Letter of Credit (including any deemed issuance of the Existing Letters of Credit) and of any reallocation of Letter of Credit Exposure provided in Section 2.20 shall be subject to the satisfaction of the following conditions:

  • CONDITIONS PRECEDENT TO OBLIGATIONS OF DEVELOPER The obligations of Developer under this Agreement are conditioned upon the following:

  • Conditions Precedent to Initial Advances The obligation of each Bank to make its initial Advance on or after the Closing Date is subject to the conditions precedent that (i) all principal, accrued interest, fees, expenses, costs and other amounts outstanding under the terms of each of the Prior Agreements, accrued to the Closing Date, shall have been paid, and the commitments of the lenders thereunder to extend credit shall have terminated, (ii) the Agent shall have received, for the benefit of the Banks, the one time upfront fees due and payable on the Closing Date pursuant to the Joint Fee Letter and (iii) the Agent shall have received on or before the day of the initial Borrowing the following, each dated the Closing Date, in form and substance satisfactory to the Agent and in sufficient copies for each Bank:

  • Conditions Precedent to Effective Date This Agreement shall become effective on and as of the first date on which the following conditions precedent have been satisfied (with the Administrative Agent acting reasonably in assessing whether the conditions precedent are satisfactory) (or waived in accordance with Section 9.01):

  • Conditions Precedent to All Borrowings The obligation of each Lender to make an Advance on the occasion of each Borrowing and of the Issuing Lender to issue, increase, or extend any Letter of Credit shall be subject to the further conditions precedent that on the date of such Borrowing or the date of the issuance, increase, or extension of such Letter of Credit:

  • Conditions Precedent to All Advances The obligation of Bank to make each Advance, including the initial Advance, is further subject to the following conditions: